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  1. (salam) (bismillah) My time's up for now, I must get focused on my studies as this is the final year for me. Special thanks goes to macisaac, Haydar Husayn, Khadim al Zahra (my kaka) and Replicant for helping me in the path of Tashayyu. If anyone wants to contact me for anything, my email is faylaq_omar@hotmail.com (If you're arab that should give you a hint.) I leave you all with this. I'll be back. (wasalam) Reason for edit: Wrong link
  2. So does this mean someone can't save up money for mahr?
  3. In terms of languages, the Imams (as) knew 70 million. 5 – أحمد بن محمد ومحمد بن يحيى، عن محمد بن الحسن، عن يعقوب بن يزيد، عن ابن أبي عمير، عن رجاله، عن أبي عبدالله عليه السلام قال: إن الحسن عليه السلام قال: إن لله مدينتين إحداهما بالمشرق والاخرى بالمغرب، عليهما سور من حديد وعلى كل واحد منهما ألف ألف مصراع وفيها سبعون ألف ألف لغة، يتكلم كل لغة بخلاف لغة صاحبها وأنا أعرف جميع اللغات وما فيهما وما بينهما، وما عليهما حجة غيري وغير الحسين أخي. Ahmad ibn Muhammad and Muhammad ibn Yahya have narrated from Muhammad ibn al-Hassan from Ya‘qub ibn Yazid from ibn abu ‘Umayr from his people from abu ‘Abdallah (as) who has said the following. "Al-Hassan (as) has said, ‘Allah has two cities. One is in the east and the other is in the west. They have a boundary around them that is made of iron and each one has a million doors. Seventy million languages exist therein and I know all those languages and all that is therein. There is no one who would possess Leadership with Divine Authority except me and my brother, al-Husayn (as)’ Source: Al Kafi Volume 1 Page 462 Hadith 5 Grading: Saheeh by Majlisi (wasalam)
  4. The narrations on Tahreef Kitab Allah are too mutawatir in meaning and in matn to be ignored.
  5. 9 – And from Muhammad b. al-Hasan from as-Saffar from al-Hasan b. Musa the wood merchant from Yazid b. Ishaq Sha`ar from `Abbas b. Yazid from Abu `Abdillah عليه السلام. He said: I said to him: Verily these `awamm claim that shirk is more obscure than the creeping of the ant in a dark night upon the black haircloth. So he said: The servant is not a mushrik until he prays to other than Allah, or slaughters (an animal) for other than Allah, or supplicates to other than Allah `azza wa jalla.
  6. Nader Zaveri said: Yellow shoes have the opposite effect of black shoes according to ahadith.
  7. Syed Rohani sporting yellow shoes like a man should: Go get some.
  8. The infallibility of the Imams (as) has no set definition either, does that mean we shouldn't believe in it?
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