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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I was wondering if anybody had any good recommendations for books/lectures/resources regarding parenting, but for newborns in particular. Many of the books I have come across cover parenting for slightly older children or toddlers but I have struggled to find much for the beginning stages for first time parents. The resources can be from Muslims or non-Muslims, although I would prefer an Islamic theme. Any other tips or advice are most welcome too. Thank you.
  2. InshaAllah I will be posting art pieces and calligraphy that I have tried to create, here. I would appreciate constructive feedback Here are a few pieces:
  3. Easypersian.com has hundreds of free lessons. Also theres a brilliant book called Colloquial Persian which can be found on Amazon. Listening to Farsi lectures/TV serials etc also helps.
  4. I learnt briefly at Hawza but one of the books that really helped was this one.
  5. I was wondering if anyone could please recommend some simple Farsi books for someone at beginner/intermediate level (I have completed books 1-4 from the Jami'atul Mustafa series). I am happy to read any type of book- fiction/non-fiction, novels, etc to get more practice and experience- ideally books that can be ordered or accessed online. Thank you.
  6. Just downloaded this app- it's brilliant. May you be rewarded abundantly inshAllah.
  7. خیلی ممنون @shadow_of_light
  8. I would be extremely grateful if someone could find me a translation for this beautiful poem: https://ganjoor.net/shahriar/gozidegh/sh2/ Thank you
  9. Alone, in the dark, a young girl is weeping, Not knowing what her heart has always been seeking, So, now, to her Lord, she is finally speaking, Revealing the secrets she thought she'd been keeping. Her Lord listens to her with indescribable love, He watches her raise her weak hands, above. "My Lord, I beg you to enter my heart, To you, all my sorrows, I wish to impart, This emptiness, I can bear it no more, I feel I am drowning and you are my shore." She buries her wet face in the palms of her hands,
  10. How I must beg, I do not know, Now I've learnt to let these tears flow, For I've begged you and with you I've pleaded, And maybe your nearness, some others have needed, But you know who I am and you know what I need, Is it the pain when I feel my heart bleed? Tell me how to beg, for I do not know, How do I see your golden dome glow? My tears have been shed and my soul has felt sorrow, And desperation has set for news of tomorrow, And disappointments of which I have lost count, Aren't these reasons enough? Too small in amount? But how
  11. The poets have written and the scholars have preached, Yet the value of Ali no understanding can reach, An eternity has passed and another will come, The Earth's ink could diminish and al tongues could go numb, Yet no heart of his lover is able to rest For this love of Ali remains trapped in their chest, No words can unlock it and no action can earn And through a million books, only a fraction they'd learn. What is this mystery that no mind can perceive? What lies in the depths of the souls that believe? What is the reason that they call us i
  12. Yesterday, they sent me a king, One whose praises they all seem to sing, He told me he could grant me some wealth, And if I served well, some more for my health, But with this king, I was not content, So him, like the others, away I sent. I met another who offered me fame, Said all the world's tongues could utter my name, All it would take was my obliging hand, And he'd turn my lowliness into something so grand, But with this king, I was not content, So him, like the others, away I sent. A third one arrived a fortnight before,
  13. In this short life I sought virtues and love, So I asked those who knew and those from above, They told me to go to a land of blessing and sorrow, The land in which no soul wants tomorrow, So I took on this journey and stepped onto this land, And I saw two shining domes standing upright and grand, But in my shame and my filth, I spoke just to the sand. I asked this sand what virtues she carried, What treasures and gems within her were buried, She told me that there were too many to count, The virtues were more than her grains in amount,
  14. A king in the heavens and a master on Earth, No wish leaves his lips since the day of his birth, For wealth is mere dust and the world, divorced thrice, And princes who lead the dwellers of paradise, A brother who forever is the best of all men, Inseparable now and inseparable then, With one world at his feet and the next in the palm of his hand, This king has a wish and in prayer he stands, The angels bewildered at what such a man could need, They patiently wait to see what the king's Lord has decreed... And soo
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