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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Here is he picture I took during my Umrah trip to Medinah about two years ago of the so called "Dajjals Palace". At that time, I had asked our driver and a local Shia guide, and both had said it was a Kings Palace. I was just amazed at how they probably wanted to live in luxury when they visited Medinah and how massive it was in comparison to all the other structures in the area, except for the Holy Prophets Masjid, Masjid Al Nabawi. Based on our distance, as our hotel was across the street from Masjid Al-Nabawi, this was taken at maximum zoom from my Lumix camera, but it doesn't fully personify the actual size of this palace.
  2. RiseOrDie, thanks for this enlightening thread Brother. Please keep it going, I check this thread regularly for updates.
  3. A scholar during this recent Muharram told a group of people, in which I was present, that Iman is cyclical. Sometimes your personal Iman is at an all time high, and sometimes it is at an all time low. It is natural. At times when our Iman is at an all-time high we should do our best to keep that part of the cycle as long as it can be, and at times when our Iman is low we should do everything we can do to get back to the high point. What I took away from this is we are all human beings, and as human beings with free thinking minds, we evolve and progress in our lives, as does our Iman. Part of that progression and evolution may very well be the times when we question our faith, only to come to a greater understanding of it altogether. My two cents.
  4. When I was in Medina 2 years ago, our driver and our tour guide (shia) said that the palace ontop of the mountain was the Kings Palace. I remember going to the roof of our hotel building and taking a few pictures of that compound because it looked so massive. Very interesting indeed.
  5. You do realize that is the makeup demographics of most armies right? Rich people have more opportunities, world wide, than the poor, so why would they put themselves in harms way? Even if they believed in the cause, they would find it more prudent to donate and buy influence than do some dirty work. So I don't think your comparison is anything special or the point you are trying to make is anything unique to Iran.
  6. I have been amazed by watching the #OccupuyWallStreet movement in NYC. In two weeks, these people have started what seems to be a movement, to voice their grievances. I think we can all learn from this, being arm chair warriors, stalking this forum, to see if we can get some new info on our coming Imam. Maybe when we do what #OccupuyWallStreet does, get active and vocal, in this country and around the world, we'll be closer to the time that we are all hoping comes in our lifetime. Brother Razavi out.
  7. I would appreciate a translation as well. I used the translation toolbar in chrome, but it wasn't very helpful in understanding the full context of each hadith. Thanks!
  8. ASA Just a quick question. One of the brother's mentioned that Saddam Hussein was one of two brutal individuals who are a sign for our 12th Imam's reappearance. Can somebody please expand on this?
  9. Living in the states, I hardly see the media take any responsibility for their transgressions. So in this sense, hats off to the Economist. Specifically for the apology and accepting the responsibility of their words.
  10. Thank you for all this information. I came to learn about this event recently, and didn't have any factual information to go on. This is great.
  11. ^ Agreed. There was a dubious link to Shia Islam, which I think the media has a hand in overplaying, in this article.
  12. irishman It seems as if you are here just to play devils advocate. While that is fine, there are much better causes you can be using your soapbox for, as it seems sometimes you are just arguing for the sake of arguing.
  13. I agree with some of what Ben says. She has questionable roots to Islam, as she visited Churches in her youth, and her family has spiritual connections with both religions. She chooses to [Edited Out] herself around, that is her business, and she will be answerable to God, not us. We are nobody to judge, as we are not God. In addition, my making things like this issues, which are clearly out of our control, we just sound more fundamentalist as Muslims. If this was a Shia family, all practicing believers, and one of their daughters did this, then maybe it would be worth discussing. She is just another lost soul in a lost world.
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