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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, If we look into Shia beliefs and theology without favouritism, we find that in fact it is the most logical and common sense approach and not based on blind faith like some other religious traditions within and without Islam. On the issue of divine successorship, breaking it down in simple terms, we can think of it this way: 1. Allah is the almighty lord of the world. This means that Allah has the sole right of legislation over his creation. Because Allah is the creator, He knows best the needs of His creation and therefore His divine laws are the most suitable to be followed for
  2. Incest involves sexual relations between people who share the same direct blood - siblings with each other, parents with offspring, etc. Since there is no blood relation whatsoever this is in no way incestuous and whoever says it is should be ashamed of themselves for their dishonesty. In Islam the age of bulugh for a female is 9, for a male it is 15 - end of story. The author Saeed Dehghan and the self proclaimed "human rights activist" Shadi Sadr are both secularists and enemies of Islam. Who cares what they have to say or what stupid labels they attach to the religion of Islam or the Is
  3. Why is it in direct conflict with the doctrine of 12? Where is your evidence?
  4. I think this demonstrates two things: 1) Ignorance of Islamic and Irani culture 2) Reading too much into it When we begin a lecture what do we say? Assalat wa assalam 3ala khayr al anbiya2 wal mursaleen, Sayyidna wa mawlana wa habib gulubna wa tabib nafosna wa shafi3 dhunobna etc etc etc etc abal qassim Muhammad (SAWW) etc etc. These are the titles of respect and maqam we afford to our Imams and Prophets (as) so those who say we only call them simple titles like Abul Hassan or Aba Abdillah are overlooking this. Yes when referring to someone or speaking to them for practical reasons you will sh
  5. I'm criticising the mentality that exists, the "I know it all" mentality that people fall into where they basically have cast aside any need for an Islamic Government and leadership and taken on that role for themselves. I'm criticising the mentality that we should play politics like Bani Umayya used to, and yes I'm criticising people for criticising Iran's policies, disregard so much information and careful strategy that goes behind every decision that the Islamic Reliblic makes. True this is a public forum, but it doesn't give a right for people to express an opinion on every single matter w
  6. This is how it begins, one side says the Islamic Republic is too extreme, one side says they are not extreme enough. Both find excuses to criticise, then stop supporting, and ultimately attack the Islamic Government. Sub7anallah how the people of Kufa exist in every generation. The Islamic Government should do what it does and you should sit in your place and show no reaction... Perhaps you should have some respect and take your own advice...
  7. Seriously what's wrong with you people? Many people on this forum claim to want to look after "Shia interests" and yet use the politics of Mu'awiya (la) to achieve their goals. Hypothetically speaking if Iran did take this position, how is this "treason" and "being a coward"? Just because there are a few (or many) evil fools in Egypt, does that mean we should be in support of a military coup and subsequent dictatorship which will suppress a nation, just because "it fits with our interests"? In the battle of Siffeen, Mu'awiya seized control of the river and denied access to it for Imam Ali'
  8. Annual Imam Khomeini Conference On behalf of the Imam Khomeini Conference Committee, we would like to invite you to attend the First Annual Imam Khomeini Conference in Sydney, Australia. The conference has been established in order to promote the character, thoughts, ideals and message of Imam Khomeini, and to analyse his immense contribution to the Islamic Nation and the world. The details of the event are as follows: Date: Saturday 1st June, 2013. Time: 7:00pm. Venue: Hussaineyat Alnabi Alakram, 6 Rosedale Avenue, Greenacre NSW 2190. It is our sincere hope that you will be able to join us in
  9. Whoever the Assembly of Experts deems to be most qualified and suited to the role will be the next Supreme Leader, and may Allah prolong the life of Imam Khamenei. The Western media can go to hell.
  10. lol what have protests accomplished? Revolutions have begun from protests of a few people! And besides, it's not about necessarily changing anything, and perhaps a small group of protesters in front of an embassy won't be the downfall of the regime, but that isn't our intention. We are simply doing our taklif to Allah to support our Muslim brothers across the world and voice our disgust at the enemies of Islam. Tawali and Tabarri. Staying silent in the face of injustice makes one a partner to it.
  11. Salam brother thank you, this protest is in Australia. We are based in Sydney but traveling to Camberra to protest.
  12. Salam Alaykom brothers and sisters, Just informing you all that we have organised a protest in front of the Saudi Embassy this Monday in protest of the imprisonment and planned execution of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr. When: 10:30am Monday 29th April 2013 Where: Outside Saudi Embassy (38 Guilfoyle Street Yarralumla, ACT) Why: Protest to Demand the release of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and hundreds of innocent prisoners in Saudi jails FREE Bus available at Jaafaria Shia Islamic Centre (60A Gray St Kogarah NSW) leaving at 7am SHARP - Please call 0414679751 to reserve your seat. http://www.facebook.com/events/
  13. "Thus, bountiful wealth came to a minority of the nation's individuals who were given the opportunity to utilize the modern means of production, and who were supplied by unlimited capitalistic freedom that provided sufficient assurances for exploiting these means of production and benefiting from them to a great extent, as well as for destroying many groups in the nation whose industry was swept away and whose lives were shaken by the steam engine, and who found no way to stand steadfast in the face of this storm, as long as the lords of modern industries were armed by economic freedom and the
  14. Everyone needs to stop responding to Moussa and his red herrings, he's trying to distract from the topic. This is the definition of trolling. This post has nothing to do with Iran, Moussa if you insist on trying to criticize Iran there are dozens of threads, so leave this thread alone. Anyway if this news is true or not, the days of Aal Sa3ud are numbered Inshallah! May Allah protect our brothers and sister in Qatif, and grant them victory. إن الباطل كان زهوقا
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