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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. by the way, i havent been on duas.org THAT much, not nearly as much as you described :)

  2. (salam) (bismillah) anyone have any hadiths related to the significance of the day of arbaeen? Kind of like theirs hadiths on the significance of certain nights/days.
  3. Salaam, READ! ABU TALIB WAS NOT A KAFFIR!!!!!!! there are many proofs, one, fatima bint asad (sa) would have not stayed married to him, because according to you guys, hes a kaffir, he was also the father of the first imam, the best of creation aside from prophet muhammad (pbuh), i have never heard of the father of a prophet or sucessor of a prophet being a unbeliever. From the book "one hundred virtues of Ali ibn Abi Talib and his sons the imams." The judge Abul Hasan, Muhammad ibn Uthman ibn abdullah al nasibi narrated from jafar ibn muhammad al alawi from abdullah ibn Ahmad from muhammad ibn Ziyad from al mufaddal ibn Umar from Jafari ibn Muhammad (Imam Al sadiq) from his father Ali ibn al-Husayn who said: Ali ibn Abi talib, the commander of the believers, was once sitting in an open area surrounded by people one of whom stood up and asked, "O commander of the Believers: How is it that you are enjoying such and elevated rank (in the view of Almight Allah) while your father is tortured in Hellfire?" Angrily, Imam Ali replied, "Be quiet! May God shut your mouth! I swear by Him who has sent Muhammad with the truth as a prophet; If my father intercedes for all of the sinners on earth, Almight Allah will accept it. How can my father be tortured, while I, his son, am the one who seperates the people of Paradise from those deserving Hellfire? I swear by Him who has sent Muhammad with the truth as Prophet; verily the light of Abu Talib, my father, will exceed the lights of all of the creatures on the ressurection day except five lights: the light of muhammad, my light, the light of fatima, the light of al hasan and al husayn, and the light of the imams, his descendants. Verily, Abu Talibs light is part of our lights. Almighty Allah had created his light two thousand years before he created Adam. Bihar Al anwar V27 P120 H101. <<<<(this is just one of the sources)
  4. Salaam, i know exactly what you mean, but i dont agree, you are being possessive of your husband, and that is not good, a wife should not be like that, a husband can for his wife, but not vice versa, and this posessiveness takes you nowhere towards good at all, so try to get rid of it, and pray to Allah that you wont feel like this
  5. Salaam only wish good for him, wish these 2 things importantly for him - guidance and forgiveness, if he has guidance he will become good
  6. Salaam, im pretty sure you will, i did that once and restarted
  7. Salaam, it is authentic, and indeed it makes sense completely, this is why were created, to know Allah, and how do we get to know Allah? By prayers, which is why we are created as says in the quran, i have noticed some people say "we are created for woshipping not for knowing Allah" but the purpose of worshipping and result is knowing Allah
  8. Salaam, be sure that i will do dua for him sister and you too :) inshallah he gets well and you both have a well marriage life.
  9. Salaam, even if thats right that sara (ra) was considered as a ahlulbayt of prophet ibrahim (as) thats not the ahlul bayt of prophet muhammad (saw) so we shouldnt be connecting them to together, theyre both different, tell them that in the verse of purifcation after talking about the wives, the context of the word referring to them (those in the purifcation verse) changed to masculine, because in arabic, if there is lets say 100 females, but theres one male in the group, the word changes to masculine, so obviously there had to be men in this group, but also there was fatima (sa), so the ahlul bayt isnt just the wives, and the wives arent included in it either, im not very good on this topic, but on cyconline.co.uk/forums someone asked a question in the guest speakers area that was the same.
  10. on the left side of this page it says things like FAQ, hadiths, etc. there is one tab which says speeches http://translate.google.com/translate?js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&layout=1&eotf=1&u=http://www.bahjat.org/fa/index.php&sl=fa&tl=en im not sure if they have that speech though

  11. Salaam qunoot is not wajib, but salawat on muhammad (pbuh) and his family is wajib during the part you say when your sitting down, and i have learned about this in fiqh, that if you miss one sajdah in prayers its still valid, you dont have to make up for it or anything like that.
  12. Ill try to find this video on his website inshallah, and ill send the link to you if i find it.

  13. Salaam, dont be worried, often a bad dream can mean something you would NEVER expect, like bad dreams can mean good, and vice versa, its not always the case, but its very possible, or it could be a warning for you about something that may have to do with if you should get married to your fiancee or not, thats happened many times for me (having a interpretation for a dream i would never expect), usually scholars know basic things about interpretation, go to a trustworthy and good scholar your know of, even if its contacting him by phone or email or whatever, contact him and ask. to be safe from shaytans in your sleep and dreams, recite surah yaseen before going to bed, and offer the thawab to one of ahlul bayt (as)
  14. (salam) (bismillah) first of all for those interested to learn about this great person, theres a book called uswat al arifeen (model of the gnostics) that is an amazing book, its his biography, includes short bios of some of his teachers, some karamat (special incidents/minor miracles) of him, lots of advice from him on certain topics (very useful ones too), i highly recommend this book. He does have a website by the way, also a interesting short story, so my friends mom has a friend who met ayatollah behjat in iran one time, she wanted to meet him to seek a solution for some sort of problem she had (dont know what) and when she was going to go see him, she sees him going into his car to leave, and she wanted to ask him a question, but ayatollah behjat just told her without her saying/asking anything "It will be good" meaning her problem will be fixed, so somehow he knew of her problem without her telling him. http://www.mtb.ir// sadly they only have arabic and farsi so far, perhaps you can translate it into english with a google translator http://translate.google.com they have arabic and farsi (persian) translator, i used it, it translated pretty much the whole website well. They refer to farsi as persian on the translator (wasalam)
  15. Salaam, you know that website has a english version too, dont click the link, just type this exactly jamkaran.info then you can choose english or farsi (wasalam)
  16. (salam) (bismillah) all english http://imamreza.net/per/index.php (english, farsi, and arabic) http://www.duas.org/ https://www.al-islam.org/ http://www.islamicinsights.com/ (so many bios on great scholars )! http://www.islamic-laws.com/ http://ziaraat.org/ (islamic sites and prayers to do when going to them, many tombs of great people such as narjis, who i didnt know her tomb had a known location) (wasalam)
  17. now my goal has changed to Allah and ahlul bayt, nothing else, now i do things for Allah, alhamdulillah

  18. and other bad things, i am very ashamed of myself for those times :'( but then i moved down where i am now, which has a nice big shia islamic community and the first couple years or first year and a half i learned more about islam, started saying prayers, but then my intentions were not for Allah, but now, alhamdulillah, Allah has guided me, and now i have improved a lot, and now my goal is Allah.

  19. (bismillah) (salam) i think the prophets are referred to as messengers in quran too, what you might be trying to say, is the rasool meaning, the ones who brought a book/sharia. 5 of them are referred to them as major prophets or rasool, though there are other ones who have brought a book but not a major prophet like dawood (as), so these are the 5, im 99% sure that nuh (as) and ibrahim (as) brought a book,just cant remember them. These five are considered as the leaders of the rest of the prophets. Nuh (as)- Ibrahim (as) - musa (as) - Tawrat, (torah) isa/jesus (as) - Injeel (gospel) muhammad (pbuh) - quran (wasalam)
  20. ill tell you my dreams after i can pm you, just have to make one more post :). By the way, ill tell you my story of my youth (which im still in), so, I lived in a different location a few years ago with pretty much no shia islamic community, i barely knew anything about islam, i didnt read quran, i didnt say my prayers, or anything, i was, i lied a lot, and sinned a lot, disobeyed my parents.....

  21. Salaam, of course i dont mind, i dont get bothered by questions :). Yes it is very true, i have done it, and actually you do the letter and just put in a well, or somewhere that leads to ocean (river, stream, etc.). He does get that actual letter, and it goes to him, and he reads it, its amazing, you write a letter, and send it to him, then he gets the exact letter you wrote on, too bad he doesnt always reply back directly :( the letter is called ariza, you can find how to do it on duas.org. I know a method that if you do this, you will for sure see Imam Mahdi (as) go to the mosque in kufa for 40 thursdays (it mightve been fridays) in a row, and on the 40th thursday you will meet him, i think the mosque in kufa theyre talking about is the famous mosque there imam ali (as) would go to, but allamah hilli (ra) did this before, and met him, but didnt realize it was him, because he met him as he was going into kufa on the 40th thursday wasalam
  22. (salam) (bismillah) Are there any specific duas which are used for preventing earthquakes or natural disasters? This year theres like 6 big earthquakes i know of expected to happen, then the haiti one which happened, many natural disasters happening this year, and this year muharram started on a friday, and in a farsi dream book it says that when muharram starts on friday that year will have many natural disasters (earthquake, landslide, tsunami, hurricane, etc.) by the way if you wanna know of where those 6 big quakes expected to happen heres a list. (no specific order,just random order) 1. Tokyo, Japan. 2. Indonesia 3. Los Angeles, California 4. Bay area, California (hayward fault) 5. Tehran. 6. Pacific northwest, (around southern oregon/northern california area) To those who may be worried about natural disasters, one of the Imams (i think it was Imam Sadiq (as) said to recite surah zilaal/the earthquake in the nawafil prayers to be protected from natural disasters, but doesnt mean they wont happen, means you will be protected from them and your family too inshallah. When will Imam Mahdi (as) come :cry: wasalam
  23. (salam) (bismillah) Anyone have the webpage(farsi or english, whatever language) for the school jamia tuz zahra, its the largest womens hawza in qum, i need more info on it, i assume they have a webpage, just cant find it, probably cause its gonna be in farsi, but if anyone knows the webpage or more info on it, please tell me! :) wasalam
  24. It is quite possible actually for Imam Mahdi (as) to be married, and i forgot to put Fatima Zahra (sa) on here, well thats ok, Imam Ali (as) is on here so it the info of her children.
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