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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. H.O.P.E. Announces Its 2nd Fundraising Dinner After much anticipation, H.O.P.E. is back with its second gala fundraising event. By participating in this gala event, you are supporting the many projects that H.O.P.E. undertakes and showing your commitment to the deserving orphans. Join us for inspiring speeches, fantastic entertainment, and an unforgettable time for your friends and family. Address Sagan Banquet Hall | 7180 Edwards Blvd Mississauga, ON | L5S 1Z1 Speakers Br. Syed Asad Jafri, Keynote Speaker Entertainment and Activities Spoken Word Artists, Comedy Live and Silent Auction Interactive Group Activities Fees $30 for General Admission | $25 for Group Tickets (4+ Tickets) $10 for Childcare Services | Children under 2 are Free Purchase tickets at: http://getinvolvedgivehope.eventbrite.com/?aff=shiachat Contact Sponsorship Information: P: Hasan Naqvi – 647-831-3216 Event Information E: info@helpforhope.ca P: 647-894-7004 T: @Hope_Fdn
  2. Thanks thats all I needed to know. I don't see any reason to think of Allah swt as a him, to me saying her is equally okay and not okay just as it is saying him. I'm just just comfortable with the ease at which the masculine is adopted in speaking of Allah swt. Its just a product of the patriarchal society we will in, giving men, albeit subconsciously, a false sense of superiority and making Allah swt seem distant from all the feminine(like) attributes from name of Allah swt. It's helpful for me to think of Allah swt as the great mother, it helps me understand my love for Allah swt that way. Just my two cents. IamjustaSufi
  3. salaam. Why is it that when we talk about God its always as if God is a man, HE, HIM, its all over the Quran. Is it just that translation, or does it Quran in its original Arabic talk of God in the masculine? It seems to me almost natural to think of God as neither male or female and both at the same time. Even if I HAD to choose a gender for God, I would lean towards female, since only a female can give life. I'm just interested if anyone else has thought of this or can elaborate on the use of HE in the Quran. Sincerely, IamjustaSufi
  4. Salaams! I might be moving to LA as I've been offered a job at the Childrens Hospital LA. I dont know much about the Shia community in LA as I dont have any friends or family in LA. Can someone help me out with housing/finding a masjid etc etc etc or at least direct me to an agency, preferbaly Muslims that assist with something like this. Im moving from Toronto to LA ... Thanks!
  5. I don't understand why some followers of Sayed Khamanei celebrated Eid in Toronto on Sunday. Isn't the ruling the same for him, that it has to be a local sighting, and there wasn't one. I noticed above the Al-Huda centre also says that its on Monday for Sayed Khamenei muqalids too. Does anyone know why they did that, and what Muslim Congress had to do with it? (www.bqic.org) people announced Sayed Khamanei Eid is Sunday, is that correct?
  6. THANK YOU! This application is awesome! Btw for those who recommended alQuran, which english translation is best for reading?
  7. I know its just how to state things, but I prefer to say, why have God in your lif? And there are many many reasons for it. The most important reason that I have come to realize after getting more in touch with my inner self, is that I feel human, really human, now that I have a stronger relationship with God. I feel as if I have a purpose, a purpose beyond my being but at the same time necessarily needing my contribution. And in my heart of hearts, I know that Islam as God has given to us, is the best means for me to achive that purpose. Don't know if that makes sense.
  8. There aren't any. But I recommend iQuran, its very nice to always have handy when you're stuck somewhere unexpectedly, besides just Ramadhan. Also, there are many podcasts, from various ulema that you can download, I downloaded a couple of Pf. Langenhausen and found them by just searching for "Shia"...
  9. Fruits (3 colours), veggies (greens and nuts), chickpeas, soy milk
  10. Glad I'm not married to a man like that. In hindsight I realize how much of a blessing he is now. Thanks again!
  11. I'm a practical Sufi, and I still have feelings, plus this is about love, the real kind! Anyways, I've given up on this, I think I'm going to focus my energies on something else. If he doesn't care, I just won't care, indifferce solves everything. I think someone mentioned talking to him, I have done a lot of that, and my time is too important to waste any more of it in such pursuits. Least of all my heart feels less heavy by letting it out here soo...Thanks for all your help Shiachatters.. :)
  12. Funny thing is I reminded him, even told him, I'm going to get this for you, do you think you're going to be up for it, and everything! Its in his outlook calendar! His excuse his "I'm just not a anniversary type of guy, these things are just not important to me"
  13. I think I want something really harsh and diabolical, so next time he's afraid of forgetting it... But seriously, is it toooo much for me to expect him to remember!!!
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