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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. if it crashes with Quran then it gets disregarded(the Hadith) because Quran comes first then Hadith ... I'm just saying whats the reason *i know of * is why Sunni's dont take Mu'ta still. Maybe theres more to it :) but I aint a Scholar so i dont know.
  2. Sunnis... dont follow Salafi scholars...(salafi's are morons) But we say its forbidden because there are many Hadiths where the Prophet(as) and Ali(ra) said it's forbidden because Allah swt revealed that it was no longer nessecary the reasons of Sunni veiw are very detailed and a bit complex.
  3. If I was a Shia...and a man(lol) i think i'd just marry her if i really liked her, instead of just having the contract for a certain period of time... No offence but to me Mut'a is like you can get a girl (just like dating) play with her for a while(like dating) have sex and then rack off after 1 + months(like dating) In a woman's perspective; its kinda like just using a woman. you get bored of her just throw her...like what western people do. (btw this is my opinion in my experience too)
  4. I thought shia's cant pray behind Sunni Imams... The Shias at my school dont pray with us, they pray after we've prayed..(not following the Imam) but no one moves their turbara(sorry if i spelt it wrong)
  5. You mean Madhab's? All of them. There's no Hadith saying the Prophet (as) & the Sahaba(ra) sat and listened to music except to the voice of a person(singing) and the arabic drum called Doof. These two things are only halal.
  6. Thanks. I went up to the Shia mosque...but it was desserted...no one there :o they have a libary but it was locked and no one there to help me... :( Why are the windows painted black of the Mosque? But i live in Melbourne! So i can't get the book from sydney.
  7. I thought Shia big Alims said its haraam for you to pray behind a Sunni Imam... Yes some Alims say Shia are Kaffir but not all, some just say your beliefs are wrong. And Sunni Alims dont agree with Salafie's or Wahabie's they believe differently to Sunni's. But there is a Shia Mosque in Fawkner, Victoria. ....Not that i see many Shia's there...lol
  8. Credit cards involve rib'a ... I don't really want to involve in that stuff. I am more towards looking for Al-Kafi ect: the Big Hadith books of Shia beliefs. Thanks.
  9. Toshiba is a good laptop brand, but I think the markets to buy computers/laptops aren't too good unless you know your stuff..(they can trick you and give you a bad deal) Laptops are more expensive though. ...Wow...Shi'as have their own special calander...i thought we followed the same calander.. (learns something new everyday) But Adelaide has pretty much no Muslims anyhow.
  10. There isn't actually any good or half decent Sunni Schools either. Most teach Music and mix the students togeather(boys and girls) So both Shi'a and Sunni's have a issue with getting a good school. But I'm sure King Khalid wouldn't mind your kids going there, even though it's Sunni School...they're very flexible.
  11. I am wondering where to buy Shia books and Hadith in Melbourne, since I don't mingle with Shia's in Melbourne I don't know where the book stores live. And Google doesn't help me...(stupid google) Does anyone know the address of the Bookstores and the name of the Shops? And...I don't want to buy online(everything wishes you have a credit card and I just don't own one) lol Thanks
  12. I'm sorry but where i live there's 3 towns that are totally Shia. Maybe i Should walk down to your mosque since its just down the road from my house. But We (Sunnis) do get a lot of Insults from your people- maybe theyre not the best display of your kind who knows. And i guess it would be vise versa, and the fact that my Husband and I wear Sunnah(White Thobe, Hat,Beard) and I (abaya and Niqab) its damn obvious were sunni's. So they choose to ignore us or they be rude to us when we ask questions. I am willing to learn your religion...if i wasnt i wouldnt be trying to find your books...duh. I guess you haven't experienced the rubbish i've gotten from Shia's because you are a Shia so they don't say anything to you. I'll just go googling...
  13. Thanks, i'll have to go do some Shi'a book hunting hehe. Maybe its the Shi'as ive met that are so angry to answer Sunni Question? Maybe they just assume I'm attacking their beliefs? But from my bad experience with Shi'a I'm not really the biggest fan of you's. But i will be poliet to you :D Some Shia claim theyre Sunni so there's no issues between them i guess, but i have heard that its apart of the religion to hide the faith from others unless theyre Shia or wanting to become a Shia. Maybe im wrong..who knows And I love Ahlul Bayt too, but we just include the wives of the Prophet(as) in the Ahlul Bayt.
  14. Well my Husband and I wear Sunnah...So it's obvious were Sunni's. :) And When ever I ask Shi'a a question on their beliefs I usually get attacked lol, so no offence but being attacked always when asking a Question with no intention of insulting the beliefs you end up disliking the people who follow the religion. I ask a Shi'a woman in my class about what she thought of Aisha(ra) and she pretty much bit my neck off... In Pakistan if you attempted to get a Shi'a book they'd kill you...lol, and Shi'as in Australia say theyre Sunni and don't tell you where their book stores are... *Maybe i should pretend im a Shia to get the books* lol I don't want internet because its not always 100% correct, i'd rather have the hard copy in my hand :) and not in english but Arabic.
  15. I think in the west most people stare is because they're use to half naked women...lol But even Scarf women get stared at, and it would depend on the area you live in. I don't get stared at for wearing Niqab but the women who wear scarf and 4 layers of make up and skin tight jeans do get stared at... Even a Hijab(scarf) woman would be "breaking the point of observing Hijab" because people still stare no matter what, if you can or cant see her face or her eyes because its totally ab-normal for a western person. Because their media and what they've been influenced to believe is that a woman should be uncovered because that's freedom and a woman is more beautiful uncovered for every man to look and drool over. It would be the same if a western woman went half naked to a very strict Islamic country that says women must observe hijab. And we get more stared at because the media and governments have classed all muslims as 'terrorists' and working with 'Al-Qaeda'
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