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  1. meisam786110 i read ur thread about praying in arabic it is very interesting. but i will tell you that here in nigeria where i am, we have no arab speaking tribe but that has never been a problem. infact a new converts who speaks only ibibio ( a native languagu) learnt fatiha in arabic in 5 days

  2. INNALILLAHI WA INNA IAIHIRRAJIUN, I will like to use this medium to send my condolence to shia brothers all over the world and lebanon in particular, on the demise of Grand Ayatollah Mohammad Hussain Fadlullah. he was such an icon of knowledge and wisdom, that many benefits from. .......And so until the future dares forget the fast, your faith and fame shall be a light upon our eyes and an echo unto our ears till eternity... may your soul rest in perfect peace.
  3. alam, I attended a program on Imam Al Mahdi (as), the speaker, while putting an argument about the existence of Imam_e-zaman, quoted some paragraphs from a book titled 'when the time comes' by K. Azarmi. the author tried to link Imam mahdi with 'Bermuda Triangle', according to him the last word heard from some of the victims of bermuda triangle was "help we are (or i am) in a green island surrounded by white waters". it is also mentioned by the speaker that there exist a small village around the area of bermuda whose inhabitant claimed to be receiving food from some people that comes out of the Atlantic ocean who said to be followers of Fatima and her children ASs. This made me to develop interest in the Bermuda triangle and read so many things about it but have not come across any literature linking it to imam mahdi AS. Please i would like to hear your views about this.
  4. I will first of all wish to ask the sister who posed this interesting question, to please not leave at this point, because it looks like she walked away without becoming convinced with the answers. As for the question what i can say is that looking at the verses quoted by the person who asked the question and those who replied so far, in summary are saying: God is in Heaven above, God is on the Arsh, God is on the throne, God is on earth, God is closer to us than our jugular vein/carotid artery, and in addition to the ff verse: "when my servants ask you of Me, tell them I am close...." is enough for one to conclude that GOD IS EVERYWHERE! Scientifically, unless we are saying that God is a matter, then He can occupy space and eventually has a weight(which He can not be describe with) and has to be in one of the three or four states of matter (subhanALLAH). As i always said the five senses we have and the brain that controls them all have limitations, which if subjected beyond, the result is a lie; as Imam Ali AS said "he who free his heart and exerts his thinking in order to know how Thou established Thy throne, how Thou created Thy creatures, how Thou suspended the air in Thy skies and how Thou spread Thy earth on the waves of water, his eyes would return tired, his intelligence defeated, his ears eager and his thinking awander". So the best is to resort to the conclusion above that God is everywhere. GLORY BE TO YOUR LORD, THE LORD OF HONOR, ABOVE WHAT THEY DESCRIBE, AND PEACE BE ON THE APOSTLES, AND ALL PRAISE IS DUE TO Allah, THE LORD OF THE WORLDS - Quran 37:180-182. Allah knows best. ma'assalam
  5. actually this is a serious question, and a difficult one. because it can not be answered logically since nobody ever has slight experience of it, furthermore, it can not be answered scientifically since paradise and hell fire were not discovered in a laboratory. man interact with his environment through the five (or six) senses of which all have limitations,hence if subjected to the task beyond their limit, they will tell lie. e.g ask your eyes to tell you where the sky ends, it will tell you the sky descends down to earth in a distance of few kilometers from where you stand (LIE!). all what the senses gathered goes to the brain for interpretation. as the center for will power, judgment, reasoning and imagination , the brain also has a limit which if subjected beyond, the result will be a lie. so as with this matter, we have no option than to rely on the holy scripture (Quran) and the saying of the Prophet SAWA and the pure Imams from his Household as the sources where we first hear about reward with paradise. Allah knows best.
  6. this is an interesting topic, when i saw the above verse of the Holy Quran i know it is familiar, but never care to meditate about it, now that this topic is brought up i picked a copy of the Holy quran but to my suprise this is the verse i saw in that particular reference "What! will you not fight a people who broke their oaths and aimed at the expulsion of the Apostle, and they attacked you first, Do you fear them? but Allah is most deserving that you should fear Him, if you are believers".(QURAN, (REPENTANCE) 9:13). before i say anything about the topic i need help is it a mistake in the qouating or the Quran i have is not well arranged? thanks ma'assalam.
  7. well to my understanding, there's evolution and creation and the two goes together. lets take an example of 'the theory of spontaneous generation', according to which a particular specie of more complex organisms evolve from less complex, giving rise to the development of unicellular to multicellular organism, at a time in the process of evolution a well specialized form of specie can be created and they follow their own peculiar pattern of evolutionary process( as guided by Divine Decree and Destiny). so may be Adam and Hawa fall in to the category of creation (with special purpose), and the advancement in Human civilization from their days to the days of Homo sapiens Neinderthelensis ( modern man) till........ might be the evolutionary processes in this specie. Allah knows best.
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