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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. yes the HMC do seem to be more stringent and it appears that they are more trustworthy, but having said that after reading Syed Sistani's rulings above, the criteria used by HFA does seem acceptable in that they say that animlas MUST be alive at the time of slaughter and the shahadah must be reicted on each animal even where they are mechanically slaughtered. I'd really appreciate it if someone actually read the document provided by the HFA and points out any problems with their criteria. As for the orgamic halal meat......I really wish that was widespread. Muslims need to get farming!
  2. salaam alaykum Anyone know if the halal food authority (HFA) - the one with the green logo, are legit - as it should be - halal authority? I've read their document on how they authorise a zabih as halal and they're saying something like the bird can be stunned as long as it's not dead, that you can have mechanical slughtering as long as bismillah is recited on every animal......Can someone read it and explain to me if it seems like an authority we can trust based on their slaughtering criteria? I have to admit, it sounds wrong to me :unsure: http://www.halalfoodauthority.co.uk/ their slaught
  3. Please vote though... and it would help if you threw your votes behind some poems already selected. It should be easy to pick from these, there have been some fine selections made.

  4. Also since it's covering a whole decade, leaving it open for one year gives it the attention that it deserves?????????

  5. Spriglief, I'm in the middle of assignments right now so if I vote it would be rushed and therfore not well thought out. I was wondering......must there be a deadline for the poetry fo the decade? Why not leave it open for the year? It's such a huge choice to make I would hate that people felt pressured to quickly think of something..?

  6. Only 8 more days to make selections for "Most selected ShiaChat Poetry of the Decade. I hope you will make some choices.

  7. I've just finished Room by Emma Donoghue. It was very well written, a little emotionally overwhelming at times. There were just minor parts of the plot where I struggled to beleive how things turned out the way they did, but mostly the author was superbly convincing. I'd recommend it if you have enough time to complete it within a couple of days because it's not something you want to put down for too long and if you're not feeling manically depressed already. I look forward to reading more from the author.
  8. I would advise members to take a look at the recent anual competition threads to refresh their memory of poems of the past. Also, there is such a huge pool to select from and some of us might find it difficult to search through a decades worth of poems, could we have a thread for 'nominations' where people can post as many poems as they like for all members to browse through? Or maybe there is a way to search over 10 years? Do share if you know how.(as in how to do it easily)
  9. Salaam Alaykum, On a lighter note, thrown in amongst all the deep and meaningful posts here, I'll share a recent conversation between myself and my 4 year old daughter. Basically we were having one of our 'God-chats' and this time she picked up my referring to Allah as 'He'. She goes into total disbeleif, screws up her face and demands to know: "WHAT?!?! IS Allah a boy?????No mummy No, Allah's a Girlllllllllll!!!!!!!!" So, I had to explain to my 4 year old how 'He' in neither male or female, but we just say 'He'. I don't think she could be bothered to argue her case further and accepted before
  10. Thanks Sprigleif, I will do InshaALlah

  11. I have started the poetry contest for 2010 and the best of the decade and hope you will make some selections.

  12. Thanks for remembering me Spriglief. but I'm actually worse for time this year, I haven't even been able to view many poems throughout the year!! I do miss reading the shiachat poetry forum, and look forward to the competition when it goes ahead...that way I'll get to read the nominations from others to give me a feel for whats been posted...you did a great job last year, why not have another bash

  13. I know you were busy last year, but maybe you could do the Poetry selections for 2010?

  14. salaam alaykum brothers and sisters, I have a request for momineen to please recite namaaz e wehshat tonight for a dear cousin that has passed away. Her name was Sajida Batool d/o Safdar Ali Taqvi. She's being buried today in pakistan (24th September). She really lived a simple and actually sad life and leaves behind a sick and disabled mother who counted on her care :( inna lilla wa inna alayhe rajeoon http://www.duas.org/wahshat.htm

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