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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam, Haraam to come in physical contact with non mahram women, or for women, non mahram men, period. wasalam
  2. you didnt finish your comment on my profile,

    Did you know, that most of the women in our Imam Mahdi a.s. (ajf)'s ...

    so what were you gonna continue on this ^.

  3. Salaam, EVERY sin is forgiven including shirk, as long as you stop doing it, and repent for it. wasalam
  4. Salaam, they (14 masoomeen) know most things, not some things like when the day of judgement is going to happen, but theres no way, a human or some creature, can know something, and they wouldnt know it, so Imam Hussain (as) knew who his mother was, and its not possible the 4th imam, doesnt know who his mother was either. The imams have the most knowledge
  5. about prophet yusuf (as) is so sad though, when his brothers beat him up and throw him in the well :'(.

  6. first is called mukhtar al thaqafi (mukhtar is the person who got revenge on the enemies of Imam Hussain (as), the second one is about prophet sulayman (as), and also, on youtube, watch the movie called the blessed saint mary, in farsi called mary muqaddas, its farsi again, but english subtitles, that movie is also AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG. Seriously have to watch these. The one about prophet

  7. Salaam,

    oh its a movie, ok now i get it, go to shiasource.com, they have this series called prophet yusuf series, it has 45 episodes each around 45 min long, its the MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE EVER WATCHED!!!!!!!!!!! i havent finished it yet, theres also a prophet ibrahim movie, theyre in farsi, but with english subtitles, theres also 2 movies the...

  8. did you see the arrivals? what arrivals? i dont know what your talking about.

  9. (salam) (bismillah) I just though i would put a list of each masoom of the 14 masoomeen, their spouses, and children, and maybe some other people from ahlul bayt like Zainab , or others. Prophet Muhammad (saw) (rest of his wives had no children from him, except khadija) Wives, 1. Khadija bint Khuwaylid (sa), mother of the infant Ibrahim, and Qasim, who died young, and mother of Fatima Zahra (sa) and three other daughters, Zainab, Ruqayya, and Umm Kulthum Sawda bint Zama Aisha bint Abi Bakr Hafsa bint Umar Zaynab bint Khuzayma Hind bint Abi Umayya Zaynab bint Jahsh Juwayriya bint al-Harith Ramlah bint Abi Sufyan Rayhana bint Zayd Safiyya bint Huyayy Maymuna bint al-Harith Maria al-Qibtiyya also, all my sources will come from kitab irshad, except the above, and for Fatima, who we already know her spouse and children, so correct me if im wrong about the information about the wives of the prophet (saw), this is just from Wikipedia, couldnt find things from shia source to be sure. Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib Wives (dont know if the wives after fatima are put in in any order, like which one was married soonest after her death or anything) 1. Fatima - Hassan, Husayn, Zainab, Umm kulthum 2.Khawla bint Jafar ibn Qays al Hanafi - Muhammad, given kunya Abul Qasim 3.Umm Habib bint Rabi'a - Umar, Ruqayya who were twins 4. Fatima binte Hizam ibn Khalid ibn Darim (this fatima is also known as ummul banin). - Abu Fadhl Abbas, Jafar, Uthman, Abd Allah, these were all martyred. 5. Laila bint Masud al darimi - Muhammad given kunya abu bakr, Ubaydallah, these both were also martyrs 6. Asma bint Umays al Khath'ami - Yahya 7. Umm Sa'id bint Urwa ibn Masud al Thaqafi - Umm al Hassan Ramlah 8. Nafisa, Zaynab, Ruqayya, Umm hani, Umm al Kiram, Jumana aka Umm jafar, Umana, Umm Salama, Maymuna, Khadija, Fatima, These children above after #8 had different mothers, which are not listed by name in kitab al irshad. Imam Hassan Wives, 1. Umm Bashir bint Abu masud Uqba ibn Amr ibn Tha'laba al Khazraji - Zayd, Umm al Hassan, Umm al Husayn 2.Khawla bint Manzur al Fazari - Al Hassan 3. Name not known of this wife - Umar, Al Qasim, Abdallah 4. Unknown name of this wife - Abd al- Rahman 5. Umm Ishaq bint Talha ibn Ubaydallah al Taymi - Husayn, nicknamed al-athram, Talha, and Fatima 6. These daughters i will list, are from various wives of Imam Hassan (as), whos names are unknown Umm abdallah, Fatima, Umm salama, Ruqayya Imam Husayn wives. 1. Shahzanan, daughter of King Choesroe Yazdigard - Imam Sajjad 2. Laila bint Abu murra ibn Urwa, ibn Masun al thaqafi - Ali Akbar 3. Women from the tribe of Quda'a, name unknown - Jafar, who died during lifetime of Imam Husayn 4. Umm rabab - Ali Ashgar, Sukayna (also known as Ruqayya) 5. Umm Ishaq bint Talha ibn Ubaydallah of Taym - Fatima Sughra note: Many people think Imam Husayn (as) had 3 daughters, reason why is, Umm ishaq, was married to Imam Hassan before Imam Husayn, and she had a daughter from Imam hassan named Fatima, and then after Imam Hassan passed away she got married to Imam Hussain, and had one daughter from him, also named fatima, known as fatima sughra, so fatima bint hassan, moved in to the family of Imam Husayn when her mother got married to Imam Husayn after Imam Hassan, so Fatima bint hassan was cousin, of Ruqayya and fatima sughra, and other children of Imam Husayn (as) Imam Sajjad wives 1. Fatima bint Hassan ibn Ali ibn Abu talib, also known as Umm abdullah - Imam Muhammad Baqir 2. Unknown name - Abdullah, Hassan, Husayn 3. Unknown name - Zayd, Umar 4. Unknown name - Husayn, abd al rahman, Sulayman, Ali, Khadija, 5. Unknown name - Muhammad 6. Unknown name - Fatima, Aliyya, Umm kulthum Imam Muhammad Baqir Wives 1. Umme Farwa, daughter of Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu bakr - Imam Jafar Sadiq, Abdullah 2. Umm Hakim bint Asid ibn Al mughira al thaqafi - Ibrahim and ubaydallah, who both died young, 3. Unknown name - Ali, Zaynab 4. Unknown name - Umm Salama Imam Jafar Sadiq Wives. 1. Fatima bint Husayn ibn Ali ibn Husayn - Ismail, Abdullah, Umm Farwa 2. Hamida Khatoon - Imam Musa, Ishaq, Muhammad 3. the following children had different mothers, whos names are not listed Abbas, Ali, Fatima, Asma Imam Musa Kazim had 37 children! Wives 1. Hazrat Bibi Najma - Imam Reza, Ibrahim, Abbas, Qasim 2. Unknown name - Ismail, Jafar, Harun, Hassan 3. Unknown name - Ahmad, Muhammad, Hamza 4. Various mothers - Abduallah, Ishaq, Ubaydallah, Zayd, Hassan, al fadhl, Husayn, Sulayman 5. His daughters, (various mothers) - Fatima, Fatima Sughra, Ruqayya, Hakima, Umm Abiha, Ruqayya Sughra, Umm Jafar, Lubaba, Zaynab, Khadija, Aliyya, Amina, Hasana, Burayha, Aisha, Umm Salama, Maymuna, Umm Kulthum Note: I dont know if its Fatima Sughra or the older fatima who was Fatima Masooma (sa) Imam Reza Wives, Hazrat Bibi Khaizran - Imam Jawad sorry, i couldnt find any info on other wives of his if he had any, or other children of his Imam Jawad Children Imam Hadi whos mother was Bibi Samana , and his other son Musa, and his two daughters fatima and imama, i dont know who the last 3 childrens mothers are. Imam Hadi Children Imam Hassan Askari - mother is Bibi Saleel Husayn, Muhammad, Jafar, Aisha, (couldnt find out who their mothers were either) Imam Hassan Askari Imam Mahdi - Mother was Bibi Narjis Khatoon Imam Mahdi (as) - Some say he has wife and children, but not very many say so, and it wouldnt be quite clear to me how that is possible since hes in the major occultation, but Allah knows best. Others of Ahlul bayt Children of Zainabs marriage with Abdullah ibn Jafar Tayyar Aun, Muhammad (if theres anymore, please tell me!) Abu Fadhl Abbas Wife - Lubaba bint Ubaydallah who had 3 sons, qasim, ubaydallah, and al fadhl. I had a book about Hazrat Abbas which i think if i remember correctly said he had other children, i think might have had other wives too, if i find the book ill see what it says and edit this part of the post. (wasalam)
  10. (salam) (bismillah) I think this should clear things up a bit, well it made things really clear for me. :) From kitab al irshad by sheikh mufid, a list of all his wives, and his children from each wife 1. Imam Sajjad (as), whos mother is Shahzanan. daughter of Choesroe Yazdigard, 2. Ali Akbar, whos mother was Laila, dauther of Abu Murra ibn Urwa ibn Masud al Thaqafi 3. Jafar, whos mother was a woman from the tribe of Quda'a, he died during the lifetime of Imam Husayn (as) 4. Baby Ali Asghar, and his older sister sukayna, their mother was Umme Rabab 5. Fatima whos mother was Umm Ishaq dauther of Talha ibn Ubaydallah of Taym, (note: Umm Ishaq was married also to Imam Hassan (as) till he died, then she got married to Imam Husayn (as), so people dont get confused, Umm ishaq had one daughter named Fatima from Imam Hassan (as), and another daughter named Fatima from Imam Husayn (as), after Imam Hassan (as) passed away.) Here is just his daughters (no specific order im putting) Sukayna, daughter of Umme Rabab Fatima Sughra daughter of Umm ishaq Fatima Daughter of Umm ishaq, except this fatima was born from Imam Hassan, but then after Imam Hassan passed away, Umm ishaq got married to Imam Husayn and had another daughter from his named fatima, and therefore her first daughter, Fatima bint Hassan was also part of the family, though she was not a daughter of Imam Husayn , she would be considered as the cousin of Sukayna and Fatima bint Hussain, and cousin of all the children who are from Husayn (as). I think ill post a topic with each imam, their wives, and children, just for information wasalam
  11. you dont have to do all the 11 rakat first time, see its 8 rakat tahajjud, 2 rakat namaaz shafa, and 1 rakat namaaz witr, you can even just do the last 3 rakat if you dont have time, or even just the namaaz witr.

  12. I usually do most of the nafelah most of the time, but i NEED to start doing salatul layl, i seriously do, many ayatollahs and the ahlul bayt have emphasized on doing this salat, it has so many merits and good stuff in it. But sometimes i try to do it before fajr, (its best to do it closest to fajr time) but i usually dont wake up from the alarm, also, you dont have to.......

  13. and the 8 rakat for dhuhr is also before saying dhuhr prayer, then for asr, its same exact prayer, 8 rakat in 2's before saying the asr prayer, for maghrib its 4 rakat after the maghrib prayer, but still in 2's, so two 2 rakat prayer, for isha, its 2 rakat prayer sitting down. Salatul layl has directions how to do it in places online, i think duas.org has it too.

  14. the nawafil prayers are like this (just exact same as normal prayers except) for fajr, you do the nafelah before the fajr prayer, but must not do it before fajr azaan, its just 2 rakat prayer, just like fajr prayer too, and for dhuhr its 8 rakat, except you have to put it in twos, so you do 4 times 2 rakat prayers, and try not to talk to people in between these 2's until your done

  15. Also Imam Sadiq (as) said :Our shia is one who reads (or maybe it said recites) 50 ayats of quran daily" This doesnt mean counting up the ayats you say in prayers, it means seperately, also theres hadith which says a shia says 51 rakat prayer daily which i figured out what it is, the whole 11 rakat salatul layl, all the wajib prayers of course, and all the nafelah (nawaafil) prayers.

  16. and how the true believers sleep only a little, ayatullah burujardi, the one who has passed away, he had a schedule which he always followed, it was sleep at 10 pm, wake up at 3 am, and do salatul layl, and that kinda stuff.

  17. they are also were given the names, shia of ali, real shia, partisans of ali, as you may know, theres a hadith which says prophet muhammad (saw) said to Imam Ali (as): Oh Ali, good tidings, you and your partisans will be in heaven." Also remember, the true shia, never miss salatul layl, and they sleep little in the night (theres some ayats in quran about salatul layl, and how the .....

  18. Hey are you iranian, i see those words about Imam Hussain (as) are in farsi, im trying to learn farsi, (someone in my family knows farsi) only know english :(. By the way, you know, theres these companions by the shia called the 4 companions, there like considered the pillars of the sahaba (companions), and they are ammar ibn yasser, salman, abu dharr al ghifarri, miqdad al aswad, they are.....

  19. Salaam,

    quick do 50 posts! :)

  20. (salam) (bismillah) I though tattooes were haraam? Why would you want to inject ink in yourself? And what are you getting this tattoo for? Whats your intention, im pretty sure its not purely for Allah (swt) because how is it possible to inject ink in yourself for Allah (swt)? Many people get tattoos just because they want people to see the tattoo, you know, i think you should do black henna instead for tattooing. wasalam
  21. (salam) (bismillah) During his long dissapearrance no one will see him except VERY special persons of his friends! thats so,....sooo........i dont know, amazing!, i know that the prophets who are currently alive (4 i think, 2 in heaven, isa, and someone one else, and 2 on earth, khizr, and forgot other one) have contact with him when they want, well theyre prophets so ya, but i wonder who else has contect with him, they must be VERY special :) wasalam
  22. Salaam, OF COURSE i think there is something absolute, and that is Allah (swt). wasalam
  23. (salam) (bismillah) From the little knowledge i know, its because, only 12 (or 14 if counting prophet muhammad and fatima peace be upon them), because they were the MOST devoted, MOST loving towards Allah, and thats why they were chosen, perhaps IF there was someone (though there isnt) that was as devoted as the imams, and had as much love and fear of Allah, then there would be 13 Imams, but not sure. (wasalam)
  24. I dont know how either, just ask someone i guess

  25. (salam) (bismillah) A question for athiests, since you believe nothing is absolute, and everything is relative, ok, is it absolutely true that nothing is absolute? :). If so, then theres something absolute. (wasalam)
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