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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam and ya Ali madad! App ne bilkul sahih kaha. Jadogar hamesha barbad hota hai. Lekin jadoo barhaq hai our logo par chalta hai. Kuch loog to ese bhi rehe hai jinho ne anbiya, ouliya our aima par jadoo karne ke koshish ke. Lekin ye masoom hastiya Allah ke fazal se mehfooz rehi. Jadoo tona karne wale buhat hai our karna bhi asan hai torne wale kam hai. Is leye hum momenin ke madad ke leye available hai. Agar app ko kesi bhi rohani masle me kesi wazife ke zarorat ho to email kar sakte hai. [Edited]
  2. This is a amal i have given to many sisters and all of them have been more beautiful Read this verse after isha every night 101 times with daroode ibrahimi 11 times before and after. Keep your self in meditation one stays still one will see light everywhere, Inshalla one will see the noor in dream or in meditation. The more one does this ritual the more one will become beautiful. The wazifa is here: ÓóáÇóãõ Þóæۡ áÇóó ãöä ÑóÈö ÇáÑóÍیã For more wazifas about relation problems, health or money. Visit www.roohanimadad.com
  3. salam! as i know so this dua anddua ayfi has very powerfull effects. actually common people should not read these kind of duas. in dua jaljalut mola has used some suryanic words which has very much spiritual effects. awam is not always in so good good status to recite these kind of duas very much. i have also been searching for this i had this dua in a very old book from an shia alim but that book was banned. now i lost that dua. it was written with harkat and translation. maybe some good alim have resource. but plz p, me if some body has it but dont want to share with every one
  4. thanks for ur answer. i would like to have it with harkat as well so i could be sure if i was read it more then only few times. This dua is also called dua isme azam. Secret duas which have very high effects. I wish i could find translation as well in written text.
  5. Does any one have dua jaljalut written with zeer and zabars for best pronouncation. I need also translation of it!
  6. Well its true that many people think about magic even a small thing happen at home or there life. To be sure about magic we may be sure. One can do istekhara is the best way o know about it. If one cannt do istekhara byself and dont find anybody else too. Then one can find other methods. See all signs of magic and check. Major signs can be illnes without any reason which doctors can find, fight at home, pain in shoulders and back, bad dreams and see shadows, find blood at home or hear evil and bad voices or smokes, get stones inside home. Children and animal feels bad spirits better then other. They may cry or get scared when shiatin enter ones home. ad ecnomy and bad luck in love money and health. Methods to check if person is effected by magic or bad spirits. 1. Istekahra If you dont find any reason try to do istekhara to find answer. People who dont recite namaz cannt get 100 % answer in isekhara. Then you may find some one who can do istekhara for you or visit [Edited - No Free Advertisement] 2. Quranic amal of surah fateha Recite surah al fateha 70 times on a used shirt with 11 times darood e irahimi before and after. IF shirts size changes you may know that reason must be of magic or jinnat. 3. Amal by mawakilat of Lahol wala quwat Take a hand over the person who complain about magic. Recite 11 times darood e ibrahimi before and after and then 100 times la hol wala quwat ila bila il alion azeem. If person feel that back and shoulder is heavy and feel pain it means that he is being effected by evil spirits. If person feel that whole body is free and relaxed it shows that person is being effected by magic. If person dont feel any diffrence in body and shoulders after reading it shows that it maybe some natural problems or punishment or just an test from Allah. Person must also contact an doctor or find other saloutions. 4. method by haroof e abjad Nummerlogical way with haroof e abjad. Calculate abjad value of the person with mother name. Include also day he/she want a check up and devide the total by 4. if u get 0.75 or no thing after deviding u may know that by ilme abjad that person may have some effects from evil spirits or magic. 5. Quranic amal to check about magic. Surah Maryams firste verse amal Give person some thing which has very strong taste. Like chili or nim ke pate or some other thing. Recite 7 times darood before and after and read with bismillah ir rehman nira rahim surah maryams first verse 195 times on it. IF some one has any effect he will feel that taste is changed. He may think that its taste sweet or salty but not spicy. 6. Hazeri amal ( must be careful before doing. Needs ijazat by some spiritual person. take a old lamp like old classical lamps with oliven oil infront of the effected person two meters away. Now stand behind the person and recite 7 times darood before and after and 21 times this azeemat. Azmato alaikum ya mashire jine wal inse walarwah behaqe suleman bin daood elehesalam ahzaro ahzaro ahzaro behaqe ya hayyo ya qayom berahmatika ya arhaman al rahemin. Remmber this method may be used by a person who has some spiritual powers. Effected person may see some bad evil faces or spirits in the fire. Effected person must all time watch at fire of lamp and have consentration on it. All these methods are very secret amaliyat i am giving just to help people who are being effected by bad spirits or magic but not going to take any treatment. They are using a lot of money to loayals and doctors but not beeing well.
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