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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. sa, i was just wondering if you could help me, i am a shia, and seem to be spending time with sufis, but i was wondering if you could forward me some contact details of shia sufis in the uk, i would be very much obliged.

  2. right so heres the thing, not always been a practicing muslim, now i am, iv kind of gone from one extream to another, i systematically cut out every dodgey and female quaintence, leaving very few people around me, well such is life, however i live in halls, i study, so in this situation you kind of collect aquaintences, my method? jus keep my head low, smile politly, hold open doors in silence etc. somehow iv aquaired a group of female aquaintences in my building, no idea how but i have, they know i practice, even went so far as disscusing everything under the sun in regard to the religion. standing in my kitchen one, from a muslim country decides to warp herself around me in a sort of parting hug, not recpiricated,just plain awkward, turns out tthis is pretty infectious, cuz next her mate tries to go in for the kill, but i was up on the window sill by that time so i jus avoided it, how do i bring this up, i cant always be indisposed for a hug or kiss, never alone, to discuss one on one, and in a group thats not so tightly knit may jus be plain embarrassing for parties involved. but more interestingly i wanna do this with tact, as although opinions on this may be varied i would like to preserve this for the simple reason is that they do halal things got restraunts etc. only people i know who do this, and well id prefer to have a social life, yeah i know its not ideal, but its not an ideal world, also opinions on that please also before you guys shoot me ,new to this site so well no idea if this topic has already been discussed to death, also if i wanted to search to check i couldnt as the site is under construction and cant use the search function. so yeah thats my situation
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