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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. salam.

    Dear how can I send you a book about your need


  2. Salaam everyone, I have a friend who currently follows sunnism but after taking a course at university that talked about "shia islam"....she has become interested in shia-ism and wants to know how she can start following the shia sector. I have already explained to her the basic things.....but I'm not good at explaining everything and considering that shias "kalma" is different than sunnis....would she have to recite that as well?....I was wondering how I should help her find everything she needs to know in order to start following the teachings of Ahlul-bayt....please help me out!! All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Salaam to all, I was wondering if I could get people's views on my current situation... I'm quite an Islamic person...recently my parents have been forcing me to get into something that I do not want. They wanted me to get married to this guy whom I don't like at all and there's no physical attraction between us whatsoever. I rejected the proposal and ever since then, I am being treated like trash by my family, my parents have been blackmailing...saying stuff like I'll go to hell and Allah will condemn me for the rest of my life for not obeying their wishes (astegferullah) They wanted me to get married to this person due to their own selfish desires and have not been taking my will and wishes into account about this matter at all...I've been trying to explain that what they are doing is not right as Islam does not support this kind of behavior but they are giving me cultural BS and using the name of Islam to defend it..... I've gotten disowned...and I've been told to leave the house and live on my own.... I was wondering what people think about my parents behavior...I also wanted to find out whether my actions were un-Islamic in any way or if I have displeased Allah (SWT) because of this.... Isn't every human being been given free will to decide for themselves?
  4. Salaam Everyone, I come with a general question about prayers. I have been continuously trying to correct the way I pray and recently I read something which said that, if a person finds out at some point that the quranic verses in the prayers were being pronounced the wrong way - the whole prayer has to be repeated. So even if there was an error/mistake in pronunciation at the very last part of the prayers e.g. instead of "Ash hadu an la ilaha illal lahu wahdahu la sharika lah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan 'Abduhu wa Rasuluh"....a person said "Ash hadu an la ilaha illal lahu wahdahu la sharika LAHU, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan 'Abduhu wa Rasuluh......would the whole prayer be considered as invalid? Can someone please explain because it makes me really frustrated everytime I realize that I have been praying incorrectly and have to repeat every prayer of my life all over again, thanks so much!
  5. Salaam, Does anyone know how to delete a certain Topic once it has been posted here? because I tried deleting one of them after a couple of days but I can't seem to find the delete option on my profile anywhere..... Thanks.
  6. Salaam Everyone! I was wondering if anyone could tell with reference to authentic Shia Hadiths, Quranic verses etc, whether or not Taxidermy is considered as Haraam in Islam. I used to be in the field of artwork, paintings, drawings etc but I don't do it as often now and recently I was asked by someone (a Taxidermist) if I could paint his fish for him. Now, I came across this saying on an Islamic website while I was doing my little research on it being haraam or halal - "It is not permissable to post pictures, nor keep taxidermy or stuffed animals in homes or offices as implied by the authentic traditions of the Prophet (pbuh) that indicate the prohibition of posting pictures or keeping statues or figurines in homes or elsewhere. Displaying figurines and posting images are conductive to Shirk, and imitating the enemies of Allah, and competing with Allah in terms of creation. Stuffed animals are also a waste of money, and a pretext of posting or keeping statues. The perfect Islamic law leaves no excuse for means which leads to Shirk or sinful practices" Source: http://brandyabaza.spaces.live.com/blog/cns!429698F1068ED284!373.entry?sa=258662562 This answer doesn't really explain whether it's haraam to indulge in taxidermy e.g. painting/decorating dead animals, though my logic tells me that it probably is. So, I wanted a valid answer to this from people with better knowledge out there. Also, could someone also please tell me whether indulging in artwork is Haraam or not? I mean what if you are using that talent relgiously i.e. painting religious pictures like Names of Allah (SWT) and other stuff... (I follow Ayatollah Sistani) All help would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!
  7. I actually agree with you on that, this is our first time going for an Ummrah and we have to go through this agent who apparently is a sunni and most people that I've heard from, had to go through the same process :S
  8. Do I need 50 posts to get my username changed or to use the private message function?
  9. Thank you very much! Though, I'm just confused about something. Ususally before I start my wudu, I cleanse and wash my face as well as my arms and feet and then make the Niyyah of Wudu and perform the wudu as mentioned above. But I read somewhere that, the feet have to be completely dry before you perform the "masah of the feet or wipe the feet" so that's what I do, I dry my feet and then perform it. But I wanted to know, whether the same precedure would apply to when you are wiping the face and elbows....would they have to be completely dry as well before you start wiping with the wudu water? Also before I start my wudu, like I mentioned that I cleanse my face etc (because of the make-up) first and in that process I end up getting my hairline and the upper part of my head all wet, and while wiping the head in wudu, starting from the middle, it has to be completely dry as well right? So I don't know what to do, I'm just confused whether it's okay to perform wudu after cleansing everything up or taking a shower or if everything has to be completely dry when you start your wudu.... I'll appreciate your help. Thanks!
  10. Thanks....umm could you tell me how you go about sending a private message here?
  11. Salaam everyone, (I hope I have posted my questions in the right forum) After doing my little research, I couldn't find any Shia guide on the correct method of Ummrah for men and women. So, I was wondering if someone will be kind enough to direct me in the right direction. I'm looking for a detailed guide and all the correct procedures of performing an Ummrah for both men and women according to Ayatollah Sistani. Also, my next question is regarding following a specific Marja. I have started following Ayatollah Sistani recently and I heard from someone that you have to do some sort of a registration process so that if you have any questions regarding some matter, you contact their "department" or whatever to get the correct answers. I don't know if it sounds weird or something but that's what I was told and I'm hoping if someone can correct me and tell me what steps to follow once you decide to start following a specific marja. All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  12. Salaam, So, is it okay if I request you to get it changed please? because I'm still new here and I'm not familiar with the rules and procedures etc. Please reply back. Thanks.
  13. Salaam everyone, I want to change my username to something else here on shiachat.com but I have no clue, I tried looking around for help but couldn't find any forum that would talk about this issue. Would I be required to make a brand new account if I can't change my username? or is there a way to change without deleting your previous account? All help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  14. Salaam Brothers & Sisters, I was wondering if someone knowledgeable can help me out here preferably with reference to Islamic/shia Hadiths etc (I follow Ayatollah Sistani). My Question is regarding Wudu. I wear light make-up to work which includes concealer and a lot of eyeliner, reason being I feel uncomfortable going out with acne spots and blemishes showing on my face along with puffy eyes (I know it's not considered a good act but I'm working on getting my skin condition to look better with the help of medication and other products so that I won't have the need to put make-up on as much anymore). I know that a woman can't make Wudu if there's something on the face that doesn't allow the water to go through, so that's why before going to work, I make my Wudu first and put the make-up on afterwards. Now my other issue is that, I do not know whether my Wudu would be broken or not while at work because at my part-time job in a private child care Centre, one of my duties is to change change Children's diapers etc for which I always wear gloves. I make sure not to get anything unclean on my clothes while I'm doing that. So, would anyone be able to tell me whether my Wudu would be broken or not considering I'm coming into contact with something "unclean" even if I do use gloves and wash hands afterwards.Because by the time I get home, I have to get ready for another job and I have an hour in between and since it takes me more than 30 mins to offer my prayers, there would be very little time left to re-apply my makeup thing all over again and get ready had I performed the wudu again in order to offer prayers. Also, is it even allowed to offer prayers if a person has make-up on but has performed the wudu before putting it on? As regards to the correct method of wudu, I couldn't find the correct method for shia "women" anywhere on the internet and I was wondering if someone can explain to me in detail the correct method because I seem to get water everywhere when I'm performing it and I'm pretty sure that there are some steps that I perform incorrect and that bothers me. I would really appreciate it if someone will be kind enough to please correct me & help me out here with reference to Ayatollah Sistani. Thanks very much in advance!!
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