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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. lion, all I can say is go do the research. You will be shocked. Did you read my letter?? This is not a time to be repeating what we have been programmed to think from the television. Laziness in thinking can kill you. Power to the Ummah and all Believers.
  2. As Salaam Alaikum, Brothers and Sisters in Islam, we must spread this URGENT message to the Muslim and Arabic world quickly. There is a deadly plan that could wipe out the entire Ummah if we don’t stop it immediately. It is regarding the deadly vaccination for the laboratory-made swine flu. This whole thing is a trick to kill us and sterilize our children. I realize this sounds crazy. Please keep reading. We have the proof. I will keep this short and quickly let you know that I have 5 healthy children who have NEVER received any vaccines---not even at birth! That is because I learned of the deadly nature of vaccines 17 years ago and have been warning and educating mothers ever since. In fact, it was this issue that woke me up to higher truths and led me to Islam. Al Hamdu Lillah. And it was nearly 13 years ago that it occurred to me that vaccines may be used to kill off the Ummah one day. It just seemed too easy a trick not to use. I theorized that they would attempt to sterilize the youth. Anyway, fast forward to today and we have the Swine Flu vaccine mandated by the UN and WHO for the entire world. I didn’t realize they would target the whole of humanity!! This is perhaps one of the biggest tricks the Shaitan has ever tried to pull on mankind and we must stop it! After many emails to Al Jazeera they have finally reported on this most pressing story on the planet. Please watch this Al Jazeera interview in Arabic if you don’t believe me. And here is a related article from The Palestine Telegraph in English. http://tinyurl.com/swine-flu-genocide Here are some websites in English where you can do some more research. www.theFluCase.com www.nvic.org www.drtenpenny.com www.vactruth.com http://www.pathlights.com/nr_encyclopedia/onlinebooks/Vaccine/Vaccination-Crisis.pdf Americans and Europeans are taking this to the streets to wake up their brethren. Many doctors and nurses refuse to take the vaccine because they know it is deadly and are willing to lose their jobs!! Oprah’s famous doctor, Doctor Oz will not be vaccinating his own 4 children. And here is a disturbing video of a woman who is now paralyzed 10 days after receiving her flu shot in the grocery store. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E4MIm1mB7GM The authorities continue to tell us, “Don’t worry. It’s very rare to have a bad reaction.” That is a lie. Allah (swt) warns us that the Shaitan is the arch deceiver and he likes to use the television to spin his deception. Brothers and Sisters we must change our thinking if we are to survive. And Saudi Arabia will crumble if it continues to enforce the rule that all those wishing to perform Hajj must first be injected with the evil UN’s poisonous shot of pig DNA. And yes, this does cause mutation of our own human DNA. Even if it didn’t contain pork, or mercury or dangerous squalene, Allah (swt) does not want us to inject disease into our bloodstream. Shaitan is laughing at the Ummah right now. We must fight back and time is running out!! We need each and every one of you to stand up and sound the alarm!! Do not let the kuffar inject ANYTHING into your bloodstream. And just in case you believe vaccines help stop disease, please read this page. It will really help you to see the trick that has fooled so many of us for so long. http://stopthevax.com/VaccinationCrisis.html Vaccines never eradicate disease. They always, always, ALWAYS cause more death and disease and often spark pandemics of the very disease they were supposed to stop! I know there is a mother or father right now reading this with tears running down their face because they have lost something precious to this insidious evil called vaccines. If our beloved prophet were here now, would he advise us to take a diseased injection? Does it make sense to inject disease into your body in order to be healthy? That would be a bit like cutting off your toes so you can run faster. Silly, eh? And I haven’t even mentioned the mind-control microchip they hope to implant in all of us. I invite you to turn to Allah (swt) and the natural remedies He so graciously provides during times of illness. I will say this unequivocally. “You cannot poison yourself into a state of health.” This goes for chemotherapy or any other poisonous pharmaceutical treatment for that matter. Allah (swt) is the Healer. This is a test for the Ummah. A very big test. Will we hand our lives over so easily to the kuffar? After you do some research and realize that what I say is true, come help us save the Ummah by posting this same message (copy and paste) on as many forums as you can. Send out emails. (copy and paste). Call your local newspapers. Hand out this Arabic flyer in your community. www.STOPtheVAX.com/FlyerArabic.pdf Print this post up and give it to your Imam. Yell it from the rooftops. Let Allah (swt) hear that we truly care for each other and have true faith in Islam. By the way, there are natural remedies that can help with the flu such as Vitamin C and Vitamin D. There are also MMS drops which are useful and colloidal silver products. Let a healing fever run its course. Never interrupt a fever with drugs such as Donald Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu. That is poisonous. Fever is your friend. Please turn to Allah (swt) and your local natural healer for advice or watch my Healing Praxis Series. It’s free and very powerful, easy to apply. I don’t sell anything. May the Ummah rise together in Strength, Faith and Good Health and may Allah (swt) bless our efforts to save the Ummah before it is too late. Peace and Strength, Um Luqman aka Susan Founder of www.STOPtheVAX.com www.TheHealingPraxis.com
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