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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. It seems even though he was discussing it from a bahthi aspect, as long as the fatwa has not been amended, his followers will have to abide by the one written in his book 'al-Fatawa al-Fiqhiyya'.
  2. Salaam, وكلّ كافر نجس على الأحوط وجوباً . ويستثنى من نجاسة الكافر قسمان من الكفّارأحدهما: أهل الكتاب ... And every kaafir is najis based on obligatory precaution, and there are two groups of kuffaar which are an exception to/excluded from [the ruling of] 'najasah of the kaafir', one of them: Ahlul-Kitaab.... (So Ahlul-Kitaab are not considered najis) page 211: http://www.alhaydari...kotb/fatava_j1. There are some scholars though that believe that everyone is considered taahir from the physical aspect (in the fiqhi sense). If the marja' you do taqleed to states that you must follow the a'lam, which most of them do, then you are required to change your marja' to the a'lam. You Identify the a'lam by one of the conditions which you have stated above.
  3. Salaam, Well their defintion of ghuluw could lead to the following 2 points: 1- Since Muhammad b. Musa al-Hamadani views on the status of Ahlul Bayt are different than the Qummis/Ibn Walid it is possible from this he would be considered a ghaali according to them. 2- Since his views differ than those of Ibn Walid, he may be considered a fabricator for those narrations in which they differ on the status of the Ahlul Bayt on (possible). Also seeing that al-Mufeed does criticize some views and refer to them as taqseer, it seems that it is something to take into consideration when they weaken or refer to sommeone as ghaali in this case. Shaykh al-Mufeed being an old timer aw well. Anyways that's just what I understood from that part, just referencing what was said to widen the scope.
  4. Salaam, Have you read Shaykh Ja'far Subhani's bahth on the asnaad, you might find that some of the reasons of weakening or strenghthening to be useful in his bahth: One example the weakening of Muhammad b. Musa al-Hamadani the fact that the Qummis/Ibn Waleed have their own specific beliefs regarding the Ahlul Bayt, he quotes Shaykh Mufeed from his tasheeh al-I'tiqaad quoting what is attributed to Ibn Waleed saying that the first step in ghuluw is denying sahw of the Prophet and Imams.... then shaykh Mufeed goes on about taqseer on the matter. And so on with the other narrators.... http://www.alseraj.n...ge_index_02.htm
  5. Jibra'eel cried: By God, the pillars of guidance are demolished! By God, the stars of the sky and symbols of piety are obliterated. The cousin of al-Mustapha has been killed, the chosen successor has been killed, Ali al-Mourtada has been killed, the master of the [divinely chosen] vicegerents has been killed. The most wretched of the wretched has killed him.

    1. baradar_jackson


      The pillars of guidance here have been demolished because the source of this guidance (our ostad) is no longer present.

  6. "This world is like sea water. The more one drinks of it, the more one gets thirsty."- Imam al-Sadiq
  7. MAFHJ

    N Word?

    It is not allowed to be used. Report the person who used it.
  8. In addition to the ShiaChat.com forum rules and regulations, the following will not be tolerated in the chatroom: - Blasphemy - Pornography - Perverted behaviour - Slandering Islamic scholars - People with bad cooking skills - Cursing the first 3 caliphs and Ayesha - Swearing/Profanity - Insulting, harassing or threatening other members whether they are present or absent (backbiting) - Disrepecting others faith - Racism - Abuse of emoticons/flash emoticons - Flooding/Scrolling the text - Abuse of chat text. Typing in all-caps, use of font-size other than standard 12, and lighter font colour that is hurtful to the eye must be avoided. - Attempting to hijack a topic/discussion - Posting web links with unislamic content - music, dancing, pornography etc.
  9. Salaam, It has been about two years according to the hijri calender, just thought I would bump up the topic for those who would like to read more about him and recite surat al-Fatiha on his soul.
  10. Some very nice poems masha'Allah. I haven't decided yet which is is my favorite to post, but there is this couplet from Hafiz regarding the 'urafa (gnostics) which I like. Many try to degrade these great personalities and give them little to no importance. Their life stories are truly inspiring and contain many lessons: The stories of the gnostic masters nourish the soul. Go, ask of the mystery; then come, and tell us the tale. - Hafiz
  11. Very nice, masha'Allah.
  12. إن الدنيا بحر عميق، قد غرق فيها ناس كثير This world is a deep ocean, many people have drowned in it.
  13. You can come back now ... =/

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