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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. please at least dont use " so and so " dear even janabe zaineb(as) did that Lady Zaynab (as), when she saw the head of her brother Imam Hussain peace be upon him, being paraded in public hit her forehead on the bar of the carriage she was travelling in, causing bleeding to flow from beneath her veil, which was visible to onlookers who witnessed the event {Some of the famous references, which confirm the above report, are as follows: · Bihaar al-Anwaar; volume 45, page 114, · Jalaa’ al-‘Oyun; volume 2, page 238, · Zaynab al-Kubra; page 112, · Asraar al-Shahadah; pa
  2. well i dont know about u but i do blve the imams(as) have ilm e ghaib and knowledge of everythng till the day of the judgement. as per u he dnt hve any information about the after-period of his occultation. it may be ur blve not mine. when prophet(saw) and tell about khwarjis , karbala, about 12 imams about qayamat i mean evrythng . n
  3. Quote "Adam was so distressed that he smashed his hands onto his knees and the skin from his hands caused gashes from which bone could be seen". "When life was breathed into the spirit of Adam he hit his hand on his head and cried. He made this tradition of beating one's head with one's hand and crying in times of trouble for his descendants." This is new. What is the source for these ahadith? Mourning and shedding blood is the Sunnah of Prophet Adam (as) We read in Ahl'ul Sunnah's authority work Ma'arij al Nubuwwah, Chapter 1 page 248: "Adam was so distressed that he smashed his hands onto hi
  4. i ve given enough ref. for my support but till now u have not given any ref from quran or imam(as) hadith to support ur argument
  5. who gave you right to call it bidah , and it hardly matters if it ur prblm wer do u stand in islam ask urself do we have to follow wat u like or wat u think is right. now wat u r talking reflects ur knowledge and etiquette of disscussion. well can u plz tell me how come u know or read the thoughts of infallibles(as) the sentence " tell us what else you know more than the imams (as) about, I'm sure there is alot they didn't think of. " as if u know everythng wat imam(as) knows and above all it also reflect ur love and repect for imams(as) http://www.youtube.c...h?v=bk8cZ1bP1FM http://www.youtu
  6. First of all its our blood that we are shedding why is anyone disturbed. Secondly who has given rights to anyone to declare what is Haraam or Halaal.

  7. u can s face in big circle and hussain written in arabicin the smaller circle

  8. Imam Sadiq (as) said: “Surely above every act of worship, there is another act of worship and the superior most worship is to love us Ahlulbait (as).” [REF: Al-Mahasin Pg: 113] ( dear brs who gave the example of haya ala khairl amal in azaan and namaaz is the superior most act in islam thn how come imam sadiq(as) mentio love of ahle bait as the most suprior act of worship, bros will any one can define LOVE FOR AHLE BAIT to me, as also in quran ajar e risalat is love of ahle bait . ) Since Azadari is the expression of our love towards Ahlulbait (as), it is superior most worship as per
  9. well plzz most of the ppl asking to show zanjeer zani and qamamzaani of in quraan and hadith ( same way as ppl like zakir naiks, israr ahmeds..) well than show me hadith aur quran verse in which it is mentioned not to do so in mourn of imam hussain (as). and if the adminis hv any problm regarding my video they remove it . doing zanjeerzani or qama zani in is expression of love for ahle bait. there r some ppl just put there hands down and sum ppl wail wen hear the suffering of imam hussain(as), some beat there chest sum ppl beat there head some ppl hit there heads on walls now tell me wer
  10. Fatwa of A.Muhammad Sadiq Rouhani (may Allah Almighty protect him): To do Qama-Zani is a very good act indeed, and to perform Qama-Zani in public enhances the excellence of this act, and if one is harmed in the process, the reward (Thawab) for this act will be increased even further. One of the things that I regret not doing is that I did not have the honour to perform this great practice, and now that I am old and frail, I am unable to perform it. In any case, from all the people who have had the honour to perform this religious symbol I wish to ask them to pray for me after performing Qam
  11. cant ull c a face in bigger circle and Hussain written in arabic in smaller one
  12. thanks for ur rply bro. i will request u 2 c it urself once thanks My link this for pakistani as youtube is banned there
  13. plz i request if ne1 knws from wer i can get this book ( Then came Hazrat Ali: autobiography, 1972ý by Dosoo Framjee Karaka) i will be thankfull 2 him. i am in kolkata, india hoping to get replys. fimaan Allah
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