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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. (bismillah) The following is a cut and paste from Facebook. http://zh-hk.faceboo...am/334381324194 The Benefits and the Importance of Sending Blessings on the Prophet (pbuh) and his Progeny Especially on a F R I D A Y "Allâh sends His Salât (Graces, Honours, Blessings, Mercy) on the Prophet (Muhammad [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam]) and also His angels (ask Allâh to bless and forgive him). O you who believe! Send your Salât on (ask Allâh to bless) him (Muhammad [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam]), and (you should) greet (salute) him [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] with the Islâmic way of greeting (salutation i.e. As¬Salâmu 'Alaikum)." (The Qur'an: 33.56) Narrated Abu Hurayrah [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu]: The Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said: If anyone invokes blessings on me once, Allah will bless him ten times. Dawud :: Book 8 : Hadith 1525, Sahih by Albani. Abdullah b. Amr b. al-As [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] reported Allah's Messenger [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] as saying: When you hear the Mu'adhdhin, repeat what he says, then invoke a blessing on me, for everyone who invokes a blessing on me will receive ten blessings from Allah; then beg from Allah al-Wasila for me, which is a rank in Paradise fitting for only one of Allah's servants, and I hope that I may be that one. If anyone who asks that I be given the Wasila, he will be assured of my intercession. Muslim :: Book 4 : Hadith 747 Narrated Abu Hurayrah [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu]: The Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said: Do not make your houses graves, and do not make my grave a place of festivity. But invoke blessings on me, for your blessings reach me wherever you may be. Dawud :: Book 10 : Hadith 2037, Sahih by Albani Narrated Abu Hurayrah [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu]: The Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said: If any one of you greets me, Allah returns my soul to me and I respond to the greeting. Dawud :: Book 10 : Hadith 2036, Hasan by Albani Narrated Aws ibn Aws [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu]: The Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said: Among the most excellent of your days is Friday; on it Adam was created, on it he died, on it the last trumpet will be blown, and on it the shout will be made, so invoke more blessings on me that day [Friday], for your blessings will be submitted to me. The people asked: Apostle of Allah, how can it be that our blessings will be submitted to you while your body is decayed? He [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] replied: Allah, the Exalted, has prohibited the earth from consuming the bodies of Prophets. Dawud :: Book 3 : Hadith 1042, Sahih by Albani. Ali ibn Abu Talib [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] reported that Allah's Messenger [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said, "The miser is he before whom I am mentioned but he does not invoke blessings on me." Tirmidhi 3557, Sahih by Albani Abu Hurayrah [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] reported that Allah's Messenger [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said, 'And may his nose be dusty before whom I am mentioned and he does not invoke blessings on me.' Tirmidhi 3556, Hasan Sahih by Albani It was narrated that Abu Hurayrah [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] said: The Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] ascended the minbar and said: "Ameen, ameen, ameen." It was said: 'O Messenger of Allaah, you ascended the minbar and said, 'Ameen, ameen, ameen." He [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said: "Jibreel [Alayhis Salaam] came to me and said: 'If Ramadaan comes and a person is not forgiven, he will enter Hell and Allaah will cast him far away. Say Ameen.' So I said Ameen. He [Jibreel Alayhis Salaam] said: 'O Muhammad, if both or one of a person's parents are alive and he does not honour them and he dies, he will enter Hell and Allaah will cast him far away. Say Ameen.' So I said Ameen. He [Jibreel Alayhis Salaam]said: 'If you are mentioned in a person's presence and he does not send blessings upon you and he dies, he will enter Hell and Allaah will cast him far away. Say Ameen.' So I said Ameen." Sahih Targheeb wa Tarheeb 1679, Hasan Sahih by Albani also Ibn Hibban 907 How to Send Blessings to the Messenger [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam]. Ibn Abi Laila [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] reported: Ka'b b. 'Ujra [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] met me and said: Should I not offer you a present (and added): The Messenger of Allah [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] came to us and we said: We have learnt how to invoke peace upon you; (kindly tell us) how we should bless you. He (the Holy Prophet) [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said: Say: "O Allah: bless Muhammad and his family as Thou didst bless the family of Ibrahim. Verily Thou art Praiseworthy and Glorious, O Allah." Muslim :: Book 4 : Hadith 804 Ka'b ibn Ujrah [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] reported having submitted to the Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] , "0 Messenger of Allah! This salaam (greeting) to you, we know it, but how do we invocate blessing on you?" He said, Say: "0 Allah! bless Muhammad and the family of Muhammad, as You did bless Ibrahim. Indeed You are Praiseworthy, Glorious. And show favour to Muhammad and the family of Muhammad as You did show favour to Ibrahim. Indeed, You are Praiseworthy, Glorious." Abu Usamah [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] said "We added the words (and on us with him)." Tirmidhi 483, Sahih by Albani Send Blessings on the Messenger [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] before making Supplication to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala). Fadalah ibn Ubayd [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] reported that while Allah's Messenger [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] was sitting (in the mosque), a man came in and offered Salah and then prayed: O Allah forgive me and have mercy on me. Allah's Messenger [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam] said to him,"0 you who had prayed, you made haste. When you have offered salah, sit down, praise Allah as is His due, invoke blessing on me, then pray to Him." Then another man offered salah after which he praised Allah and invoked blessing on the Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam]. So, the Prophet said to him, "0 you worshipper, pray and you will receive an answer." Tirmidhi 3487, Sahih by Albani Umar ibn al-Khattab [RadhiAllahu 'Anhu] narrated: Supplication is suspended between the heaven and earth, nothing from it ascending, till you invoke blessing on your Prophet [sallAllahu Alayhi WaSallam]. Tirmidhi 486, Hasan by Albani. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The above is a Sunni write up obviously, that I came across on browsing the net. May we remind ourselves the need to be aware that our 'salawat' does reach the Prophet(pbuh) and that we should never be distracted from the 'barakat' of this worship.
  2. (bismillah) A must read for all alive and ticking Before you and I go through this, one day A reminder that life on earth is transient ________________________________ http://www.al-islam.org/burialrites/ ^^^Click on this link ^^^ Introduction Death is a reality. The Qur'an in Surah 3:185 says, "Every person (nafs) will taste death, ....." (taste can be either sweet or bitter!). At another place (Surah 31:34) the Qur'an says, "... no one knows (where) in what land (or place) he will die". Still at another place (Surah 63:11) the Qur'an says, "Allah does not give any breather (or let up) to anyone for death when its fixed time comes." Therefore, one should not dread death but take it as crossing the bridge from this temporary life to the permanent, everlasting life. So, what should be done when one is confronted with it? This is the topic for our discussion this morning. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Read the rest inside Good luck
  3. Yes, thank you, inshallah. However I hope and pray that I don't find a partner who will make living alone feel like Paradise.
  4. Well, a rather dangerous mistype. What you were saying was obvious to a Muslim, because of the context, but imagine a non Muslim's fright when reading that. Had to bring it to your attention. Glad it is sorted. :unsure:
  5. The ahadith on living, eating and traveling alone are clear and explicit. Yes, there can be occasional times when one may have do so by the force of circumstances. When there is no choice, it becomes a matter of destiny. However, the endeavour should be to change that status quo. If Islam is to be complied with, it is perhaps imperative to find alternate living arrangements where such loneliness doesn't imprison you in its clutches. Solitary confinement, self imposed, is only good as long as it is an 'iteqaf' retreat, not regular lifestyle. Having been through such phases myself at times, even in fashionable addresses (and a room with a view), I can vouch that nothing beats having company, even mildly hostile. Living alone in my experience, with all the opportunity and freedom to do as you please, is a depressing stress I can gladly do without, when given a choice. But then that is me, personally. Islam compliant, naturally. B) :Hijabi: :D :Hijabi:
  6. (bismillah) The video is a documentary about how the Zionists try and control demographics in Al Quds. Jerusalem, that is. In Hebrew. English subtitles. The above link is Part One of the 20 minute documentary. Source the rest in You Tube.
  7. May you be rightly guided in your quest for the true religion. Congratulations on having come to the threshold of the Shia Twelver faith- the only surviving version of the Islam of the Prophet (pbuh). Sex in Islam is a very different concept to that held in most other religions. Ideally, perhaps you should read this book, which is as informative as it is interesting, written by a Shia scholar: http://www.al-islam.org/m_morals/ Would give you a good overview of the issues relating to marriage, sex and morals in Islam. Good luck.
  8. Never understood the concept of a man who wants his wife to look 'pretty' for others. Other men actually. Is like he seeks a validation of his choice, through their approval and admiration of her. Or perhaps seeks to massage his own ego by showing her off. Showing off the very entity Islam intended to keep private and exclusive for him. Rather than be put out there on a public exhibition, with make up, perfume and lipstick on. Says as much about the man as it does about the woman, if not more. Not pretty.
  9. That should read 'divorce', shouldn't it? What has come over our girls?
  10. Besides, the worst part is not having someone around to report an emergency. A 22 year old Afghan youth buried in a cemetery I visit regulary apparently died of a stroke when alone in his London apartment. Another instance- a mother of a close friend died alone succumbing to a heart attack, while no one was home and their mobiles/cell phones were not answered when called, although not living alone.
  11. Tyrannical Cultural Regime is NOT a reference to Islam, God Forbid. On the contrary, my effort has been to clarify the distortion of a beautiful true religion by some of its culturally conditioned adherents who further, under the influences of their gender influenced thought processes, refuse to acknowledge some simple truths about Islam. Post 27 was deleted because I realised that the site that published it was a non Shia site, hostile to the Shia. The fatwa, from memory read as follows: Q. Can I contract mutah with a virgin girl? A. ...with the permission of the father or the guardian of the girl, it is permissible. Now, the above is the general understanding of most on this board, from what I have come to understand after perusal of several posts in several threads. You want to dispute that, send a query to the office of the honourable Grand Ayatollah himself. That should put the issue to rest. 'Something Else?' Some Marajae have issued fatwas that in addition to the Ahl al Kitab, mutah can be entered into with people of other faiths in pressing circumstances. (For a Muslim man, that is)*
  12. An assumption clause? In a real world it helps to get real. To assume that our young males, in spite of the onslaught of images of semi nude women in the print and digital media, not to mention the sights in flesh, despite reasonable efforts to lower the gaze, will remain chaste and transgression free is perhaps being a tad presumptuous. Overlapping the hypothetical with the real to selectively see the preferred result only distorts reality. However, let us await the response from the ayatollahs.
  13. Which country was the marriage contracted in? Does the law of the land recognise the marriage? If the wife and the husband want to be together, I doubt if the parents can do much against the law of the land. The local police could perhaps sort it out.
  14. Quote I stand by the above quote. No apologies for seeking what is legitimate, moral and permissible in Islam. He tutors 7th and 8th graders. Sounds 'baligh' to me. Whether he is 'still in school and hasn't even graduated' is information you seem to be privy to, not this board. Even then, if he feels the need to have a woman (or a girl) in his life, he is entitled to under the Islamic institutions or mutah and nikah. Bear in mind, I have never lectured anyone on delaying nikah. If nikah is a viable option, I'd suggest get married, whether in school or not. Since when has graduation become a prerequisite to finding comfort in the opposite sex? What you seem to be advocating is exactly what I protest against: Delay marriage and remain celibate until the best years of your youth are whiled away being a robotic conforming recruit, upholding a tyrannical cultural regime headed by do gooder 'aunty types' who have no concept of real Islam.
  15. To start with, can we stop these personal references to age and like. In all likelihood, I am probably much younger than most. You included. Discussions are best held on the merit of the argument alone. Mutah is not a secret concept, I agree. Neither is the fact that the male libido is far more potent and virile than female. When testosterone issues are brushed under the carpet, a society witnesses a proliferation of juvenile crime, assault, civil disobedience and even rape. Young men and their testosterone issues are far better tamed by hetrosexual women. (Thank Heavens, there are some still left). Early marriage is the best option, an astounding yes! Now ask any young man why he is not married and he will reveal a few secrets of the realities of life. Mutah is an avenue for Muslim men (and women) to find legit halal relationships until they can eventually and inshallah discover their elusive committed Muslim (Shia) spouses. . Dating? The word is deficient and deceptive. I refer to meeting options for mutah in what is termed as a 'date'. If one conducts oneself according to the decent norms of Islamic morality while in such a 'meeting' or 'date', which is usually public, I don't see where anyone's Islam is being compromised.
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