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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. thanks alot brother for these references. im grateful. may Allah reward you with jannah. Salam.
  2. I mean a person that is a son of zina (born out of marriage), or a basterd, can never follow or loves ahlulbyte. Is there any backing, hadith or quranic verse that refer to this statement. Because I heard shiites making this kind of statement.
  3. Thaks for that ideas. But Im searching for any one with hadith or ayat that can be used to back that statement. ie a basterd can never be a shiite. please somebody should help, as I believed the statement must be from a recognised high status personality.
  4. It is a common accepted statement or tradition that only legitimate people love ahlulbyte. please Iwant brothers and sisters help me with references of this statement, or may be a link to get the references. thanks.
  5. No brother, today is not the first ashra but rather the firs day of mourning ashura events which occur on the tenth of muharram. In fact the whole month is mourn. thank u.
  6. I think there is nothing wrong for asking mosque and centre, because may be she is going back to benin, and she can visit the centres or mosque for more information. Any information she will get on chat will not be like face to face information.
  7. a lazy man like umar can not do that. They have stollen many positions of Imam Ali (as) and give it to their idols. Look at faruq, siddiq etc are all Imam Ali's positions. Now umar fighs with jinn? impossible, is a lie. This is the position of Assdullah Imam Ali(as).
  8. they are misled by their scholars. And you know their scholar have actually drunk a conterminated knowledge that does not recognise the ahlulbyte(as)
  9. pls help what is the difference between void and invalidation i dont understand
  10. Ya salam. yaya mafara, yaya su Malan Abba. Ashe jihar mu daya. a gaida yan'uwa. shukran.

  11. Assalamu Alaikum.

    Na gode da wannan addu'a. Allah ya bamu sabati a Harka Islamiyyah bayan Sayyid (H). Yasa sakamakon mu Aljannah tare da makwabtaka da Ahlul bayt

    Nuruddeen Mafara

  12. Allah ya saka ma da aljannah. wallahi ka kyauta da da hotunan maulud na sayyidah zahrah (as). salam.

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