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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam am new shia too and looking for masjid and some friends, this is my email efeozlem@yahoo.com

  2. hey if u noted the email then plz delete my previous comment.. don't want too many strangers noting it lol

    and yah u can contact me, and we could figure out a masjed to go to, OR not.. it's up 2 u :) was trying to help out

    ciao :)

  3. (salam) everybody - I hope you are all blessed and well. Ive posted on this forum before and had some really amazing responses and strong words of encouragement, so if it was you and I didn't thank you before, I'm thanking you now. I am a new student to Shia Islam and come from a S.Asian family who are all Sunni. To cut a long story short, I have found that my faith rests so comfortable with the Islam that I am learning day by day from the Shia perspective. I have just moved to Manchester and am looking for anyone who could help - I'm aware of a strong Shia community here, but am completely alien to it. I was wondering if there are any youth groups/sisters groups or "hey-welcome-to-the-newcomer" groups anywhere in the region, since i did go to the Jafaria Centre once and was given a....less than warm and slightly just above sub zero welcome LOL. I completely understand as they must be a tight community and I was not someone they had ever seen before. And telling them I was raised Sunni and wanted to learn about Shia Islam didn't help remove any suspicions! Everyone I know here including family are sunni and there is nobody I can talk to about wanting to just carry on being taught! I'm also quite upset that I'm too intimdated to attend any Muharram events, since I don't know any times/dates for talks etc and nobody to go with. <whoops, I didn't make it clear but when I say youth I don't mean under 18 groups - I'm 24, so basically looking for people of my age to converse with> Inshallah I hope somebody can help me out. (I read the post about people trying to befriend others on this site, and I would like to make it clear I'm not one of those people!! Just someone who is a little confused on their path :blush: ) B.S
  4. Assalam u Alaikum. Thankyou all for your messages and kind words. There may be oe confusion, I'm a sister not a brother (and personally I think that is making it much harder right now) I'm not from the US but in the UK. (just thought I'd clear that up!) At the moment I do most of my research and learning to practice shia islam while I am away from home (im a student so during the semester, I am mainly away) and that is fine, it is when I go home and try to practice that it becomes difficult. Especially since it is when I am at home I get the opportunity to watch eg Shia channels (especially Ahulul Bayt TV which I love) or when I pray my salah (which is noticeably different from the way i used to pray) that I get a hostile response from my mum. Concerning the marriage issue, hat is probably the heaviest thing on my mind. I know that I can carry on learning to be a shia all I like but when it comes to marriage, my parents would never approve a Shia man and no sunni man (or at least his family) would allow me to raise my children shia even if they condone my own beliefs. Inshallah my faith in Allah is strong and he'll help me through these times. Again, thankyou for responding to me. May Allah grant you all happiness and strength.
  5. Salam - a bit out of the way - but I think that sort of attitude is a little defeatist. So Islam is only workable if you are in a country which is supposedly Islamic? I mean where are you classing as "back home" anyway? Personally, I think that Masjids in the Uk are beginning to resemble a little more of what they should be - and not just a place for the odd Jama'at and deaths. The Masjid is supposed to be the centre point of your community - and unless Masjid now run activities to bring the youth back to this community you're allowing them to stray. I don't understand how the member who posted this thread proposes to make a change? By demanding that we all lose the first language we communicate in, in this country? (well i speak for the UK) There is most definitey hope for the Muslim children of immigrant backgrounds in the wet, because we can finally shed the cultural issues of ur parents and grandparents (especially with regards to the S.Asian community) and look towards an Islamic perspective which accomodates for life in a different culture - which by the way doesn't mean compromising your basic Islamic fundamentals since Islam is timeless and ha no boundaries. *confused!!*
  6. Assalam u alaikum. I joined this website as I knew it to be one of the largest online shia communities,and i'm so glad to see a large section dedicated to reverts. I don't know what I would class myelf as, having been raised and well educated as a Sunni. I say wel educated, alhamdulillah I had a lot of Islamic teachings, only recently being pointed out to me that it was mostly author written and had little direction as to the actual source of information. I started looking into Shia Islam about 3 years ago, after a Wahabbi relative showed disdain at my Hanafi/Barelvi practices (which by the way, I could not tell you how they were specifically so, only that it was THE WAY I knew how to practice) and frm there I decided to look into the differences between the "sects". I have recently, I would say over 8 months decided that Shia Islam is where my heart and faith lies most comfortably. I don't know if this is a foolish way to pick the most important part of your life - but it is. Hwever, my parents are heavily against the idea. Not, that I have told them I want to "become a shia" per se, but that talking to them (well attempting to) about reading shia hadiths, books by shia authors even watching the shia channels on TV has shown me that they have so much hostility against it. I' m really just looking for advice, especially if anyone had experienced something similar. My parents are of Pakistani origin and out entire social network is only sunni - the mere thought of even trying to understand Shia beliefs is beynd them. I seriously feel a bit hopeless, beause this is the way I want to practice my Islam but since it is creating so much animosity I find myself not practising even the basic a'amals. Muharram has been very tough since my heart desperately wanted to sit in circles which mourned and rememberd Karbala, yet the Sunni mourning just didnt feel so complete and ends so abruptly on the 10th as if it is a novelty. On top of this, I can't even imagine what to do when it comes to the issue of marriage since I a looking i.A to find a shia partner and I don't think my parents would allow it. Some people tell me to just give up on it (my sister included) and to practice in private - but how can I do this when the most important part for me is raising a family - I won't even be able to do this with a sunni partner? Thankyou so much for even reading my plight and please remember me in your duas.
  7. Assalaam u alaikum and Ramadan mubarak to all. I'm a new member and new to learnig about Shias of Ahulul Bayt so please forgive me, if a) this is posted in the wrong section or is monotonous to you and B) if I offend anyone, with anything I say. I assure you, I am on a learning path and having had a lifetime of one type of teaching I am ready to learn the "other side of the story" as it were. I have been brought up sunni, by sunni parents who have spent their own lives in sunni communities. By their own admission, their views on shias is propoganda and false information, intended to scaremonger. Howevere, my parents have never found the need to explore any other way of practising their religion, since they believe strongly that the way they practice glorifies Allah SWT and the Prophet PBUH. As I said, i am new to learning about Shias (and I don't like to refer to ppl by sect or grouping, since following the sunnah of the Holy Prophet and the path of Allah is my only interest) so I have a few questions. 1) With regard to namaz, I have learnt that shias and sunnis perform salah in different ways. I have been querying to find sources which can prove that the sunni way of performing salah is how the Prophet performed, but can anyone direct me to shia sources? 2)Also with regards to salah - I am confused over how we all differ on how many rakats each namaz should have. I have heard from certain shia scholars that Fajr is 2 rakats, Zohar is 4, Asr 4, Maghrib 3 and Isha a variant of 6 or 7. As a sunni we were taught to read much more, 4,12,8,7 and 17 respectvely. Can someobdy explain this, as the sunni namaz is made up of "sunnat-e-muaqidah" which we are taught were rakats performed by the Prophet regularly, asides from his fardh rakats. 3) This is off the cuff but what is the importance of the random letters that some surahs start wih in the Quran, eg Kaf Ha Ya or Ha Meem etc? Thank you for taking the time to read and please forgive anything I have said which may cause offence. Wasalaam.
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