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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Let me ask you a question: On what basis do you equate Khamenei to Imam Ali (as)? Do you realize that traditionally such a thought would be deviant, if not heretical?
  2. I find it slightly amusing how people speak of an 'Islamic government' whereas the Imams (as) have said that in the occultation there will be no just government. I find it rather despicable how they equate Khomeini/Khamenei's government to Imam Ali's (as) and thereby insult all that is Holy and True.
  3. Only the fools who worship Ahmadinejad's rantings, thinking it to be some sort of wisdom, can come up with these things. The US is no angel, but whenever disaster strikes various regions of the world, it is the Americans who help and come to aid the helpless first. Where are Iran's doctors? Has any help come from the moron from Venezuela? For all its ills, the US has given, altogether, at least 90% of the aid that Haiti is receiving and shall receive.
  4. A_Follower when will you stop wearing diapers? When you become an adult it may be worthwhile to reply to your normal regurgitated tired nonsense. The status quo should at least pay you for your efforts, but someday you will owe us an apology.
  5. May Allah guide and forgive you for this insult to the Holy Imam (as). Oppressors cannot have any relation to Masoomeen.
  6. Khamenei does not need such personal habits to gain disrepute. His oppression and tyranny of honest people from all walks of society, from righteous ulama to academics to ordinary people, is well-known and documented. Ask the Shirazi family to show you their physical scars they have received from Khamenei's [Edited]. This is just one example from many. Only blind fools, hypocrites and liars would not admit to these things. It is absolutely hilarious when Khamenei is compared to Imam Ali because the Holy Imam had never allowed his officials to commit such indecent grave sins as Khamenei h
  7. Guardian Council or Interior Ministry or both.
  8. For the past seven months, countless parallels have been drawn between the current uprising gripping Iran and the events that ultimately led to the demise of the Pahlavi monarchy some 30 years ago. Whether or not the comparisons are accurate, one irony that cannot be escaped is that the regime is facing increasingly vocal dissent from the very clerical class that brought it to power. In fact, as the Islamic Republic deviates more and more from its theocratic roots and transforms into a military dictatorship, it risks alienating the very marjas who have given it legitimacy since its inception.
  9. Tijani is a good man, but is Sunni-influenced. His worldview of how religion ought to be is influenced by his Sunni background and has no bearing on the True Religion. It would be better for people such as he to stay quiet, and the deviant politicized 'shias' here would better serve themselves by listening to genuine scholars of the religion of the Holy Imams (as) like Ayatollah Hossain Waheed Khorasani, etc.
  10. That statement carries suspicion of Ashari influence in my opinion, but I am not accusing. However, that would not attract anyone to Islam.
  11. If some only have 'half minds', how would they be able to distinguish such things in any case? Anyhow Mr. Scientist, explain to us why this is 'half science'? And yes, science does require money and is legitimate to make a business out of so long as it is not a fraud. Thus, you may enlighten us.
  12. Leading Iranian dissidents arrested, body of Mousavi's nephew missing Authorities clamp down in Iran the day after bloody clashes between demonstrators and police in which at least eight died. Hundreds are held, and the body of Ali Habibi-Mousavi allegedly is confiscated. By Borzou Daragahi 7:26 AM PST, December 28, 2009 Reporting from Beirut Iranian authorities intensified a crackdown against a budding opposition movement, arresting prominent political activists and allegedly confiscating the corpse of an opposition leader's nephew in an effort to stem further protests. At least eight people
  13. My point was that you type unfactual nonsense to promote your argument. I never said Sadaat's military dictatorship was correct; it was you actually who brought him up. Howver, Iran today is headed toward a military/ideological dictatorship, as is obvious. The IRGC gain more power by the day and all matters, internally and externally, are seen from the tainted monochromatic prism of military/security interests. Please try to understand what I have said before replying. The silent majority are just struggling to survive a terrible economy, which is caused in part by a terrible government.
  14. You are not alone. Many others have treaded this path before you and many more shall after you.
  15. You would think at least one of them would be capable of writing proper English.
  16. Stop your irrelevant nonsense. This is a matter of scientific research and intellectual curiosity. I am in no way a proponent of Sayyid'ism, but the fact that you can distinguish bloodlines via DNA analysis is nothing short of amazing.
  17. That is far more than mere criticism. Saanei saw what was done to those who seeked to peacefully demonstrate and the violence, insults and torture involved and he spoke out as per his Islamic duty and as a human being. That is what Imam Hossain and all Imams (as) did, to varying degrees, when they observed such wrongs.
  18. How on Earth does your God-given brain allow you to type such nonsense? I said respect for the will of the people and their rights; Sadaat was a military dictator and that was his government.
  19. No they will fight and kill each other eventually. Dogs that are bred for violence (Note: I am not saying these people are dogs, although I did use the reference elsewhere, but that's not the intention here) often are unable to control their violent natures and fight each other. Because if the international situation, it will become more and more a regime dominated by 'security interests' and the abuse of citizens based on suspicion and the violation of their rights. OR, the wise men in the Guards will take a step back, but I doubt that. What I hope is that it truly becomes an Islamic Republ
  20. May Allah judge between you and Ayatollah Saanei on the Day of Resurrection. I thought maraje were to be respected, but I suppose that's a code name for Khamenei here.
  21. You have no idea whatsoever if he did or did not try to contact the relevant officials; it's evident you did not even try to find out because if you did, you would realize that he did speak to various officials regarding it and got nowhere. Just because the just and righteous people (not the politicized) respect him doesn't mean the ...will listen to him. What kind of ridiculous thing is this to say. If you had any idea of the real nature of the criticisms of the maraje regarding this, I hope you would not say these things, EDITED Mod's Note: You need to be more polite.
  22. You have no business checking his various email accounts and you have done much wrong in looking into what is not yours. This alone has destroyed some of his trust in you. I think if you just leave the issue alone, it will disappear. Regarding the abuse, does he physically strike you? Or is it name-calling or a harsh tone? Anyhow, it's evident that the channels of communication are not very good here, but don't try to force him into discussions. I'm sure that if you become silent, he will talk, and you can calmly discuss the issues.
  23. Reformist Shiite cleric Ayatollah Yousef Sanei says the Iranian establishment is trying to divert people's attention from the "poverty, unemployment and social discord," that plagues the country. He urged his audience at the meeting with the members of the Islamic Student Association of University of Fine Arts to remain "alert" to these ploys. He declared that the informed people of the society, especially academics are under pressure due to this policy and they must do their utmost to inform the public about the "issues and problems" at large. Iran's socio-political atmosphere has been criti
  24. I suppose you could merely speak about the lives, actions, debates and sayings of the Holy Imams. These alone are enough to impress most people I think. The rest is really up to them. If you try to get into a theological debate at first, it may not go so well.
  25. Rubaiyat, what you say has significant truth to it; however, the same holds true for Iran unfortunately. I know you would like us, and yourself, to believe otherwise; but, the bigger fool is the one who thinks he has fooled others, yet could not fool himself it seems. On the other hand, someone is confused and paranoid.
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