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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. So French will bomb people they trained and funded earlier in the war. What a farce.
  2. A cop. Ishq e Rasool (s). For some it does. Yes, its Islamabad.
  3. ^ Looks like Islamabad. Things might get really ugly on Friday. My family tells me the city is right now teeming with mullahs coming in from all over the country.
  4. lol....just today we were told at work that certain KPT officials were demanding "extra charges" for unloading a vessel that berthed 7 days ago.
  5. loool Marbs we even have a dish called Chinese pulao... :D
  6. The real thing may not have fruits but we Pakistanis tend to customize foreign cuisine. You just have to taste our Chinese food to know that. :)
  7. Are you are talking about this? I don't know the recipe, but its called Russian Salad.
  8. News about threats of extortionist are surfacing infact the factory workers have confirmed that the owner fled the country 15 days ago because of these threats. So I don't think one can rule out the criminal element. Regardless, inquiry should to be ordered against CM Sindh for his role in this tragedy. http://tribune.com.p...abour-minister/ The incompetence of PPP knows no bounds. The Lahore factory owner died along with his son in the fire.
  9. ^ lol what a deen you guys have...getting excited over a bunch of old men. Btw who are they? Some agents of that Burhanuddin? [Edited].
  10. Inna Lil Laha Wa Inna Ealhi Rajioun Hundreds of families have lost not only their loved ones, but the bread winners as well. May Allah help them and give them patience.
  11. lol...bohri boy and his obsession with mutah. Yes, a nation of pathetic shopkeepers makes us shias so jealous.
  12. From my trip to Thailand. Demon statue at the Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok. The beautiful courtyard of air port. A roadside temple The Starbucks just down the street from where I was staying. Cloudy and windy, not the best day to be at the beach. But it was fun. Now who wants to see some Muay Thai action :shifty:
  13. You sound exactly like that banned member we use to have. Or maybe there are just too many brilliant chaps like you in India.
  14. I take it your weren't stuck in the Shrah e Faisal traffic. :dry: Thank god I made it back before the match. Terrific bowling performance so far.
  15. nah... wouldn't do that to a fellow countryman. ;)
  16. A few days back an sms was circulating in Pakistan, that Imran has promised to bring the system of Muwiya when he comes into power. Here is the video of Imran responding to it . On Capital Talk last night, Imran Khan talked about Shia killings. 0:00 - 7:00 http://youtu.be/6ZI2XVz1bgc
  17. Nothing in particular...just a hobby. My family has been breeding horses for a really long while. Recently we have been trying to breed some polo ponies. I'll make it interesting for you....picture were taken in an area renowned for its citrus. :)
  18. Not surprised. This particular XC has long been touted as one of the best family vehicle. I hear its pretty decent off road as well.
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