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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) I have read your long post but I will research more about this subject and especially from the references that you have provided. Also, I will confirm this with some scholars regarding the references that you have given because the Ahlulbayt (as) were known to be very merciful to sinners and the people that oppressed them. They will sometimes keep quite about certain issues like the way Imam Ali (as) did regarding his caliph to try and safeguard Islam. Unfortunately, I will not be able to contact these scholars now as they will be going on the Hajj pilgrimage and therefore I will get back to you regarding this subject (cursing) in the next few weeks. It is important to get information from a scholar or Alim that has studied Islam and has more knowledge than compared to you and me. Wasalaam
  2. (bismillah) Can you please provide your evidence for this via hadith or statement from a scholar regarding this? Ws
  3. (bismillah) Mashallah, well said Hajar. Ws
  4. (bismillah) That not true because Khadija (as) is considered to be one of the greatest women in the world by Allah (SWT), therefore she is considered to be infallible. There are four great women in Islam and these are Iysa (wife of pharaoh), Maryam (mother of Isa), Khadija (wife of the Prophet) and finally Fatima (daughter of the Prophet). May the peace and blessings be upon them all. Wasalaam
  5. (bismillah) If we look at the lives of the Prophets (as) and the 12 Imams (as) we do not come across anyone of them ever cursing or slandering a person no matter what injustice they may have done against them. You just need to look back in history to understand this so why are we behaving differently? If you look in Nahjul Balagha of Imam Ali (as) sermon - 143 (part of a sermon on evils of slandering and backbiting), he says the following:- ''Those, who are well-protected against sins, and who guard themselves against disobedience to Allah and the Holy Prophet (as) must realise that all of these virtues are his gifts to them. It is incumbent upon them (as a token of their gratitude) that they should show mercy to sinners and vicious people and be thankful to Allah for their pious and well-balanced ways of life. I cannot understand how a person can slander or curse another man for vices and sins? Does he not remember how the merciful Allah has covered and concealed his sins and vices which were of greater enormity than those of the persons whom he is exposing? How can he vilify another man for sins when he himself is guilty of similar ones? And if he has not committed the same kind of sins his wickedness and offences may even be of greater magnitude in another field. Granted that he has not committed major sins, and his offences against Allah and religion are of minor kind, he must remember that vilification, slandering and backbiting are also Major sins. O Man! Do not make haste in descrediting and reviling the other man, for his sin might have been forgiven, and do not minimise the gravity and seriousness of your own minor sins, because you may be punished for them. When a person knows the defects of another person he must abstain from calumniating him, he must remember his own defects and shortcomings (which he carefully tries to hide and conceal from public view). If he finds that he has been saved from the sins committed by the other man, he must be thankful to Allah for this trait of his character (instead of disparaging others)." Sorry for the long post but Imam Ali (as) sermons are so excellent and they have so many meanings that I had to post the above. Also Imam Ali (as) says:- '' Patience is of two kinds: patience over what pains you and patience against what you covet" Also:- " Take warning man! He has not exposed so many of your sinful activities that it appears as if he has forgiven you (it maybe that he has given you time to repent)" I hope the above makes some sense to you. Wasalaam
  6. (bismillah) Please show me the ayats in the Qur'an that encourage cursing, I have not come across anything of the kind. The only cursing that is present in the Qur'an is against the Jews and even then Allah (SWT) has the authority to do this because he knows all. All I am saying is that we should not get into the habit of cursing people because they maybe better than us, are you so confident of yourself in front of Allah to be able to curse others? Wasalaam
  7. (bismillah) I dont think people should curse others no matter how wrong they maybe because they will be responsible for their deeds in the court of Allah (SWT) on the day of judgment, and likewise we will be responsible for ours. We are all not perfect individuals and therefore we do not have the right to curse others as they maybe better than us. Wasalaam
  8. (bismillah) Well said! Everyone will be judged by Allah (SWT) for their actions and deeds so being a sayyid or non-sayyid doesn't matter, the most important aspect for anybody is that they always remain on the straight path. Wasalaam
  9. (bismillah) I understand that Sayyid Muhammed Al- Musawi will be going to Hajj soon so this means that the poems will be selected after he comes back. Ws
  10. (bismillah) There is no way that the US was behind this because predicting weather can sometimes be difficult and it can easily change, no man power can have a control over this no matter how high technology is. Also, why will the US want to donate more than $350 million dollers if they planned this event? they will be losing more money from this tragedy. I will say that this tragedy was a big sign from Allah (SWT) to people to take heed of their lives and events, that this life is short and it can end unexpectedly and suddenly. Wasalaam
  11. (bismillah) I have not come across anything in the Arabic language if the Dua is read in this langauge so the English translation must have made a slight mistake with the wording. Ws
  12. (bismillah) What has quantity got to do with anything? We are all supposed to be Muslims and we should all help each other so why will the Iranians treat Iraqi's especially the immigrants in that particular way? They should understand that most of these people have been oppressed by the evil tyrant (Saddam) that once used to rule Iraq. I just find it a shame that most Islamic countries do not help one another and they depend on the Western world to do this, you will see more Immigrants (great quantity) living in the West and having the best of life than compared to an Islamic country. This should be a warning sign for Muslim countries that they should be able to do better than this. Wasalaam
  13. (bismillah) The looters that may have put the mosque on fire carried out that action purposely so they are responsible for their sins, but it is a miracle that there were so many mosques left untouched by the Tsunami. It is a sign from Allah (SWT) to warn people that he will destroy populations as he is the most powerful. The number of deaths from this tragedy that has reached more than 155, 000 is also a sign from Allah (SWT) but the number is probably more because most of the bodies now have decayed to such a state that identification is very difficult. Wasalaam
  14. (bismillah) I am very optimistic of the new year 2005 and the tragedy in Asia of the Tsunami didn't start the year of very well. Also, we have the Iraqi elections coming up soon and Allah (SWT) knows best whats going to happen over there. So this year seems to have started with a mixture of everything. Wasalaam
  15. (bismillah) Yes, most people have this nowadays. It doesn't matter maybe it will work later on. Ws
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