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  1. READ!! - if you want to contact me, avoid dont pm-ing me on shiachat, just email me at ahlulkisa5@gmail.com, thanks

  2. Salaam,

    what wasnt pointless? i dont know what your talking about

  3. Salaam,

    what do you need help with?

  4. you didnt offend me, lol :)

  5. by the way, i havent been on duas.org THAT much, not nearly as much as you described :)

  6. on the left side of this page it says things like FAQ, hadiths, etc. there is one tab which says speeches http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http://www.bahjat.org/fa/index.php&sl=fa&tl=en im not sure if they have that speech though

  7. Ill try to find this video on his website inshallah, and ill send the link to you if i find it.

  8. now my goal has changed to Allah and ahlul bayt, nothing else, now i do things for Allah, alhamdulillah

  9. and other bad things, i am very ashamed of myself for those times :'( but then i moved down where i am now, which has a nice big shia islamic community and the first couple years or first year and a half i learned more about islam, started saying prayers, but then my intentions were not for Allah, but now, alhamdulillah, Allah has guided me, and now i have improved a lot, and now my goal is Allah.

  10. ill tell you my dreams after i can pm you, just have to make one more post :). By the way, ill tell you my story of my youth (which im still in), so, I lived in a different location a few years ago with pretty much no shia islamic community, i barely knew anything about islam, i didnt read quran, i didnt say my prayers, or anything, i was, i lied a lot, and sinned a lot, disobeyed my parents.....

  11. Salaam,

    first ill wait till you make 3 more posts so i can email you about it instead :)

  12. Inshallah, have you ever had any dreams with imams, ahlul bayt, or holy people? Or dream that has significant meaning? If so, please email me and tell me :) (by the way, i dont think its true if you tell people dreams that you had with ahlul bayt, that you wont see them in dreams anymore, maybe if you have a bad intention then its possible, but i dont think its so if you have a good intention)

  13. Ultimate end meaning, for example, lets say someone gets into some good university, then they get kicked out for some reason, and someone else takes their place, and all these things keep changing, but the final end is what im talking about, what will be for sure.

  14. Salaam,

    Well, i believer every girl/woman has a chance to get in those 50 women, because, future always can change, what is destined can happen can always change and not happen, except things which have been promised to happen by Allah, like the appearance of Qaim (as). So of course Allah knows the ultimate end of who those 313 will be

  15. Salaam,

    well as we know, the 313 will govern different provinces, and its said 50 of 313 will be women, and so they will probably govern provinces too, maybe not ones that are very big though, but women can govern provinces too :), i wanna be among the 313, not to rule provinces, but because they are very close to Allah and Imam Mahdi (as).

  16. you didnt finish your comment on my profile,

    Did you know, that most of the women in our Imam Mahdi a.s. (ajf)'s ...

    so what were you gonna continue on this ^.

  17. about prophet yusuf (as) is so sad though, when his brothers beat him up and throw him in the well :'(.

  18. first is called mukhtar al thaqafi (mukhtar is the person who got revenge on the enemies of Imam Hussain (as), the second one is about prophet sulayman (as), and also, on youtube, watch the movie called the blessed saint mary, in farsi called mary muqaddas, its farsi again, but english subtitles, that movie is also AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Seriously have to watch these. The one about prophet

  19. Salaam,

    oh its a movie, ok now i get it, go to shiasource.com, they have this series called prophet yusuf series, it has 45 episodes each around 45 min long, its the MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED!!!!!!!!!!! i havent finished it yet, theres also a prophet ibrahim movie, theyre in farsi, but with english subtitles, theres also 2 movies the...

  20. did you see the arrivals? what arrivals? i dont know what your talking about.

  21. you dont have to do all the 11 rakat first time, see its 8 rakat tahajjud, 2 rakat namaaz shafa, and 1 rakat namaaz witr, you can even just do the last 3 rakat if you dont have time, or even just the namaaz witr.

  22. I usually do most of the nafelah most of the time, but i NEED to start doing salatul layl, i seriously do, many ayatollahs and the ahlul bayt have emphasized on doing this salat, it has so many merits and good stuff in it. But sometimes i try to do it before fajr, (its best to do it closest to fajr time) but i usually dont wake up from the alarm, also, you dont have to.......

  23. and the 8 rakat for dhuhr is also before saying dhuhr prayer, then for asr, its same exact prayer, 8 rakat in 2's before saying the asr prayer, for maghrib its 4 rakat after the maghrib prayer, but still in 2's, so two 2 rakat prayer, for isha, its 2 rakat prayer sitting down. Salatul layl has directions how to do it in places online, i think duas.org has it too.

  24. the nawafil prayers are like this (just exact same as normal prayers except) for fajr, you do the nafelah before the fajr prayer, but must not do it before fajr azaan, its just 2 rakat prayer, just like fajr prayer too, and for dhuhr its 8 rakat, except you have to put it in twos, so you do 4 times 2 rakat prayers, and try not to talk to people in between these 2's until your done

  25. Also Imam Sadiq (as) said :Our shia is one who reads (or maybe it said recites) 50 ayats of quran daily" This doesnt mean counting up the ayats you say in prayers, it means seperately, also theres hadith which says a shia says 51 rakat prayer daily which i figured out what it is, the whole 11 rakat salatul layl, all the wajib prayers of course, and all the nafelah (nawaafil) prayers.

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