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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. hahaha watched it before but this music is sooo weired :squeez: before one( english) was better
  2. I'm scared... there was a warning here too :cry: :cry: :(
  3. AHAHAH VERY FUNNY! :dry: :dry: hmm well i guess same goes to the husband vs. boyfriend ...:lol:
  4. i dyed my hair like light golden brown...n they turned out to b red tinted errrrrrr hated it .... :squeez: ...n btw i did it bymyself... sooo it's better to go to a salon n get it done ..cuz they know wat colour to b mixed n stuff for pich black hair...
  5. WOW mashallah lucky you... my hair barely growss :cry:
  6. If i was in your place i would break the engagment... seriously, if you still have this "what if i didn't marry him" that means he's not the person you'lll live happy with ... you'll always b like "oh man, wat was i thinking " but seriously.... do something before you get married to him ... i suggest u NOT!! but that's just me :angel: hopefully this sorts out for you problem inshallah !!! p.s I dunno wat country your from , but seems like Pakistan aka. paki family issue sigh* n deep sigh* to me ... :wacko: don't tell me he's your cousin? lol nd your married to him just becuse he wants to come here ( west) lol or your family wants him to !! :dry: :dry:
  7. i support this thread cuz i love lebanese FOOD :wub: :wub:
  8. Thats it? :unsure: No more Pakis ??? u gota b kidding me !!:wacko:
  9. yea i live in northeren BC but i also come to vancouver a lot :) i can tell u places where you can go for muharram :)
  10. WOOHOOO!! ahah relax dude u just said that u feel like [Edited Out] ....
  11. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :o :o :o This is why u DON'T go to parties like that :angry: :angry:
  12. i wish i was in lahore ...... :cry: :cry: miss my childhood :cry: :cry: but SNOW!! :huh: never had snow there wen i lived ... waaaaaaaa ... wat place is this?
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