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  1. Wilayet el faqih is impossible in Iraq. The persians should stop dreaming that it will happen in Iraq. Wilayet el faqih cannot work anywhere because its leader must be sinless and pure not a sinner like khamenei :)
  2. Hilarious. I wonder, which foreign country is deciding the internal affairs of Iran? Its not the Iraqis is it?
  3. Insha'Allah I hope your right Iraqiah. One thing we should ALL be worried about is the saudis and the americans. President Harry Truman signed a special agreement with abdul aziz of saudi arabia. The agreement was that Saudi Arabia would consistently supply america with oil and gas and in return the americans would protect the saud family and the monarchy. Anything the saudi monarch says, the americans would do it...and anything the americans says, the saudis would do it. Why do you think the americans didnt support the iraqis in the 1991 revolts? Because the saudis told them not to. It is very easy for the americans to change the political situation in Iraq, within an instant. They rigged the elections, they have there army in Iraq, and they are supporting the baath again.
  4. I dont think people understand the gravity of the situation. This election was rigged. By the americans, the UN (american puppet), british and ofcourse the saudis. If Allawi was to be PM then I would give him a year...maybe 2...then we'll see him being assasinated by the other baathis. They'll blame it on Iran and the shia, there will probably be some sort of civil conflict. The baath will conduct a coup and return to power. This is one scenario a lot of people are talking about now. There will be A LOT of assasiantions. Even right now, 2 sunni leaders have been assasianted in Baghdad and Qaim. IF that was to happen, the first person to be executed would be sistani and the maraji3, then the shia politcal leaders, hakim would most likely be tortured to death, which leaves sadr and his militia...it only needs a bit of money to bribe half of that miltia (since half of them were former baath), the other half would be anihialated within a month. Obama and the democrats would not want to get involved in an ''internal iraqi affair'' This is much more serious then people think. The iranians would sit there laughing and poking fun at the arabs like they usually do. The saudis and the salafi scum would be laughing there asses off. I can see only darkness and terror for Iraq. There is only one small hope that we have left....and thats if the shia parties unite NOW. Then MAYBE..just MAYBE it will be ok.
  5. I blame Maliki for this and sistani in the long run. Sistani didnt allow the shia to revenge kill the baath back in 2003. BIG MISTAKE. The Sadr group is right to be against maliki...maliki wanted to break off with the shia....so let him live with the results. What a bloody bufoon. If we shia lose this now, it will be ALL his fault. These next few weeks are critical on how Iraq will be governed in the next 50 years.
  6. No, Allawi didnt win the elections. The Americans and saudis won it. Just before the results were announced...two election officials quit and protested the results, hamdeeya husseini and another one. They KNEW it was rigged, the americans made sure of it...before the announcement, maliki was i nthe lead by about 5 seats. An american official working for the UN demanded the results be given to her before it goes public and she ordered the traitor commision to change it... http://qanon302.com/news.php?action=view&id=7595 The elections has been rigged by the americans. Supported by the british and saudis. The shia parties screwed up bad because they broke apart. Maliki became overconfident (and i dont blame him). If maliki and hakim dotn sort themselves out in the next few days...then Iraq is over. The baath will return, the main chat of the dinner table will be ''how to get rid of the baath'' all over again.
  7. Weve known the elections has been rigged for almost a week now. The americans ordered the election commision traitors not to recount the votes and they blessed the results with open arms. Furthermore, the computers being used for the counting was supplied by the mujhaideen khalq group, the UN and the americans supplied the computers so whenever a count is listed in it goes directly to the main database server where it was obviously changed around. The americans, British and the Saudis are getting there way in Iraq and are supporting the baath with all there hearts, they are returning slowly but surely. The only way to stop them now is if maliki and hakim merge as one party then they would get the majority in parliament.
  8. There may have been some rigging of the votes in some ballots. Certainly the saudi monarchy paid a lot of money into this election. They bought iyad allawi for a cheap price. Another thing is that shia in the south also voted for iyad allawi, in significant numbers. This is the main reason why allawi has a high vote turn out. While maliki got next to nothing in the sunni provinces.
  9. ^ Unless Hakim becomes a baath sympathiser and allies with iyad allawi. Hakim is hungry for power and its driving him crazy (maybe even to the dark side?).
  10. Qanoon won in Babil and najaf http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2010/mar/11/nouri-maliki-iraqi-election-results
  11. 17,000 iraqis voted in the UK. Considering the population of iraqis in the UK is 450,000. Around 250,000 iraqis outside iraq voted which is higher then in 2005 which was only 80,000. A total of 62.5% Iraqis voted. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/middle_east/8556065.stm The highest turnout came from the kurdish provinces in the north. The kurds yearn for independance but they do not officially call for it nor do they demand it because they know they are nothing without the rest of Iraq. Maliki knows this, which is why he wont give in to there demands for kirkuk. Unlike the united iraqi alliance group which would kiss the kurds butts.
  12. Turn out for voting in London is HUGE. Yesterday when I went the queue took 3 hours long to get in. The Kurds ofcourse were wooping around like idiots and waving there flag as though Iraq belongs to them. The police arrested some of them. Anyway, the voting in Iraq closed an hour ago, they are counting it up now it should take untill tomorow to get prelimnary results. According to the international observers (even the arab league observers) are saying that everything looked good and there was no problems or trouble at all :)
  13. wow thanks for the responses everyone. I would agree with several people here...I should not try to udnerstand women. No point. I think you hit the nail perfectly. She said ''I am way out of your league'' and ''your amazing person'' soo many times wallah. I am not trying to be arrogant...I am jsut trying to solve this problem i am having. However, She says many times ''Its not like i dont think about it'' I just dont know, really I dont...i am feeling sorry for her because I feel like i am stressing her, even though I REALLY dont want to, quite the opposite. I would sister...but unfortunetely my mom does not have the capacity to help me with this due to a permanent illness. The strange thing is..this girl I am implying about gave me many signs and hints she even out of the blue asked me if im ready to get married financially. Yet later on she comes back to me confused and saying telling me she thinks about me all the time but she doesnt want to hurt anyone.
  14. ^^^ OMG, you two know who your gonan vote for??? I dont know who to vote for :( Iyad jamal el din is indirectly (Without him knowing) being supported by the saudis. Maliki is good but isnt there anyone more anti arab/iran but not being supported by the saudis?!?!?!
  15. Ive had enough of the INA. They use religion to garner public support for them to gain power and to fill there pockets $$$ I hope your right about iyad allawi. Hes an agent and still a baathi..he can deny it all he likes.
  16. Salaam alaikum Do women in general fear a man who loves them? Why do women play ''hard to get''?? Does this even exist? Or is it just a myth? What possible reason could there be for a girl to say ''I dont want to hurt you'' as a means of rejecting you?? Wsalaam.
  17. What is the Shia view of the sahabi Abdullah ibn Masud? was he a follower of Imam Ali (S) ? Wsalaam.
  18. There are still some baath in Iraq bro. Not only baath, but iyad allawis group consists of pan arabists, nasserites, communists and nationilists. These groups have a lot of support in Iraq. It will take a generation to clean Iraq from what saddam created. This election is SO important its a matter of life and death for the future of Iraq. And the whole world knows it.
  19. According to opinion polls in Iraq, MAliki and Iyad Allawi are the top contenders... http://www.france24.com/en/20100224-foes-maliki-allawi-top-contenders-iraq-poll This is interesting.
  20. I cant see Brazil going far...they'll get to the next round but wont get to the final. Reason I think because they rely too much on Kaka, relying on just one man is no good at all. They also have a good defense, but it is ''crackable''. Forget about Brazil. ShiaBen I agree with you about Spain..there team is good, but England with Capello as coach can def beat them.
  21. The problem in iraq right now are those parties who seem to be more loyal to the foreign states... Hakims group is loyal to Iran. Iyad allawi is loyal to the saudi monarch. The kurds more or less are loyal to anyone who would support them getting some sort of independance (including isreal AND iran) The other sunni majority groups are also loyal to the likes of Jordan, Syria, Saudi, Kuwait...etc. I think the only parties who who loyal to Iraq and ONLY Iraq is malikis group, Mithal alusi, iyad jamal din and the lesser well known.
  22. Any war with the Isreal would be very destructive, especially for the lebanese civilians. For how long must the shia of lebanon bare the brunt responsiblity and die so that the arab [Edited] countries can live in peace? Hamas HATE hizballah in there hearts(only sayyid hasan cant see that), Is it really worth fighting so the shia hating palestinians wont have to feel ''left alone'' ?? If we want to beat isreal, we beat them economically and socially first...then any war would be much easier to win without having to use guerrila warfare.
  23. Iyad jamal din is no good. Hes to extreme and extremity is no good in politics. Thats my personal opinion.
  24. The filthy suadi monarch and the wahabi scum are planning to spend 250 billion dollars to remove the shia fro mpower in Iraq. And if there agent iyad allawi loses in the elections they will work towards a military coup and put in place someone who is worse the Saddam... http://www.baghdadtimes.net/Arabic/index.php?sid=58790 Every Iraqi must vote and do there bit to defend and protect Iraq from these filthy criminals!!
  25. This thread is pointless...its all too obvious England are gonna win it.
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