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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So does that mean that during the time of the prophet the pagans had to convert or else they were killed? The zorastrians in iran are protected under the constitution while hindus, buddhists and sikhs are not even after jizya is collected from them why is this exception made for zorastrians? Why are the bahais persecuted in iran?
  2. I am 25 and i have a 3 yr old cousin is she namahram to me? Cant i play with or touch her? And wat after she attains puberty nd i will be like 45. Cant i give her a brotherly hug then
  3. salam, was there any practice at the time of the prophet s.a to greet him with a part of one's wealth (money), does this have any basis from the quran? if yes than was it ever revoked?
  4. salam, is salat allowed after tayamum if there is visible blood on ones body n there is no source of water aroundwhatsoever , like in wars etc.?
  5. salaam what is the punishment under islamic penology for a muslim man/woman who marries a non believer but keeps his faith in islam and does not convert.
  6. salaam, is autopsy of a muslim body allowed if a life of a non believer is at stake in case of a crime?
  7. Salam is hajj obligatory for women even if she does not have her personal source of income.my other question is that If a man has the financial capacity to perform hajj is it obligatory for her wife who does not earn herself to perform hajj with the man or without the man some other time eg. After the death of the husband
  8. Salam. Can a man do mutah if he already has four wives? If he can then does it not contradict the quran which says in one of its verses that 'marry 1,2,3 or 4'
  9. Still waiting for your replies friends plz help me
  10. The link is not specific for mutah. Can anyone plz clarify
  11. salam can we marry the daughters of widow with whom we perform mutah marriage after the marriae contract has expired? i have heard that you cannot marry the daughters of the widow if you have had sexual intercourse with the widow even after expiration of the marriage contract however if you have not had sexual contact with the widow you can marry her daughters after expiration of the marriage contract with the widow. is this true ? please clarify?
  12. salam we all know that we cant eat food prepared by a non muslim except the ahlul kitab . what is the ruling about giving food to a non muslim?
  13. (salam) sunni sources say that hazrat khadija's age was 40 when she was married to our beloved prophet (mpbuh). also they say that she was married twice before. i have heard in a majlis that these traditions are false and many shias are also under this misconception,neither was she 40 yrs old at the time of her marriage to the holy prophet (mpbuh). can someone clarify on this matter. some sunni sources also say that our beloved prophet had two other daughters besides hazrat fatima(s.a) to which shia reply that thay were hazrat khadija's daughters from her previous marriages, their names are s
  14. (salam) i want to know if there are any authentic hadith about the physical appearance of imam mahdi(a.s) describing how he will look like? i was going throgh a sunni website which says that the imam will be having a defective speech an will stammer to such an extent that he will hit his forehead with his hand in frustation. do shia hadith agree with this?
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