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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Thank you for all your helpful answers! It's gone now hamdillah, but in the case it happens again I will know what to do! Thank you! Jazakallah khair :)
  2. Asalam alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakato I hope my sisters are all in good faith and good health inshallah <3 Before i begin, i ask again that please if there are any sneaky brothers on here, respect the situation and stop reading. Bismillah. Sisters i need your help, coming from a sunni family and being an undercover shia, i need the answer to this difficult question. Can i still fast, pray, fulfill marital obligations, etc...if i am "spotting"? As in, i'm finished my menstrual cycle but i keep seeing a little bit of blood everyday. Can i still pray? This has never happened to me before, it's only because i messed up on my contraceptives, thats what my doctor said. And i asked my mom but she is unsure of the answer, she told me that i still cannot pray. Please provide hadiths with answers if you can? Thank you sisters <3 Walaikum Asalam
  3. Omg i love this topic. There are so many types of women that we can't even generalize :P Personally for me, the looks and money do matter! I'm not shallow, but the thing is, I need to know that this man can support me and my needs. There's this saying, that says if the man cannot give the woman the same or higher standard of living that her father has given her, well he must be pretty good looking for her to accept the marriage LOL Seriously though, for myself as I said I need to know I will be taken care of. Of course there will be struggles because we are still young (I"m married btw lol) but in the long run I don't want to be living from pay check to pay check lol. I guess most women would look for that stuff, the money. Oh and the looks because, the looks do matter in the terms of attraction. The man dosen't have to be on the cover of some magazine on the beach shirtless, because different people find different things beautiful, you know what I mean? So really, in short, what I'm actually saying is, depending on the woman, her likes and dislikes depend on what her life and values depend on. Good luck :D
  4. (bismillah) (salam) Sisters I need your help! My high school commencement ceremony is this Friday Inshallah, and I have no idea what to wear!!! Of course modesty is a must! Excuse my arrogance, but I've managed to look good and modest in my experiences these past years hamdillah. (By good and modest I mean no sparkly weird stuff that make me look like a barbie doll with a towel on my head or bright colors, just normal toned down hijab that still looks chic and sleek?) YEAH SO I NEED HELP PLEASE! Have any of you been through the same kind of event, as in a graduation? What did you wear? I don't know whether to wear a dress or a skirt and a top. Eeks being a girl is so difficult! Maybe I might just wear one of my abayas lol.
  5. Salam Alaikum sisters and creepy brothers that read this forum! :D Okay so, I'm just starting out with the whole online shopping thing, can anybody suggest to me some good trustful websites to buy hijabs/abayas from? I already know about Pearl Daisy so no need to suggest that one :P Thank you! Oh, and if you could, would you write about your satisfaction using that specific website/company? Like is it good service, fast delivery, good prices, etc... Thank you! :D
  6. The camel hump is so tacky... Also contradicting. *Sigh* It saddens me really...it's not hard to wear proper hijab really. I'm not perfect, not saying i am i still have lots of improvement, but i mean like, the camel hump and all the makeup plus the tight clothes? Thats not hijab, its a mockery of hijab. As Muslim women we need to think when we get dressed, would the Prophet (SAW) approve or be proud of our attire? Allahu 3alam.
  7. Uhm well im not a scholar, but i dont think it would void your fast. It might be prefered to do it after your fast however. so maybe after iftar or after ramadan altogether.
  8. In my opinion colors are okay if they're worn correctly. Call me the fashion police, but some hijabis cannot pull off colors and patterns, and they mash a bunch of them together. Personally, i know i could never pull off large abstract patterns, say on a skirt/dress/hijab, so i avoid those and stick to solids or small patterns. And i guess as long as they're not neon the colors shouldnt attract attention? I mean, if a guy had to choose between looking at a woman in shorts and a tank top or a woman in a colorful hijab, i think he'd choose the first one anyways.
  9. omg i love poutine! Fries, gravy, and cheeeese! I hate putting salt on them tho, makes them extra unhealthy :P Pepper is good tho, and ketchup probably once in a while The best is fries and a Wendy's chocolate frostie OR Fries with haddock/scallops and vinegar!! yes...i love fries <3
  10. Oh i'm sorry i never saw the link! Thanks i'll check it out now :) And i've never tried redbull before...i dont really plan too either :P thanks for the suggestion though :)
  11. Yeah i dont have a job or kids so i usually sleep in late, its just a matter of will power and im really determined this year inshalah! I just don't know what to do :cry:
  12. Salam sisters! Ramadan kareeeem!!! I hope this Ramadan has been wonderful to you and your families :D I've been MIA (missing in action, i just learned that term hehe) for so long! i think my last post was march or april? T_T And i come back to find that shiachat changed!! I like, looks cool B) So yeah i just came to say salam to everybody! :D
  13. Asalam Alaikum brothers and sisters I hope this Ramadan is full of blessing and happiness for you and your families! Uhm okay so my question is, what do I do on laylatul Qadr? I'm kind of new at this, I tried last year but i fell asleep -___- My will is stronger now though alhamdillah :P But yeah what kind of prayers do i do? What duas do i say? If the answers can include helpful websites or illustrations or videos that would be appreciated too! Thanks :)
  14. Salam Alaikum wonderful sisters So i was wondering, what do you girls wear when working out?? I usually wear loose yoga pants, a long sleeve shirt and a baggy t shirt on top or when the weather is warmer i wear just a t shirt with a light jack over top i have my own "workout hijab" lol its a triangle scarf i just pin it under my chin, this way its not wrapped around many times choking me to death as i try to get that perfect figure for the hubby LOL :P so yeah what do you sisters wear?
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