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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lol im doing biochem the topic am struggling with is equilibrium , ph , disslocation of weak electrolytes.
  2. Thanxx every one for your replies. Itz mainly general chem I'm having difficulty with. The lectures which we are provided are not that helpful. We tend to have a test every week which is compulsory to pass in order to sit final. Any suggestion of tutors .
  3. Salaam everyone I am second year med student and badly stuck in chemistry. Any experienced tutors online here who can help also any suggestions which site books I should be using. Any tips would be helpful. Jazakallah :)
  4. Thanks soo much I use odesk but the pay rate is like very less 20 p per hour for some and some of the work is just total scam. but inshahallah il keep on trying. I can write essays, data entry ,blogging, proof reading etc
  5. I dnt drink milk and other dairy stuff and I have defiency of vitamin d , my gp took my blood test and prescribed me with vitamin d tablets .
  6. Yes am British .. Here in uk for vacations going back end of September
  7. Thanks for ur reply. am studying in Prague , its very hard to find jobs here as the language is very tough. Im studying outside UK. its very stressing situation...
  8. Salaam Everyone I just needed some help.. Am studying medicine in Europe and having difficulties in paying my fees and other expenses. Just wanted to ask if you guys know any reliable source to do online jobs. Ive seen soo many advertisement about online typing jobs but alot of people say its a scam. Its very urgent .. PLease .. if you guys know doo respond..
  9. Salaam all Is there any dua which can be recited for memory and speech
  10. It happens to me sometimes too, i feel helpless but then by reciting duas i feel better.
  11. very well answered: shiasm never forced people to convert whether sunni have the history of convertism as mentioned earlier .
  12. Dis is indeeed a beautiful du'ah and works very well and is surly a gift from Imam Husaain (as) to us shias
  13. :!!!: welll said....bt poor fellow...loooooooooooool.
  14. For centuries, many of the discussions between Sunni and Shia Muslims have revolved around the issue of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad - The Sahaba. Many see this issue as the point of division between the two schools of thought, and remains to be a very controversial topic among the Muslims of today. But the question is: what do the Shia really think of the companions? What is their standpoint on those who are considered prominent figures in Islamic history
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