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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Yeah I did hear having names of specially Allah or Nabi Mohammad SWA is not okay but others I don't know some told me its the pain and the ink but there is people beat on their self's in ashura isn't that harming your body as well .. leaving marks.. I'm shia n follow ayat il sistanee but I'm not closed minded I do look at on shia side n sunni side than be close minded to one thing.. but both sides come about tattoo's so differently :wacko:
  2. Please learn not to ask a question with a question 1st learn how to read and 2nd make sure to answer or don't answer Thank you for your response... I'm trying to teach my self more about islam I was really never raised in a religious way and it's just confusing to hear from different people that it's haram n it's not but than I remember my grandmother in iraq had tattoos which stands for their tribes so I was confused when someone tells me it's haram you got to hell for it :unsure: Wow I agree so much with you! I think many people misuse the Quran or don't go by it many muslims say a lot haram I even heard people say if u wear hair extensions or wigs it are sinning, piercing your ears are sin suchh n such and many people play with the quran words and I would hate to learn the wrong thing && honestly I'm trying my best to translate some of the arabic words or try to figure out what they mean its really hard to understand most.. wait.. WHAT?! pictures on your walls? where is this writting please? any proof? and by images what you mean because it would mean a lot... care to explain? I appreciate it
  3. (salam) Ramathan Kareem to everyone... Last night I was listening to ayat il kurse- chapter of the throne and the part about the seven firmaments can anyone please explain this to me ... 2:29- It is he who hath created for you all things that are on earth; Moreover His design comprehended the heavens, for He gave order and perfection to the seven firmament; and of all things He hath perfect knowledge. (wasalam)
  4. (salam) Hello this is a topic that a lot of us in the teenage n 20's talk about me and my friends were talking about tattoos some were saying its not haram and some were saying its haram and some were saying it was but its not haram any more so I would like to know from you guy's is it haram? or not? if it's haram I would like to see proof of where it states its haram
  5. no such thing as engagement? really?.. we don't see each other because he lives far so we only speak on the phone and yes this were his words that came out of his mouth its disgusting me and I think it's very disrespectful n none islamic he claims to be religious prays and such but than he say's this these things..
  6. (salam) Brothers and sisters I'm having issues with my engagement there has been problems going on between us so here's what happened today he went to get signed up for classes at the university and he was telling me about some a girl started talking to him he didn't believe she was indian so he asked her where she from and such I don't know what else they spoke about but why would a engaged man speak to other females even if the female spoke to him first or approached him? now at that I didn't get upset/hurt but I did get hurt when he said " That's the first indian girl that I met she is so sexy and if I wasn't engaged to you I would give her a ride home and maybe I would take her home and sleep with her" I want to know is this right coming from a so called Islamic man? but a engaged man? what is this? isn't this wrong? what you think? females and males I would like to know from both sides
  7. I'm a Shia and I think Muta is very very wrong! this was practice ages ago beause the man that went to war traveled on camels and feets so it was okay they had to have a type of motivation or someone thats there and didnt want to commit to long time marriage when they are leaving their wives for many years.... now everyone has cars planes and everything provided and everyone able to see each other with no problems I think some female families wouldnt agree to let their daughters to do this but someone else's daughter that their son like its okay thats very WRONG! its like taking the well of a girl why would they allow such thing when everything provided and mirrages are easy and easy to travel and stay communicated...
  8. GREAT ANSWER! I asked that because I was questioning someone this exact question their answer was Nabi mohammad (SAW) over Imam Ali then they said Imam Ali over the rest.. and I said istar4far Allah how can you put Ali when he's just a Imam over the rest that are Prophets! they said I was wrong!.. and I believe they are wrong because jesus moses etc etc are prophets not Imams
  9. I have a question for all let's see how many of you are real MUSLIMS this is a very easy question I really got pissed when I asked someone these questions and they answered me wrong I realized how missed up they are if you have to pick who's the highest to respect and remember and follow his way beside Allah who's the biggest of all! who would you prefer Mohammad (SAW)or Ali ibn Abi Talibr? Jesus or Ali ibn Abi Talib? Moses or Ali ibn Abi Talib?
  10. There is many so called RELIGIOUS people turning words in the quran putting things in peoples head and this... IF HE WAS MISLEAD! the people around him should of never taped this and atleast sat him down and spoke to him but this video is put out to mislead those who don't have knowledge in religion! people should correct him instead of misleading tons n tons of other right?! this will be a punished from god to everyone that was around him that didn't notify him or correct him u get what i mean? YOU SHOULD ALWAYS CORRECT THOSE WHO ARE UNCORRECTED BECAUSE IF YOU DON'T YOUR SINNING ALONG WHEN U KNOW THE TRUTH im sure some of these people in crowed around him know this dude is crazy why didn't they correct him?!.. he has no right to make a video to claim what ever he's claiming... THERE SHOULD NO VIDEO PERIOD! (salam) ps. I do want to praise the black guy for putting him out but I still do believe they should of spoke to him because he probably still think this and might be misleading others
  11. I do want to add that he recently became this religious figure he was never religious so now he believes that in the quran says that MAN is over his wife and his wife must obey everything he says and does In a way if it says that I believe what obey means- respect him, be there for him, cook, clean, understand, listen to him. but I dont think it means- treat her like shes nothing, treat her like a dog, yell at her, beat her, she must listen or she can go to hell, etc etc its so many people take the quran words so wrongly and inshallah god will punish them in the deepth of hell :mad::cry:
  12. I'm not rushing it like I used too now I'm realizing stuff that I haven't plus like I said THERE IS PEOPLE TALKING IN HIS HEAD and I'm 100% sure because he was never like this I still explain it to him that he have to understands what hurts me and bothers me and he should respect me he says yeah you can't control me so stop that and stop being jealous but I just want to know what am I being jealous of when something is hurting me deeply and making me cry? If I'm jealous I would go do the same as he does but I don't and trying my best and hardest to respect him and still do what he tells me but It hurts me when he sits there and says im jealous and goes and tell his parents n his parents say oh she's jealous.. shouldnt his parents teach him tomorrow I will have a speak with his mother after I go visit the mosque about this issue I really try to keep my family away because they would be hurt and would call them and say end it NOW! I'm handling this like I am married to him now and I know no girl would handle this or her family would let her go through this.. but I bet even if I speak to his family they would still side with him and say you have to listen to him this is very wrong and I'm sure Allah would not accept of this...
  13. There is more to this issue but I want everyone's opinions and I will head to the mosque tomorrow to get more opinions of whats the right thing to do this is hurting me very bad and he doesn't seem to care at all :cry:
  14. I'm chilling trust I think this is wrong and very misleading if someone that has no knowledge in religion comes across this video
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