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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Subhân Allâh :lol:, actually with retardayn (arabic form of dual) I meant haidariam and you, and viola! the two retards (retardayn) just replied :)
  2. Really fun to see how retardayn help and support each other in their retardness.
  3. Sayyidunâ Abu Bakr al-Siddîq (ÑÖí Çááå Úäå) didn't rely on a single narration (khabar al-wâhid), rather he relied on something he heard directly with his own ears! Khabar al-Wâhid describes the manner of the narration that reached the latter Muslims not those who heard it directly :lol:
  4. Giving a rational twist to the narration in your books doesn't make you less [edited], show some respect to your ancestors.
  5. Allâh Most High is not compelled to be Just, he is not compelled to anything for He is the Doer of whatever He wills 'فعّال لما يريد'. He is Just but He punishes because He said this for Himself in the Qur'ân that He will punish for those things that are forbidden and reward for those things which He praised. As for 'He knows that it is bad', it is He who decides what is bad and good for if this would be left over to the people then they would contradict themselves while time is going on. Just to show a failure of deciding what is just and what is not by human reason is to simply look at the
  6. Subhân Allâh, and those guys are the one who says 'They don't know what 'Aliy is'? You guys have forsaken the foremost attribute of Sayyidunâ 'Aliy (ÑÖí Çááå Úäå). And may Allâh's curse be upon who fabricated this and accused the Mawlâ of believers concealing the command of the Dîn.
  7. You're free to represent Ibn Taymiyyah and defend his views but the site you've quoted are ignorant of the Asha'irah 'Aqîdah and they heavily misquote the Mutakallimîn. This claim is refuted by Shaykh Abu Âdam (ÍÝÙå Çááå) http://sunnianswers.wordpress.com/2010/05/05/fakhruddiin-ar-raaziyy-on-getting-blessings-from-dead-souls-by-their-graves/
  8. I literally quoted you saying it. Stop saying things you don't mean.
  9. Sorry, but this is way beyond your status and proves your utmost ignorance of the DÎn. How can a non-mutjahid, non-scholar but a pure ignorant layperson like you determine a "ijtihâd mistake" of a Mujtahid like a Sâhabi Abu Bakr al-Siddîq (ÑÖí Çááå Úäå)?
  10. Your interpretation and understanding goes against Ahl al-Sunnah which is indeed true. The verses states 'You will not see Me' and NOT 'I can't (never) be seen' which would negate 'ru'yah' completely, hence 'you will not see Me' refers to Dunyâ and not Ahl al-Djannah.
  11. The points you've listed are not "different visions" rather one vision through different "means".
  12. What sort of visions do exist? If you intend "seeing with heart" then this is figurative which implies perceiving with the heart and it is known that perceiving is not equal to vision/seeing.
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