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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam I think the only way to get out of this problem is to use toilet paper in abundance both before use and before tahaarat. This will also increase the cleanliness of the toilet as well as minimizing the contact of hand with najasat, if used purposefully.
  2. Salaam If we were to take our principles from our prophet then shouldn't we also consider their implications and effects applicable in his time? From what I have read so far muta can be justified in a way but it can also be rejected if one wishes to. In the early Islamic periods they didn't have means of contraception such as condom coil pills etc, so it was inevitable to have babies (as it is with poor families in the third world countries in our time) which meant there would be children out of it left with or without mothers/fathers. Isn't it bad to deprive children of their parents? People
  3. Salaam, I think (good) habit is what solves these problems. It depends on the situation of the wife as well. Hadiths are good but I don't think you would ever get a yes or no answer.
  4. Do your hands need to be dry before doing wudu? Sometimes it takes more than twice to wash them.
  5. Salam brother. sorry 4 late reply but my cousins are fine alhamdulillah. i hope you doing well.

  6. (salam) This is how it should be but obviously it is not. Of course people have different colours different looks however it is exactly these differences that has created so much problems in the world. Race is not just important it is also unavoidable. But this does not mean to give superiority of one race over another. Here is a quote from wikipedia on white people. No one has problem with "white people" but it is the "white" bit that has created so much fitna. Of course this has nothing do with the white people in today's world and I don't see why anyone would get offended from this sort
  7. Salaam, sister. I guess sometimes it takes more than two eyes to see things ;). BTW, I am really inspired by your career. may Allah bless you with success and harmony, always.

  8. asalaamu alaikum It is getting embarrasing for me since you only understand my posts yet you are neither my brother or husband!

    any way I hope to leave peace Brother

  9. Salam, Now you got it. but it was 3 out of 24 instead of 28. The bread loaves one is simple but genius!
  10. This is why the imperialistic glamourization of race needs to get amended to something more deserving. It will also help avoid unnecessary audience here on SC, who end up defending a corner they do not sit in.
  11. Yes i am aware of your advantages. the reason I said dont judge me was because you sounded quite critical in your first post where my original intentions wasn't to cause any bad feelings. anyway I said that to clear my intentions, not to have a contest with you. Exactly. he said it to make "an ice breaker", which you found amusing. whereas with my lecturer's talk there was no humour. I find the acceptance of this behaviour of generalized racial proflling as confusing, as Muslims (rightfully) scream with protest about the exact same stereotyping and treatment.? And I still respect you. Sorr
  12. Bro, I think you missed my whole post. I wasn't saying that classification of people by skin colour is wrong, anyone can describe themselves however they want, but what I wanted to say is that these "classifications" need to be precise so that when we talk, say, about british(englis) it is not directed at other nations like america. Anyway, I don't know about you. but in asia people refer to each other by race and tribe etc, but never by their skin colour even if they look the same or not. Even the concept of the "brown" is a western label. you would not see anyone in asian countries calling
  13. It is because the shares do not make 100% - they go over it. That is why a new ratio have to be made.
  14. Sister maryaam, why do you have to get the wrong side of the stick. It doesn’t make a slightest difference to me whether you call yourself white pink yellow ginger blonde whatever, you are free to say anything! Exactly. but there is only two nations that put emphasis on skin colour rather than race or nationality. Don’t be too quick to judge me again because I have two of my own cousins who are blonde with blue eyes. and one of them who is quite young nearly got kidnapped by US soldiers in my country Afghanistan :) they all have same/similar background but since some live in hotter places
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