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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam , Bohat shukriya in khobsorat alfaaz ka. Aap ka sha'ri zoq khoob hai. Isi tarah contribute karte rahiye ga. Duaoon ka talib, Banda-e-Khuda
  2. Also check out the Society for Islamic Awareness (SIA), a vibrant student organization at UT Austin: SIA Website http://studentorgs.utexas.edu/sia/ SIA on FB http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2202580308
  3. my immediate impression after looking at the trailer: when you make a culture exotic and unexplainable but at the same time responsible for things happening over there, it takes the role of politics and external forces out of the picture. comes in handy to explain the failures. you may find the following insightful: http://w.lse.ac.uk/collections/LSEPublicLe...useMemorial.pdf
  4. I met him in 2007. He was teaching at AKU (Karachi) in the faculty of social sciences at that time. Haven't talked to him since. No contact information on hand. The AKU website might have it.
  5. salam agha ,salawat bar

    Mohammad wa Aalay Mohammad

    may Allah bless you on your birthday

  6. Very interesting book. In many ways, it is a useful description of the Iranian modern history. The author, however, seems to give too much credit to Jalal Ahmed - who undoubtly made good contribution to the movement (indirectly/directly) - and other 'liberal' intelligentsia. In contrast, he does not place adequate weight to Imam Khomeini, Shaheed Mutahhari, and Dr. Shariati's intellectual and activist contributions, as well as the the role of the clergy in general. I also wanted to see the the context of neo-colonial politics and the emergence of (partly as a reaction to the colonial and neo-c
  7. Salaam Friends, Last Sunday, I finally had the chance to watch Presepolis. Wanted to share a few quick impressions, although I have not fully formulated them yet. Feel free to share your thoughts. The film is superbly made, in terms of visual, direction, sequence, and intelligent argument. I can probably agree with a number of observations made in the movie (like, once you are divorced, that is, you are no longer a ‘virgin’, you may be approached by all kinds of men for quick muta stands). But there are many problems too. I am especially concerned about the ‘political utility’ of this movie,
  8. Thank you Abba and AliKazmi. The closest I have been able to locate is more than 70 miles away from Santa Barbara. So visiting a mosque is out of question in this trip. But I appreciate your responses.
  9. I will be there to attend a conference in April. Wondering if there are any Shia mosques/centers in the area? Your response would be much appreciated.
  10. ^ inshallah, please also pray that Allah (swt) give me the taufeeq to materialize the above thought into reality.
  11. I think that it is too selfish to feel and care for your own blood (children) and not for many poor orphans out there longing for the same warmth and love. We should really encouage adoptions in our communities. May be a middle ground would be to have 2 children of your own and one or two from adoption.
  12. I think kids (of certain age) should be taught to keep quiet, listen, and participate on the day of 'Ashura. That day is supposed to be different from the routine, and a reminder of the great sacrifice. Yet, I also feel that we should have commemoration activities designed specifically for the kids. Using language, symbols, traditions that kids can relate with and that can effectively inspire their hearts and minds. Sometimes our main programs are too dense for the younger crowd. To give you some examples, we have been doing candle light vigil in our community for the last three years. These
  13. You can find a good selection of Urdu lectures on various contemporary topics at the below link. As for the ideological orientation of the content delivered by this particular scholar and other scholars' lectures on this site, they are in line with Aya. Misbah Yazdi and Aya. Jawadi Amuli's thoughts. http://www.islamicideology.org/index.php?o...emid=94Analysis
  14. Salaam, I copy below excerpts from my reaction to Vali Nasr's book "The Shia Revival" that I shared with a few friends last year. The selection of these excerpts may have created some gaps. Hope you find it useful nonetheless. -- I should mention that I enjoyed this book very much and have recommended it to many friends, albeit with suggesting them to take its arguments with a grain of salt. Nasr has produced many fine works in the past, but this book, as I read it, is more a policy study than an academic scholarship. Nasr himself admits that at the very beginning of this book that this stud
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