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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
In the Name of God بسم الله

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  1. I know, bt its just tht i wanted my windows live id to be free from everything..
  2. bringing out the topic again so tht some admin can help me with it..
  3. salam sis!

    Im an old user of shiachat. My id earlier was *Love AhleBayt* while i was using it, i for some reason asked ALi Imran(who was the admin at tht time) to unregister me from the site. he did, bt that left some errors! I can still log on to the site with my old id, bt cant post or send msg to anyone on it! I want to register bk with my old email address used in *Love Ahl...

  4. wen will this issues get solved, wen will an admin look into this matter.. whenever i try to change my email address it says email account already in use.. wen *love AhleBayt* doesnt exist, than y does my hotmail account still exist. can some responsibile look into this matter plz..
  5. thanks alot.. can plzzzzzzz any admind solve my problem.. i want to use my hotmail account to use SC!!!!! *Admin~
  6. thanks sweetie.. yea i can access it with this account, but not with my old one..
  7. Salam! Okay now some months ago, i emailed some Admin, i dun remember which one, i guess it was Ali Imran, to unregister me. But when i visited back i saw my id still available but with certain board issues. Whenever i tried to view someone's profile/ post something, i got an error that i wasnt permitted to do so.. i duno why this happened.. so naturally, coz i wanted to return bk, i had to create a new account here on SC with my Yahoo ID which i dun prefer using. So i would like Admins to remove my account *Love AhleBayt* completely so that i can change the settings for this account of mine. Settings as in, to change my email settings from yahoo to my hotmail account which already is registered here with my old account which is giving me the error stated above. I already mailed Ali, the admin, but got no response. So i thot ill type it in here... Thanks Alot btw, i dun like the new shiachat.. its very confusing..
  8. heyyyyyy mystery, hruu?? this is Mrs F/*Love AhleBayt* remember me??????

  9. I recently saw the Shrine of Imam Ali(as) from inside. Didnt see the face or anything, but just the body covered head-toe with something black. The dream was too short.
  10. First i was Mrs F, than *Love AhleBayt* and Now Afs Fzn!! Oh God, i cant leave stay away from ShiaChat!

  11. Hello Ali..

    Im an old member of ShiaChat. Im *Love Ahlebayt* this was my id here.. bt coz of some reasons i asked for unregistering, and when i got bk on after few months, my id was still there bt i was not permiited to post or do anything.. why is tht so? i want u to delete my account *Love Ahlebayt* so tht i can change my settings of email from yahoo to hotmail.

    thanks in advance..

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