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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hahaha watched it before but this music is sooo weired :squeez: before one( english) was better
  2. I'm scared... there was a warning here too :cry: :cry: :(
  3. AHAHAH VERY FUNNY! :dry: :dry: hmm well i guess same goes to the husband vs. boyfriend ...:lol:
  4. i dyed my hair like light golden brown...n they turned out to b red tinted errrrrrr hated it .... :squeez: ...n btw i did it bymyself... sooo it's better to go to a salon n get it done ..cuz they know wat colour to b mixed n stuff for pich black hair...
  5. WOW mashallah lucky you... my hair barely growss :cry:
  6. If i was in your place i would break the engagment... seriously, if you still have this "what if i didn't marry him" that means he's not the person you'lll live happy with ... you'll always b like "oh man, wat was i thinking " but seriously.... do something before you get married to him ... i suggest u NOT!! but that's just me :angel: hopefully this sorts out for you problem inshallah !!! p.s I dunno wat country your from , but seems like Pakistan aka. paki family issue sigh* n deep sigh* to me ... :wacko: don't tell me he's your cousin? lol nd your married to him just becuse he wants to come here ( west) lol or your family wants him to !! :dry: :dry:
  7. i support this thread cuz i love lebanese FOOD :wub: :wub:
  8. Thats it? :unsure: No more Pakis ??? u gota b kidding me !!:wacko:
  9. yea i live in northeren BC but i also come to vancouver a lot :) i can tell u places where you can go for muharram :)
  10. WOOHOOO!! ahah relax dude u just said that u feel like [Edited Out] ....
  11. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :o :o :o This is why u DON'T go to parties like that :angry: :angry:
  12. i wish i was in lahore ...... :cry: :cry: miss my childhood :cry: :cry: but SNOW!! :huh: never had snow there wen i lived ... waaaaaaaa ... wat place is this?
  13. ^ it was on the second page http://www.shiachat.com/forum/index.php?/topic/234985605-paki-power-p/
  14. Relax bro .... i could b the only girl here who had huge crushes on guyss during my teen years DON'T ASK but gone through every each one of em without a problem ... LOL but yeah if i got out of this soo will u ...Inshallah ... don't give up ... try suffering the pain like i did :cry: ahahahah :lol: n e wayzz && hate being in a weastren countries no joke ... this is wat u get... :dry:
  15. i don't wear hijab and got no time to put make-up on either... just love yourself how you look.... why wanan look beautiful? :unsure: girls put make-up on just to look attractive to guy.... which is straight up BS
  16. Yemen protests Meanwhile, vast crowds took to the streets across Yemen after weekly Muslim prayers to demand veteran president Ali Abdullah Saleh step down in mass protests that left one killed and 22 injured in clashes with police. In the capital, tens of thousands of protesters poured into a main square near Sanaa University chanting "Out, out!" and "God bears witness to your acts, Abdullah," a correspondent reported. Organisers estimated the numbers at 100,000. Police set up checkpoints after Mr Saleh on Thursday ordered his forces to offer "full protection" to anti-regime protesters and loyalists alike. In the past week two people have been killed in clashes with Saleh loyalists in Sanaa, and one was killed in similar violence in Taez, south of the capital, where a correspondent and organisers said hundreds of thousands of anti-Saleh protesters demonstrated. The protesters had dubbed Friday "the beginning of the end" for Mr Saleh's regime, which has been in power since 1978. "There is no solution unless the regime steps down," prayer leader Sheikh Abdullah Satar told the faithful over a megaphone. Saleh loyalists also demonstrated in Al-Tahrir square, where they have been gathered since early February. A protester was killed when clashes broke out in the southern port of Aden, where security forces fired tear gas and live rounds as thousands marched from several parts of the city towards tightly patrolled Al-Aroob Square in Khor Maksar neighbourhood, witnesses said. Mohammed Ahmed Saleh, 17, died from gunshot wounds in hospital in Khor Maksar, a hospital official said. Medics also said 22 people were hurt, 20 in Al-Arish district and another two in Al-Memlah. "Police dispersed thousands of protesters by force in Al-Arish neighbourhood," one organiser, Wafi al-Shabi, said. Security forces also arrested many demonstrators, said Mr Shabi, who added that he did not have exact figures on the numbers held. The teenager's death raised to 13 the number of victims of almost daily clashes between police and protesters in Aden since February 16, according to a tally based on reports by medics and witnesses http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2011/02/26/3149626.htm?section=world I'm soo scared of these death happening ....
  17. Most Perefered KITKAT MARS DAIRY MILK Less Perefered ANY CHOCOLATE that has NO peanuts in it :D
  18. but i heard a mullana say that it`ll be closed when Imam (a.t.f.s) comes :( oh god don`t know wat too belive these days
  19. LOL ! ..... wat i meant was there called "creatures" u noe.... race is like skin colour n [Edited Out]
  20. the dajall your talking abt is known as "illuminati" which is invisiabe...n the visable one will come during Imam(a.s) time....
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