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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I have heard from others it lasted a few minutes not 1 hour.
  2. This was a shi'ite event not just iranian. Anyone know if the university or the police took things any further? we cant allow commies and greens to stop an event run by the ahlulbayt society and then get away with it.
  3. keep your nose out of it??????????? are we even following the same religion??? it is this attitude which is partially to blame for the predicament that these girls find themselves in. if you know the girl personally and you know of a suitable person then get them to meet. when i ask what can we do, i am asking us to offer help. if they want it then good otherwise leave it. i am not asking to spread rumors!!!!! dont you even think that these girls will be happy if more people were willing to help out? edit -- basha, i just saw your second post . makes sense
  4. This is something that gets me depressed. Seeing a girl get older with no suitable men to marry. I am not a girl and I dont know how they feel, but I know of religious girls in the 27+ range who are not married and when I look around I can't see any men suitable for them. I feel depressed just thinking about how they must feel :( . What can we do to help them, apart from marrying them? Maybe they can handle it better than us men would?
  5. i have a lot to respond to but this hadith will suffice for now: 1123- Imam Sadiq (a.s) said: "God's Prophet (a.s) used to greet women and return their greetings. Ameer al-Momineen used to greet women and return their greetings, but did not like to greet young women and said that he was afraid that hearing their voices might cause him to go into a state of mind which brings him more loss than the reward he expected to get from greeting them." http://rafed.net/english/books/narrations/mishkat/24.html#119 i would like to see some responses to that one.
  6. email her. dont make her your friend on a fun social networking site where people mess around. i am sure the lady of light (a.s) didnt have male friends. yeah she spoke to men but a friend is different. lets not lose our moral standards. if you really have no choice then hide your friends list so that we muslims keep up a reputation.
  7. cant albums be blocked as a whole? and the difficulty shouldnt be an issue, ther real question should be whether it is islamic or not. I have no problem with that. and to be honest that may be the biggest refutation of my initial post. because a girl cant block only the men who she is not interested in nor can only the married women block men since it will be awkward since everyone will know that the girl is looking to get married. is our interpretation of the religion changing? what about that hadith? some may argue that the girls are within their rights to say those words. we need not re
  8. those quotes explicitly relate to physical hijab. one of the fatwas says women must cover their face if there are foorbidden glances. yes the man sins but then if the woman knows that men are looking at her lustfully then she must cover her pictures. the talk is less of our worries more the looking. the blanket acceptence without thought of some non muslim practice is what is really worrying. just because everyone is doing it doesnt mean we should do it. we need to think before we act. what stops a woman making her photos exclusive to her female friends? why take the risk of falling into a
  9. liberals ........................ tsk It wont kill you if you hide your photo from the men nor will it kill you if you dont have non mahram friends. You want to get hitched? you want to be spotted then go ahead advertise yourself. But other than that keep to your own gender. The Holy Prophet asked, "What things are better than any other for women?" No one answered. Imam Hasan, still a child, went home and asked what the answer was. Fatimah, peace be upon her, said, "That she sees no man and no man sees her." 2442. It is haraam for man to look at the body or hair of the Non-Mahram women, regard
  10. salaamun alaikum Now correct me if I am wrong but in islam we are meant to have hayaa. We are not supposed to have friends of the opposite gender. So whats up with all these so called pious boys and girls with non mahrams on their friends list? I might be reacting a bit too harshly but i simply dont understand what makes one person say to themselves: "oooo let me add that girl on my list". Who are we kidding? Isnt it likely that the boy or girl making the intention to add has mixed intentions? Half the guys at my mosque have girls and on their list. If she is your cousin then ok. If you do cha
  11. I will work it out inshallah!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. mashallah :) how did you cheat ?????
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