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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Had a great time on shiachat, thanks to all the brothers and sisters here :) im cancelling my service in a few days and InshaAllah, just wanted to say salamun alaikom AKA Ali187em
  2. salaam if i said i have invested money in Iran i might go to jail so i wont ;) you can double triple your investment in a year or max 2 lol w s
  3. salaam this is the wrong place to ask but can one read this wonderful book without wudho? im sure one can just want to be very surelol.
  4. salaam alaikom Ali - Keep Yo Head Up old spice is the best!!!!!! sis, i was going to say that after old spice the women deod's are the best, once i was out and stole a new unused one my mother dear had, and it was the second best i have ever used!!! i dont know why but the female ones are stronger. w s
  5. salaaamun alaikom welcome :) w s
  6. salaam sis you forgeting that she as supposed to leave? where are these imagenary warnings? she has cursed 1 2 many times! w s
  7. What if we said the same thing about people from the ME coming to this country? How would that make you feel? Are you aware that shortly after 9/11 50,000 Muslims were allowed into this country? How come if they hate this country so much, they're so eager to come here? Reading all the respect on this board for homicide bombers, I certainly have some serious questions. look you shmuck, the muslims are not coming here and kicking you out of your homeor living in your fathers home and fighting you! you should be banned for being a nut.
  8. Long before Islam came into being there were the "people of the book." My Bible is full of these people and their history. Both Christianity and Islam have their roots in Judaism. {{{ come on do some research, those arent even jews, their Kazars! }}} We owe them some gratitude don't you think? The fact that God chose the Jew, and trusted them and no other, to reveal His will for humanity should also count for something. All the prophets, except Muhammed, were Jews. {{{ we dont owe gratitude to any other than God Almighty! go read their freaking "Holy" books and see how much they curse you
  9. the zionist wouldn't have left lebanon had it been for the continued operations by hezbollah. These operations were staged over at least 16 years. thank you bro! this is something muslims forget, these people are living on yourbrethrens land, living in their homes, killing their kids! they do it every month! your young brothers and sister cant even go to school, the nazi jews wont let them, and if they are lucky enough to go BAM the get shot! every day more and more jew are moving in, they have to be stoped, they have to be scared away! there is no other way to stop american,russi
  10. Institute for Policy Research & Development WHEN WAR CRIMINALS PLAY THE VICTIM, AND THE WORLD NODS IN AGREEMENT Contents I. State Terrorism: Intrinsic to Israel’s Zionist Ideology II. A History of Systematic Aggression III. The Invasion and Occupation of Lebanon IV. Who is Ariel Sharon? Conclusions I. State Terrorism: Intrinsic to Israel’s Zionist Ideology “A war of terrorism was forced on us”, announced Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in a live televised broadcast outlining Israeli war plans in the wake of the weekend suicide attacks within the Zionist State. “If you ask what
  11. salaam Bro please make this the last time she sais thi about the sohada! how many times are our brothers and role models going to be insulted on an Islamic Site?
  12. lol you love them so much then you can go to stolen palestine and lve with them they stole land,homes and lives, they deserve every thing they get, please join them hypocrite.
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