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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (salam) What if someone as low as I started it? What would be wrong with superrogatory prayers at night? Especially during Ramadan? Wa Salaam
  2. (salam) I understood that the fast should be broken between Maghrib Adhan and Iqamah, is that correct?
  3. (salam) Thank you brother Orion, et al. I think most of my problem came from confusing Imam with Ayatullah. That has been rectified. The concept of 12 leaders comes from this hadith As well as a few others, right? And the Ahlul Bayt are given this based on the "Event of the Blanket", right? Imam Mahdi will, at some point, come forth and proclaim his identity, but how will we know who he is? Certainly there is the possibilty of imposters and such. While I am still having trouble accepting the infalliblity of human beings after Prophet Muhammed pbuh , nothing said to me here seems
  4. (salam) The analogy was helpful. The Ayatullah is a scholar and is not the Imam, and thus is capable of error or sin, right? That makes a bit more sense to me. I do not think any people can declare the doors of reasoning closed. That seems silly to me. Even I, with my extremely limited background, can decide, through reason, what the Quran is saying to me. That, of course, doesn't mean my conclusions are always correct, but I can not see how anyone can declare my intention to understand invalid. I read your link about the Imam's and I noticed that they were all poisoned. That see
  5. (salam) Thank you brothers, those are exactly the kind of answers I hoped for. Clear, to the point responses, mash'Allah. Thank you for clarifying the difference between Imam and imam. How are the Imam's appointed? They are refered to as divinely instituted, but what is the methodolgy, could any of you briefly explain? The Imam's are refered to as "12", is that right? Will there be only twelve from the time the Prophet pbuh died until Judgement? I remember the Ayatollah Khomenhi (spelling?) from when I was younger, there is another one now, the last one comes before the Last Day and
  6. (salam) wow, those are pretty thorough answers. You are right though, I have more questions... Your post said that the Five were "thoroughly purified" because they had never committed shirk. Is that right? I was under the impression that Shahada wiped clean all sin. That, in effect, the true testimony thoroughly purifies us. Otherwise, would all "reverts" be condemned? What is meant by "thoroughly purified"? But aren't others also in this state? Doesn't everyone of us desire this same condition? Surely there were others who sought the shelter of Prophet Muhammed (saw) in this tim
  7. (salam) While I agree with your understanding of the ayat and that only absolute truth was spoken by the Messenger's of Allah (pbut), I do not understand how the perfection of the Messenger's is extended to the Imam's after them. The Prophet (saw) is pure, but why does that necessarily mean the men after him are/were? While some may argue that all hadith are inviolate, I can not. Sahih, to my understanding, does not mean "perfect". The only perfect text I know is the Holy Quran. I do not understand how the "satanic verses" nonsense invalidates all the hadith of the "sunni" collectio
  8. bismillah (salam) I know most of you already realize this but, the American government does not represent the ideas of all Americans. Most are content with the lies we are fed because the truth would upset the comfort of their lives in McAmerica. But not all. Some see the truth and reject their lies and wicked behavior. But, the wickedness is well entrenched and will take much effort to remove. The problem is not just with the Christians and Jews here either. Some Muslim brothers come here and strive to "prove their Americanism", as seen when ISNA "forgot" to mention the suffe
  9. bismillah Or, you could just read the USA PATRIOT Act. The ideas are similar, but it isn't quite as long. Add to that Act, as an appendix, the resolution before Congress today concerning Bushs' Empire building strategy.
  10. bismillah As Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu, Good day, brothers and sisters. Only recently did I remember the religion of Allah (swt). I recognize that I was born a Muslim, but I did not realize that until 11 Jan 02. Alhamdulillah, my life is now better than ever before, and getting better everyday. My understanding of the Shia/Sunni division was that it was merely political in nature. That it was a political difference beginning after the death of Prophet Muhammed (saw), but that the essence of the religion was the same for both. I read these discussions now, and I que
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