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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) (bismillah) How old was our 4th imam, Imam Zaynul Abedeen (as) in karbala? And how old was Ali Akbar (as)? Also, the wife of our 4th imam, daughter of Imam Hassan (as), Fatima, who is also mother of our 5th imam, was she in karbala too? If not, where was she, if she was alive at that time, because i heard our 5th imam was in karbala, and he was around 2 years old, and how old was Fatima when she got married to our 4th Imam (as). (wasalam)
  2. Can you enable your email thing, i mean, so i can PM you on shiachat ?

  3. ... Of Allah (swt) and Ahlul bayt (as)

  4. Salaam,

    here is the link http://www.duas.org/marefat.htm :). Notice how in the upper right corner says Longer version, thats the whole thing, and thats the one i was talking about to read it after afternoon prayers on friday. Also try to memorize the short version (which i havent even done yet) so you can repeat it often, and inshallah we will gain marefat (knowledge and awareness) of Alla...

  5. Salaam, simplest way i can put it, be the most kind, patient, and loving towards your mother you have ever been, once someone at the time of i think the prophet (pbuh) or one of the imams (as) someone asked a question similar, he told him to treat her more kindly than he ever has, so he did all the work for her instead of her doing it, then she (his mother who was jew or christian, forgot) noticed and asked him why he is treating her kinder and nicer than usual, he said because his prophet (pbuh) (or imam, forgot) told him too, or something like that, or told her that he ordered him to be kind to his parents, so then she converted to islam, dont only show islam through words and speeches, its your actions too.\ wasalam
  6. (bismillah) (salam) Imagine being the family of one of those who died :'(, how miserable it would be, I wish Imam Mahdi (as) were here, so all this would stop, wow, imagine how hard it is for him, seeing EVERY single thing that happens good and bad, but sadly there is more bad than good. its the shias fault that his appearance was delayed, including my fault too i bet, i heard there is a bad deed that if a shia does then it will delay the appearance by 100 years, and a good deed which will hasten it by 100 years, but we dont know what they are, so just stay away from all sin, so you dont do the one which delays his coming for a century! (wasalam)
  7. (bismillah) Salaam sister, inshallah your doing well, 2 things im going to mention ahlul bayt have highly highly recommended, 1. Wajib Salat on time, dont tell your salat you have work, tell your work you have salat, because at each of the five azaans of salat time, angel jibrail (as) visits each house, and its inhabitants, on duas.org theres a article which you could search on their website called "salat on time" i think thats what its called, its VERY good, at the end it says Imam Mahdi (as) says: Cursed is the one, cursed is the one, who delays his fajr salaat till the starts dissapear. Cursed is the one, cursed is the one who delays his maghrib till the stars appear. (cursed in this sentence meaning may allahs mercy be removed from him). Also once someone asked Imam Khomeini (ra) about the hadith which the 6th Imam, Imam Sadiq (as) said: Our intercession will not reach those who take salat lightly. The person asking about this hadith asked Imam khomeini (ra) if it was referring to those who sometimes say their wajib salat instead of all the time, but he said no, it means those who delay their salat, because then they are considering something more important than salat. But sometimes if your driving or something you cant say your salat of course, i heard that in a hadith i think, that if your mother calls you while your saying salat, then go and help her. Also, some people feel like salat is a chore, and they dont like doing it, or feel pleasure in it, theres a hadith which says one wont taste the sweetness of prayer unless he is detached from this world. Doesnt mean you cant be rich or wealthy or have a nice house, which many people think thats what it means, look at prophet sulayman (as), probably the wealthiest man who ever lived, but at the same time he was not attached to the world at all, or he wouldnt be a prophet. 2. Be very kind if your parents, although they may be unkind to you. Dont just help when they ask, offer them help, when you see them doing housework, go and tell them you will do it, so they can relax, after all, they provided you food, home, comfort, warmth, protection, etc. Obey your parents, unless they tell you to do something haram, also i think i have heard if they need help in something and its prayer time, then help them first i think, or maybe thats just for mother, im not sure. 3. Learn about the 14 masoomeen so you will start love them, no one is faithful unless they love them more than any other person/creation, according to hadith by the prophet (saw). 4. About serving imam mahdi (as) there was this very good long article on shiachat called miklayul makarim or something like that, i searched it up everywhere, google, and shiachat, couldnt find it, but i will tell you the best way to serve imam mahdi (as) and to make him happy, is serving Allah, but try not serve Allah for the sake of him, everything we do should be purely for Allah, we should try to do that. 5. How you said "im a very sinful person", are you saying that you have sinned a lot, or that currently you still sin a lot knowlingly, because if the second idea is the case, then you wont be serving imam mahdi (as) but instead you will be making him cry and on top of that displeasing Allah, and making him not pleased with you, and also just bringing yourself further from Allah. Because everytime Imam Mahdi (as) see's the muslims sins, he cries, and its so painful for him, as in a hadith which says its like an arrow going into his heart. 6. Theres this thing which is call hidden shirk and hypocrisy, its when sometimes, we do shirk, but dont even notice, there are different forms of shirk, one is loving someone more or equal to Allah, and if you are like that, than just try your best to fix it, and pray really hard that you wont be like that, as a hadith which the prophet (saw) says: Finding shirk can be as hard as finding a black ant, on a black rock, in a pitch black night." Then about hyprocisy, sometimes we have such a tiny amount of it, we dont notice, or know of it, which even then we should ask Allah to remove all hidden and apparent evils/defects from us, try to think about Allah all the time, which i myself havent even been sucessful in yet, and also read 50 ayat of quran everyday, try to do salatul layl, at least the last 3 rakat, salat shafa and witr, ALSO remember doing good deeds with bad intentions wont do you any good, it will just make you a worse person, also read dua marefat which is on www.duas.org after asr prayer on friday, and dont leave prayers unless you read it, and the long version too. Read hadith qudsi, very good. DO NOT DELAY PRAYERS!!!! also try to remember to review all the deeds of your day before you sleep, or at least the deeds you remember, when you see something bad, do repentance, and when you see good, thank Allah, but do not become proud, because that causes arrogance which itself is worst of sins, its like the root to every sin ,including shirk. (wasalam)
  8. (bismillah) (salam) Dont believe that! I asked about that once, cause i thought, maybe if you think about one of the imams a lot and fighting with them or whatever, you will dream that as it a result of your thoughts, and that dream really has no meaning, but no thats not true, dreams with imams and holy people are not just meaningless dreams EVER, or cant be produced out of thinking about them a lot either, it something which Allah shows you for certain reasons we dont always know, (wasalam)
  9. (bismillah) (salam) I agree too, people shouldnt be drawing their faces, how do we know what they look like, we cant predict it and think its ok to draw it, doing light is much more appropriate, and usually art of bibi zainab (SA), bibi Fatima Zahra (sa), and other holy ladies, they have chador covering their face, like in the forum picture, or sometimes i have seen ofter art of a horse which is supposed to me imam hussains (as) horse, and bibi zainab (sa) is down by it but the chador is covering her face, but sometimes they do show face, but they should do light for their faces too. (wasalam)
  10. (bismillah) (salam) he had 4 daughters, who were ruqayya, zainab, umm kulthum, and fatima (sa) who was the youngest, and these daughters were from bibi khadija (sa), and same for the sons who were ibrahim and i think the second one was qasim, who both died young. (wasalam)
  11. (salam) (bismillah) Well first of all, we dont know for sure of Imam mahdi (as) has a wife and children or not, some hadiths say so, but we dont know, it wouldnt make much sense to me if that were so, but Allah (swt) knows best. And second of all, so many people assume there some certain place like bermuda triangle where imam Mahdi (as) lives, but how do we know, he could be anywhere, i dont imagine he stays in one place, also something randomly that came to my head, is one time out of curiousity, i searched up Allah on google maps, and some desert i think in the middle of nowhere is a place called Allah, its in Arizona, USA. I wonder why it was called Allah, or how it got named that. And just so you know one plane has passed through the bermuda triangle, and it was interesting because his destination was originally 6 hours more, but he went through the bermuda triangle and i guess you could call it a time warp or something, cause then it shortened to 2 hours instead of 6, around that. Bermuda triangle is very interesting. (wasalam)
  12. (bismillah) (salam) Out of the few dreams i have had with imam mahdi (as), EVERY SINGLE TIME, when i saw him, there was a light from his face which shined very far, including on the people which were around him, once i saw his face, but it had so much light i couldnt see what his actual face looked like, i mentioned this, just so people would inshallah learn more about him, and love him more, because imagine all the pain he goes through, for SO MANY years he has been seeing every oppresion thats happening, and every sin that people are doing, and theres a lot of that, and there almost always has been, i wouldnt be surprised if he cries everyday, cause i have read when someone sins its as painful as a arrow into his heart, and when he sees sins it makes him cry, i dont know if these sins were just referring to sins from muslims or all people, but just think about, you and me have made imam mahdi (as) cry, and have deepened his pain, he goes through so much pain, but yet is the best person alive today. Remember that its wajib to love the ahlul bayt, so learn about them, and think about them, and pray that you will love them over every other person or creation, and inshallah you will, but of course we must love Allah (swt) too, i dont want people to think that you should only love ahlul bayt, but its interesting that those who love ahlul bayt, they love Allah (swt), and those who love Allah (swt) love ahlul bayt, its just something which is like connected. You know actually a speaker from Qom gave lectures about loving Allah (swt), and details about it, here they are if you want to see them ill post the link at the bottom . Oh ya one more thing i wanted to say was one time i was going to to see him (in a dream) but i didnt end up seeing him, but ended up at where he was, and he opened his door, but he was in his house and i didnt really see him but i still saw that light! By the way i know many people believe that you should tell people your dreams or else you wont have anymore dreams with them, i think you should tell people all your dreams and tell them some maybe if you have a good reason and intention, which i do, as i a bit after the beginning of this topic. http://saba-igc.org/muharram/muharram-1431-media just so you know, the one im talking about is the english one, but if you want you can listen to the other languages too, the farsi is very good, and note for those who might listen to the urdu: In parts of the lecture the speaker gets very loud, i think its some cultural thing, because one time I heard there was a urdu speaker at this center who wasnt one who would start getting VERY loud in parts of the speech especially the end, and those who were listening to it started complaining because i guess they like the loudness and didnt like it when the speakers were quite, but i think its mostly like this for muharram only. Also some of the speeches the people who record might have recorded early, so some of them have duas/prayer in the beginning, so just skip to the speech. (wasalam)
  13. (bismillah) (salam) Isnt the spirit/rooh the soul? I though it was, you know a english speaker who was a scholar from the school in Qom who now lives UK came to my center for a few days and gave speeches on the rooh, it was a few days ago, they were very good speeches. One point he said, was there was a hadith which says the true believers are more attached to Allah than the rays to the sun. Subhanallah, i think it would be good to start a discussion on the rooh, starting with basics and a bit deeper. It would be very interesting. Like people could post hadiths, quranic verses, or any information they know on the ruh, or questions too. (wasalam)
  14. Salaam, I dont think someone can make me believe that your allowed to WALK while praying, praying is supposed to have concetration on Allah, and you ALWAYS, ALWAYS from what i know, have to face the ka'ba in prayer. Even if it was allowed, i wouldnt do it, it doesnt seem very nice to be talking and communication with Allah (swt), while walking, or facing away from the kaba where we have been ordered to face. To keep on the safe side do extra prayers as you do you normal ones (as in like dont walk, or face away from kaba) wasalam
  15. Salaam, Can anyone tell me where to buy abayas or jilbabs for women sizes, and also kids sizes, i have seen kids abayas and jilbabs but i need their designs/style to be like the womens abayas or jilbabs. (I have seen people at my center who are kids who are like 4 or 5, and they have abayas which are just like the styles of the womens sizes abayas, what style im looking for in particular is black abayas which have a design down the middle, and the same design one the ends of the sleeves, or anything like that). I dont care if this website is in any language other than english, or where the company is, just need to figure out where to get them! (I HAVE LOOKED EVERYWHERE!!!, so much, that i bet you guys will put websites ive already seen :), but thats ok) wasalam
  16. (bismillah) (salam) Sayyed mahdi modarresi is probably my favorite speaker I've heard so far, and the center he is speaking at this year is posting his lectures up to date :) heres the link, http://www.al-emaan.org/ also if you want to see other lectures for this years muharram, heres the link where i found them http://www.al-islam.org/topical.php?sid=166498079&cat=348 (wasalam)
  17. Salaam, thanks! But i still need a list of the children they had, and from which wives. wasalam
  18. (bismillah) (salam) I was wondering if someone can give me a list of the Imams' (as) wives, and the children they had from each of the wives, except Imam Mahdi (as) of course, cause from what i know he doesnt have family, theres some traditions that say so, but dont know if theyre authentic or not, so dont bother for trying to figure out his who his family is (if he has one). Thanks :) (wasalam)
  19. (bismillah) (salam) I was wondering, when the event of the cloak narrated in hadis kisa took place, was bibi zainab (sa) already born? If she was how old was she? (wasalam)
  20. Dont know what else to call her, thats what they refer to on the website too, people get what i mean i think though :) OOHHH, ok, i should've said that, what i mean by Follow your self is that you dont need to follow a marja, because you already have the knowledge they have, and therefore go according to what YOURSELF learned, so i guess you could say follow yourself? i dont know
  21. (salam) Well i dont know if you want to learn arabic mainly for knowing the quran, or just to be able to speak it, if you want to know it to understand quran, heres some websites. http://www.understandquran.com/ http://www.iant.com/lqanotes.php http://www.quraaniclessons.com/ (wasalam)
  22. (bismillah) (salam) Red wine, and SOME alcoholic drinks may have some benefits, but the bad things in them out-weigh the good, one reason why its probably haram to drink, (wasalam)
  23. Salaam ya, i said aside from human, because humans arent always praising Allah, but i have read hadiths that the animals praise Allah, i said aside from humans, because if i didnt say that, then that would mean babies are saying subhanallah, and they dont, i didnt say that they do either, so i dont see why your asking that question. by the way that part (about her hearing subhanallah) is just something i heard, dont konw for sure if its true or not. Just wanted to show people there are woman mujtahids out there too. (wasalam)
  24. (bismillah) (salam) Not a question im posting, just some information, ok so, i know pretty much all Grand ayatollahs and Marjas are men, or at least the ones we know of, well a while back, (late 1800s to late-ish 1900s) there was a woman Mujtahid, or Marja, named Nosrat Begom Amini, she was iranian, and was from the city of isfahan, she was also a great aref, i heard that when she would go to sajdah she would hear all the creation say "subhanallah", because as ive heard the creation (aside from humans for sure, and jinn i think) are always praising Allah, like birds, animals, but we just cant understand them saying that. Well heres a link to a short biography of her, and the title of it says "the first woman mujtahid", but i dont think she is the first one, maybe the first known one, or one we have information on. She even has volumes of books on the interpretation of the entire Holy Quran. http://www.imamreza.net/eng/imamreza.php?id=4311 (wasalam)
  25. (bismillah) (salam) I cant exactly say i truly love them, but starting to kinda i guess, i dont want to claim i truly love them UNTIL i love them more than my own self, which will inshallah be soon! Inshallah everyone else who posted on here will too be like that. (wasalam)
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