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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. insightful: NOT zionists shot the last tsar:)...lolI it was the bolsheviks..and yes, some had jewish origins, but e.g. Stalin came from the orthodox church and some of them were ex-muslims. )the name "Safarov" tells a lot...) Guess what, the world is not black and white. btw Nicholas II. was a murderer.
  2. Im reading Palm Sunday from Kurt Vonnegut. Very interesting.
  3. Thank you shiasoldier wassalam alaikum, No, I am not kidding. I wish I were there and help in a way. I think after decades of bitter fighting and hatred, both parties should learn about each other....they might realise, how much in common they have...I beleive that the average palestinian and the average israeli is also fed up with killings and attacks. At least I have a few friends from "both sides" and thats what they say.
  4. thank you for the link. I always enjoyed Chomsky's insights, both in grammatical field and in the world politic. A very wise man, indeed - and lets not forget a Jew;) So lets NOT hate! there are normal people everywhere.
  5. Its totally FAKE. Made by the Ohrana, the secret police (mukhabarat) of the last Russian Tzar, Nicholas II. the early Zionists were nothing more, than idealistic dreamers, who fathomed an "ideal country", where arabs and Jews live in peace and harmony..crazy, huh, I know, but still...Ahad Ha-Am, one of the pioneers warned his comrades (sic) in several treaties of him to threat with Arabs in the most respectable manner. etc... It just simply went wrong...like most of the "ism"s in the world..like the so-calles "Islamism". :S But it doesn't change the fact that the Elderas of Zion is a stupid, fake pamhpklet that preaches hatred and ignorancy.
  6. Salam alaikum, A friend of mine suggested this video and I think, its nice...maybe a bit idealistic, but I do feel, we need voices like this. Actually I also think, this is the ONLY way, REAL peace can be achieved. I am really interested in your opinions..
  7. Salam alaikum, Im planning to relocate maybe...but the sure thing is that I will visit London isnahllan in Sept or maybe Oct...And I haven't been to a huseyniya/imambargahsfor AGES.-...haven't met shias for AGES!!! (we have none here) So inshallah if any of you wopuld like to guide me and/or give me some addresses, ideas for places to visit, etc, dont hesitate to contact me, please... Wassalam
  8. Interesting article...For further constructive criticism on the states I can suggest Vonnegut... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Man_Without_a_Country Great insight as well!
  9. Salam alaikum, I might be relocating for a time to London from...hmm....sept or oct. It was a hard decision to make due to several personal reasons, but inshallah it will be better for me. I know, the city has some shia places, and I can recall I even met sisters and brothers online from there...so now inshallah I wish to ask some pratical advises, and contacts for the near future, because oh, trust me, as soon as I land, I want to go to a huseyniya!!!:)) (Funny, I stay inside Europe but it kinda feels like I'd emigrate to an Islamic country, heh...almost everything is there) Add me inshallah on msn iamnoora@hotmail.com jazakumullah
  10. Salam alaikum Jazak Allah Ethernal...I agree with you, though I am not able to be this good in English-)) Its a very beneficial discussion; I have just purchased some studies on Ibn Arabi, especially the Fotoo7aat al-Makkiya so I am eager to read it and then perhaps re-read the whole thread:) But then again, is it important if he were a shia or not..? I mean of course, but for his works, we can still take the good and leave the bad, no? "as the famous hadith qudsi goes: "I am as my servant thinks I am"." Mashallah, its a very good one. I also d beleive, that at the end, love is the one that will stay. And yes, I might be wrong, but I say, I beleive Allah is basically love. Like He is Rahman, that derives from the Arabic root RHM, which is also Rahm: womb. A mother's womb is a shelter and love in itself, just as Allah, if one seeks out for Him. Thats the greatest consolation.
  11. Salam alaikum, Thank you, Thecontentedself..I will carefully study your reply, and inshallah will be able to reflect on it...my delay is due to the mess of my pc:( :/ Jawzof...Yes, I know..Islam is way more logical than that...subhan Allah, jews and Christians must had had a lot of headaches until they could make up some reasonable explanations for all those Bible-stories... Christians overall have some weird ideas about deen...Like the religion for them is not a GOAL but a TOOL to reach God..and as you know, tools can be substituted if you find better/newer/etc...Have you ever heard about the concept in oethodox greek christianism of yurodyiviy (dunno how to spell...)? The "saint fool": he, through his spirit, which is - as they say- "full of Christ" is able to transgress the laws and rules...like he walks around naked, curses, etc...until the point he says, he is god himself/herself...it reminds me of Hallaq. But thats a totally different story and sorry for venting here. Wassalam
  12. Salamun alaikum sister,

    I would love to talk with you, though I dont stay in Europe but would like to be friends with you & chat online. Inshallah we can read dua e kumayl together. Khuda hafiz.

  13. "in reality it was a temporal earthly paradise" I didn't know this...can you support it with some hadith, or something? Interesting point...Jazak Allah
  14. Salam alaikum, The poster was so right about generilaztion. And I am sorry for that. Its just if nce u had been married to a family that has a NAME amongst shias (therefor I will not even say, because u all know it im sure) and still see the nifaaq and other things (and im not talking about them not even sending me back my shia books, knowing I cant buy here only maybe 20-paged booklets from ibn baz), you would understand that I easily fall into Shaytan's trap. I used to know nice shia people; girls. Alhamdulillah they are all married now, having kids (mashallah like every 2 year a new one:)), I cant expect them to be online for me on MSN whenever I have something to vent about. And this is good, this is how their life should be. Moving away. I keep thinking about it. One day, inshallah. As Allah is the Best Planner, maybe sooner than later. But I am an only child and my parents are old. We dont really have relatives. what about with silat al-rahm? I just cannot keep this out, this circumstance. (btw, they are not muslims) I guess I will move one day, but the guilt feeling will follow me, especially what if la sama7 Allah one of them gets sick or...Then what?... So these dark thoughts also wont let me sleep good at night. But alhamdulillah 3ale kulli 7aal. Im hanging there.
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