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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Pretty much every singe source, if I remember correctly, that Amir-Moezzi gave was dha`eef or came through a dha`eef tareeq. Its author Ahmad bin Muhammed bin Sayyari was heavily condemned in the rijaal books. For example, ( 11 ) - 11 - أَحْمَدُ بنُ مُحَمَّد بن سَيّار، يُكنّى‏ أبا عَبْداللَّه، القُمّيّ، المعروف بالسَيّاريّ. ضَعِيْفٌ، مُتهالِكٌ، غالٍ، مُنْحَرِفٌ. اسْتَثْنى‏ شُيُوخُ القُمّيّين رِوايَتَهُ من كتاب «نَوادِرِ الحِكْمةِ». وحَكى عليُّ بنُ مُحَمَّد بن مَحْبُوب عنه في كتاب «النَوَادِرِ» المُصَنَّف‏ أنّهُ قالَ بِالتَناسُخِ. 11 – Ahmad b. Muhammad b. Sayyar. Known by the kunya A
  2. Oh wow! Youtube! It MUST be 100% real! Certainly those actual researchers and experts in this field of study need to see this youtube video even though they've considered many cases already. http://en.wikipedia....der#Controversy
  3. In your opinion. Actually the ahadeeth collectively are much more reliable than you think. There's no doubt that after the Prophet's death, we are to hold onto the Quran and also to hold onto his teachings. But who is the best source of his teachings? For the Shia, it is the Ahlulbayt. Of course, our own ahadeeth confirm this. Such as: 24 – Ahmad b. Muhammad (thiqa) from al-Hasan b. `Ali [al-Washsha] from Abu Ishaq Tha`laba (thiqa) from Abu Maryam (thiqa). He said: Abu Ja`far Úáíå ÇáÓáÇã said to Salama b. Kuhayl and al-Hakam b. `Utayba: (You two) go East or West, you will never find sound kno
  4. Perhaps I am mistaken, but when I read up on this topic, the existence of multiple personality disorder was disputed. In any case, insane people are not entirely responsible for their actions
  5. Or I just have a life and I can't be bothered to be respond to every single comment which was also pre-answered I think.
  6. (wasalam) The parts of the encyclopedia that I have consulted in the past have been mostly reliable, so you can use it. Be warned though that the references are not always up-to-update. E.g. if I remember correctly, the references to ahadeeth Saheeh Muslim are referring to an older english version which differs in numbering to the version online. Another site you may also like to consult is:http://www26.brinkster.com/sdolshah1/articles.html
  7. It seems that the tawtheeq of Abaan rests on the concept of ashab al-ijma'. Aboo Abdullaah has pointed out another interesting case on HCY ([url Edited]/index.php?showtopic=14851&view=findpost&p=98942): The lack of mention of Ma`roof in the books of Tusi and Najashi is strange. Do these two cases (help) weaken the concept of ashaab al-ijmaa?
  8. Assalamu alaykum. The curious case of أبان بن عثمان الأحمر (Abaan bin `Uthmaan al-Ahmar) which a friend brought to my attention. al-Kashshi says (pالجزءالخامس/375) that Abaan is of the ashab al-ijma. أجمعت العصابة على تصحيح ما يصح من هؤلاء و تصديقهم لما يقولون و أقروا لهم بالفقه من دون أولئك الستة الذين عددناهم و سميناهم ستة نفر: جميل بن دراج و عبد الله بن مسكان و عبد الله بن بكير و حماد بن عيسى و حماد بن عثمان و أبان بن عثمان قالوا و زعم أبو إسحاق الفقيه يعني ثعلبة بن ميمون: أن أفقه هؤلاء جميل بن دراج و هم أحداث أصحاب أبي عبد الله (ع). Rough translation: The body of Shi'i scholars (`isaabah)
  9. Alot of people think that hadeeths > reasoning. Alternative methods: Or refer to each other's hadeeths to prove your own position. Something that many Imamis do. E.g. look at how Umar said in the two Saheehs that Ali bin Abi Talib (aleyhis salam) thought that Abu Bakr as a liar and sinful when he denied Fadak to the daughter of the Prophet. Or refer to incidents found in both books. (wasalam)
  10. Quite possibly true. Although perhaps Najashi shared the modern view to some extent since he says whether many rijaal are thiqa or dha`eef. Perhaps the reason why Najashi does not strengthen Ibraheem is that Najashi had not received explicit or strong enough implicit tawtheeq for Ibraheem hence his honest lack of tawtheeq for him.
  11. The point about 9 being few is only in relation to the point that "the Qummis would have defamed Ibraheem if he was weak because they are strict". 8 actually, since one isn't a Qummi. This is arguably important in the absence of tawtheeq. Or the absence of tawtheeq might just be an accident. This isn't a flaw with the system. It's a sign of how the expectations of what the system should do have changed and how the system lacks a sufficient type of information.
  12. Saved, I am entitled to point out that the majority of people made unhelpful attacks and comments that don't contribute to a productive discussion. Your personal attacks on me and my beliefs means I won't be replying to the rest of your post. BTW, I should point out that just because I'm discussing a few points, it doesn't mean I am a follower of Farid or that I actually think Ibraheem bin Hashim. Ibraheem bin Hashim is thiqa in my belief. I just believe in fairly testing out ideas which sometimes I do by debating them. Thiqa according to which mutaqadim other than Najashi? Shaykh at-Taa'ifa
  13. You're missing the point. You can't make the argument that the Qummis would have defamed Ibraheem if Ibraheem was weak because to quote Farid: Personally, I don’t believe that this specific point means much, especially once one realizes how few the actual students of Ibrahim bin Hashim are. Al-Khoei lists a total of nine students. Out of that group, it seems that the only real major student was Ibrahim bin Hashim’s son Ali, who narrated the vast majority of his father’s hadith. I believe the next couple of important students were Sa’ad bin Abdullah and Mohammed bin Ahmad bin Yahya, assuming th
  14. Wow. 7 pages of lame comments. We have people saying that the rijal system is entirely worthless. These are the same people who have never displayed any knowledge in or about this field when a discussion on ilm ar-rijaal or ilm ad-dirayah has occurred on SC. We have people saying that Farid is a liar and other insults. Farid actually has very great akhlaaq; far better than the people who are insulting him and do not even know him. We have people doubting people's tashayyu'. Lord Botta is an intelligent, knowledgable, well-behaved Muslim. He easily outshines most of the Imamis on SC in akhlaaq
  15. Almost a month on and no changes. Many things are still broken with this thread, such as missing button images. Just change the horrid theme already. I thought Zareen said the admins were deciding on which theme to pick.
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