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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam dear member, im also shia member and my brother lives in Aberdeen but for his job. We cannot find any ahlulbeyt jamiyyat (community) in Aberdeen, plz if u really know any community let us know too, bcoz it is really hard to live without them. Waiting respond from u. Allah hafez u

    Best regards ur sister in Islam Durdane

  2. Hello Slamz.. brother I am just coming to aberdeen to pursue my postgraduate studies.. i would like to knw more..

  3. Salams, Ramadhan mubarak to you and family..I am trying to communicate with brother A.A who is your friend and is living in Aberdeen where I am. if you have dealt with him in the past please give me his details.



  4. H.K

    Salams brother, I have recently moved to Aberdeen and am trying to get in touch with you for gathering in Ramadhan, please reply on my profile asap..wassalam..Hassan

  5. Salaam, if you do manage to find out more information about shia gatherings in Aberdeen, please can you post this on the forum as it will be useful for others who move there or who may just visit there occasionally. Good luck and Allah hafez.

  6. Salaam, sorry but I never moved to Aberdeen - I remained in Edinburgh, so I never followed this through. I only know that the shia there tend to use the University building for prayers, but I do not even know the location or anything. If you are anywhere near Edinburgh or Glasgow though there are shia gatherings in Arabic, Farsi and Urdu, with sometimes English talks too.

  7. Salams, Please get in touch with me, I have just moved to Aberdeen...I tried to PM you but am constantly getting error message
  8. Salam Sister, I have recently moved to Aberdeen..please help me to get in touch with shias there or Dundee..I need to go to a centre for the Laylatul Qadr nights...I saw your posts...also I cant get in touch with A.A who has posted about shias in Aberdeen..will appreciate if yon know how to contact him as you have dealt with him in the past..Peace

  9. Salam A.A, I have just moved to Aberdeen and it will be nice to meet up with you especially since Ramadhan is near. Can any administrator help me out to contact him please?
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