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  1. Salaam, I think that its not right to assign places where imam mahdi (a.f) lives, he can be anywhere anytime, i dont think he stays in just one place, and also for your information, one person has gone through bermuda triangle and they said that the clock timing suddenly changed, and like things warped or whatever you wanna say.
  2. I know what the words mean, i just want to know things that are IN the group
  3. Salaam Health is a big thing and i am putting a small list here for general health tips 1. Exercise at least 40 min. everyday (A MUST!) 2. Have a healthy diet (look at the food triangle at mypyramid.gov) 3. Relax daily to sweep off your stress 4. Dont take swine flu vaccines and try to avoid any vaccine (nearly all vaccines contain mercury!) 5. Try to only get all natural things, organic foods, chlorine free diapers! (lol), natural body products, (even though these may cost more), natural vegetarian vitamins, natural pills, natural remedies for sickness (grannymed.com!) Note: A good place to get organic foods, chlorine free diapers :), and things above is at wholefoods stores, i LOVE their stuff, and trader joes is good too. Hope i helped! wa salaam
  4. Salaam Ok so i know the basics of each one but can i have more sepcifics (basics too!) I want a list of actions/food/anything in each of the following groups (btw for haram greater sins is a great book! its online too at al-islam) halal mustahab mobaah makrooh haram Thanks! wa salaam
  5. One more question on this topic, do we know anything about fatima zahra (s.a) coming back? i know the imams will rule, but since it seems like every imam will eventually come back, what about fatima zahra (s.a)
  6. Salaam, I know that hijab is wajib for women, and if you dont agree im not here to argue, im just here for answers to the following. 1) When should women start wearing hijab.. 9 yrs or when menstruation starts? (i dont take "when your ready" as an answer!) 2) I know i shouldnt care what people think... but wearing hijab is something hard at first especially when theres lots of people you never wore it around, and suddenly you show up wearing it, anyone wanna give me some tips? 3) Tips in general about first time wearing hijab Respond ASAP, thanks! Wa salaam
  7. Salaam Alaikum, I have heard from a shia muslim that after imam mahdi (a.f.t.s) passes away, then more imams (his forefathers who have passed away) will come back to this world, because i know and have read this world can not do without one of the Imams, so doesnt that mean its true? But then what about when the imams werent born, and the world was doing without them? Someone please give me a accurate answer and explanation ASAP! Thanks! Wa salaam
  8. For those sunnis out there, have you noticed some sunni scholars tell you not to read certain books (shia ones!) because they fear you will turn towards the shia religion? I advise you guys that you should look at some shia books and see that they make sense more, one thing also i want to mention is that there was the shia man who was a good muslim but one day a Sunni scholar told him its ok to gamble so he started gambling and he turned into a not so good person, but listen, im not being bias saying sunni people are bad, or sunni people dont know the truth, there are sunnis out there that are very similar to shia and do not fabricate things, and sometimes i notice sunni people only say salawat on the prophet (s.a.w.) and exclude his holy family, dont you remember that in the quran the verse that says in surah 42:23 "I ask you of no recompense for my toil except the love for my kin (family).” This of course is refering to the prophets family (fatima, ali, hassan and husayn), it would not make sense if it were our kin, because what if our kin were some of the worst people? Then why would quran command us to love our families? And also most sunni scholars believe in this verse i think except some sunni scholars dont believe in the 14 infallibles, who have reached the highest level of closeness to Allah and infallibility possible, and the last of them which is Imam mahdi (a.f.t.s), it is said that when he re-appears on the earth he will appear to be 40 years old, he wont be 40, he will APPEAR to be that age, cause he has been alive for like nearly or over 1,000 years, and it is possible, didnt prophet noah (a.s) live to nearly 1,000 years old. Heres a really good website http://14five.com/ {33:33}"Allah's wish is to remove uncleanliness far from you O'Folk of the Prophet's household, and cleanse you with enough cleaning". note: In Iran a ayatollah and some other people made a movie about the life of Imam Ali (a.s) and EVERY single resource is from sunni resources, and the movie turned out to be just like how Shias depict the life of Imam ali (a.s) and thats because they took out the fabrications and false things from the sunni resources and just put in what was truth, and then after the movie came out over 2,000,000 sunnis converted to shia. I dont know the name of the movie i have searched on youtube but couldn't find it.
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