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  1. READ!! - if you want to contact me, avoid dont pm-ing me on shiachat, just email me at ahlulkisa5@gmail.com, thanks

  2. to those who consider what im saying as assigning a time for his coming, im just mentioning this dream for awareness (that his appearance could be anytime, late or soon), many seem to only think of his coming to be late, but im NOT saying hes coming in this generation, things can always change, so im not assigning a time, im just saying its possible this generation may be the one to witness his appearance, or maybe not, maybe the next generation, maybe in 500 years, i dont know, im just trying to say im not assigning a time.
  3. Salaam, fatima sughra (sa) and ruqayya/sakina (sa) were biological daughters of imam hussain (as), fatima kubra (sa) wasnt, one of imam hussains (as) wives was umm ishaq (sa). Umm ishaq (sa) used to be married to imam hassan (as), but after his passing away got married to imam hussain (as) and had a daughter from him named fatima (sa), who was title fatima kubra (sa), so we have the answer to one of the questions. It would be haraam for Qasim (as) to marry Fatima Kubra (sa) since Fatima kubra (sa) is his sister. Also, i heard imam hussain (as) said if he had 1000 daughters he would name them all fatima, but what about sakina/ruqayya, her name isnt fatima? By the way, i have a topic which has a list of the wives and children of prophet muhammad (saw) and also of the 12 imams (as), most of the children from the imams have info on who there mother was, but not all. heres the link to the topic >> Click this
  4. For some reason people really like discussing about these things, its not bad, just shouldnt over do it (which seems to be the case)
  5. well why i made this topic is perhaps it would raise awareness in people and wake them up, so that they will get serious about preparing for our imam (as)
  6. I see, by the way, i wasnt saying dont help other people spiritually, i was saying we need to make sure we are well spiritually, because if we arent, we wont be able to help other spiritually, like one who isnt well in math, wont really be able to teach math very well, but yes of course its our duty to help teach people quran, fiqh, about ahlul bayt (as) and other islamic things, i also have a younger brother who i could teach quran :). the one who only cares about his/her spiritual progress and is trying to only help himself instead is doing the contrary, actually he would just be bringing himself lower through his/her selfisheness. Alhamdulillah you seem very into getting ready for imam (as) and you are ready to take action, which we ALL should be doing. Something that would very much help us become closer to Imam (as) and therefore be able to teach and be an example for others is always remembering/acting like you in the presence of Allah (swt) and the 14 masoom, the way you dress, talk, everything, you should think "would Allah want me to do this" or for example, some women wear hijab in an attractive way (whether it be might be attractive by it being very colorful or it may be by design, or other ways) dress like you would in front of imam mahdi (as), talk and act like you would if he was watching you, which would include not wasting ONE moment of time. Remember the ahlul bayt would help their own enemies in war, when they were thirsty or wounded. They were higher than every angel, which other fallible humans like us are also able to get to that point, inshallah we all can. May Allah (swt) bless you for your efforts, whether small or big note: about hijab, many women now days wear loose and long covering clothing, not heavy makeup, but then the clothes design and color are very attractive, its supposed to be simple, not all glittery/shimmery, which by the way doesnt necessarily mean not having multiple colors on your clothing. (cant believe they have hijab fashion shows nowdays :dry: )
  7. oh i see, sounds similar to aqeeq, but i never knew you say a prayer before putting it on? Maybe you can ask or find out from the source which you heard that you say prayer before putting it on
  8. (salam) (bismillah) Excuse me for my little knowledge, but what is a haqeeq?
  9. (salam) (bismillah) A very VERY close friend of mine who does never lie, she knows its bad and all that, so i trust what she says, you may not believe what im gonna say, but its true, so this very close friend of mine (shia by the way) said a few nights ago she dreamt something which she cant remember exactly what happened, all she remembers is this so in her dream she found out somehow that this generation is the last (she thinks it meant last one before Qaim comes, not last one of all of humanity), and she was happy in her dream because then if this was the last one Qaim (as) would be coming soon so she was really happy in her dream. Now, again i will say, some of you may not believe me, but seriously, its true, seriously, well those of you who believe me, better start preparing for Qaim (as), right? (just dont rush/skip in getting prepared/ready, that'll will ruin yourself). NO RUDE COMMENTS/NEGATIVE COMMENTS PLEASE!!
  10. Jazakallah sister, you do very good at making these wallpapers.
  11. (salam) (bismillah) What would mainly need to be doing is working on ourselves (spiritually), which if we had enough people ready to do that, perhaps it would hasten the appearance A LOT! why? because if there were just 313, JUST 313 people 100% ready to help and sacrifice their lives for him, he would come, but sadly and shamefully, theres not that many yet, well we could at least start with our selves and one way we can do that and help with that is the methods you listed, but we really need to focus on perfecting ourselves, we cant perfect others, we can teach them, but i mean what im saying is i think more importantly than teaching quran (thats really good to do though, you could do that too), is progressing spiritually. By the way, why do we need saved money for the appearance? By the way, im not saying we shouldnt help people, we should definitely do that
  12. I dont get the hair on my nape stands up part, what do you mean?
  13. salaam, dur najaf is it (pretty sure it is), thanks!
  14. FatimaZahra


    (salam) (bismillah) so at my center, i have seen three popular stones on rings, one which i dont know what it is, the first is red agate (aqeeq), second is turquoise, and theres another one (i see sheikhs and scholars where it) its like a transparent-ish white, or a frosty white, anyone know what it is? Also, i have seen women at the center wearing rings which have these 3 stones all on one ring, but the different stones are smaller of course so they could fit on the ring. Anyone know where to buy these?
  15. also, about you saying we should be ready for him before we recite thid dua (which pledges allegiance to him) because we dont want to break our allegiance, i think its still fine to recite it even before that (except some cases, like for some reason maybe someone doesnt want to help the imam but for some reason, is reading the dua) then if that was the case, then no, that person shouldnt be reading the dua. But this dua helps us get ready for him.
  16. (salam) (bismillah) Bibi khadija (sa) was 40, prophet muhammad (pbuh) was 25, and also, zainab and umm kulthum were not from her previous husbands, they were from prophet muhammad (pbuh), im pretty sure she didnt have children from the previous husbands, and if she did, they werent zainab or umm kulthum, those 2 daughters were from muhammad (pbuh), same for her daughter ruqayya
  17. Salaam, as for your first question, from what i know there are no authentic shia hadiths saying her exact age, but we have estimates (not sure what they are exactly),but it is possible that she was 10 or maybe even 9, but understand that back then was different from now, she reached the time that she was ready to be married, though at a young age, kind of like fatima zahra (sa) who got married at 9, but she was already ready for marriage this young. second question, i think the answer is you dont do anything and you just say your prayers (if im wrong anyone, correct me) Salaam, Yes, one difference (im pretty sure theres no more), which is that when going to prostration, women put their palms and the bottom half of their arms flat on the ground, while men only put their palms, not any of the arm.
  18. Salaam, yes of course we should be getting ready, but i mean, it seems (for me, dont know about others) that as long as im not ready, i wont be able to do it 40 days in a row, im serious i have tried so many times (dont know how many), and i guess its cause im not ready for imam mahdi (as), cause i know for sure that im not ready.
  19. Salaam yes there is a reason, those who read it for 40 mornings (after fajr prayer) in a row are guaranteed or you can say are eligible to be in the army of imam mahdi (as), not everyone does it sucessfully the first time, including me, i have tried to do it 40 days in a row so many times, and theres ALWAYS something that stopped me, i think (more like know) its cause im not ready/qualified to be in his army yet, inshallah soon though, so those who have done it, im wondering who they are, as they will be in his army, if they die before he appears they will be raised alive to help him (source is hadith from imam sadiq, he said this same thing pretty much, im sure most of you have read the hadith about reciting it for 40 days before)
  20. Salaam, it was because imam ali (as) only had few true friends and followers, but then the question rises up "why didnt imam ali (as) have many true followers/friends?" which i dont know the exact answer too, sorry i dont have much information to give a proper answer.
  21. Salaam, i dont have answer to all of them but first of all, beating and hurting yourself on ashura is haraam according to ayatollah khomeini (ra), also, i never have seen the ayatollahs or great scholars do this haraam act. Also, its haraam to hurt other people to let out your emotions, right? So why would we have the right to hurt and injure ourselves? Imam mahdi (as) is alive right now, but he doesnt stay in a cave, he can stay anywhere, and the shias, just like the sunnis, believe he will appear in mecca (doesnt mean he has to live there though). From what i know, shias do not believe aisha was an adultress, or that she poisened the prophet (saw), and also, we shouldnt curse her, though some shias do. Allah does not lie, this contradicts with quran completely, so whatever hadith you read from sunni or shia sources that contradicts the quran clearly, then its a fabricated hadith (even if its labeled as authentic). Also believe that Imam Ali (as) was the best of all creatures, aside from the prophet (pbuh), he never has sinned, he is in infaliblle, (just cause you repent doesnt mean you have sinned, perhaps one reason the imams repent is because they cant give Allah what he fully deserves, which is something NO creature can do, no matter what), he helped the prophet (pbuh) the most, and was most devoted to him, he was his true sucessor, as the event in ghadir shows, read the full story of ghadir, then you will know mawla meant master and not friend, i dont think prophet muhammad (pbuh) would gather all those people, just to say imam ali (as) is his friend? People already knew that, but the prophet (saw) told these people, so they know who the rightful sucessor is.
  22. (salam) (bismillah) i believe they do know pretty much all of past, present, and future , with some exceptions, such as the coming of imam mahdi (as) which is unknown to any creature, including imam mahdi (as) himself, and the day of judgement, which no one knows but Allah, perhaps theres some other things they dont know too, but those are 2 things i know that no creature knows.
  23. (salam) (bismillah) solar flare doesnt mean electricity is gone forever, just temporarily, but i guess its possible that it could be so big theres no way to fix it.
  24. Salaam, ya, ^ i agree, many other religions also dont allow dating except to a certain age, so they have to tell people they dont date too, and no one usually has problems, though for islam, no dating, ever. Ask Allah to make it easy for you and that people wont treat you unkindly (though i doubt they will) because of this.
  25. (salam) (bismillah) we can only eat halal meats and animal products. were muslim, so we dont eat kosher, but for some reason many people think its permissible
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