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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salam, Does anyone have fatwas/rulings from any of the maraje regarding the use of the morning after pill? Thanks in advance, and sources please. salam
  2. Salam, This is a very common issue with all grandparents regardless of race. It is very important to be clear, firm and respectful with the grandparents. Explain to them the reasoning behind your decisions with your child, if they do not agree, directly ask them not to intervene. From my personal experience the only reason it continues is because parents are too shy to say anything fearing they offend the grandparents, or out of respect for them. However this comes down to how you discipline your child and teach them about the world, its very important that you stick your ground. One thing you
  3. Salam, Where is the father? What's his position? Willing to marry? Please do not abort your child, and remember he had no part in what you did...may God forgive you, and may you and your children find the right path amen. Ruling from Ayatulah Khameni To Abort to Preserve One’s Dignity Q: If my pregnancy proves shameful for me and would endanger my dignity and that of my family, can I terminate it during the 1st trimester? A: Abortion is ḥarām in shar’ and what is mentioned does not justify the same.
  4. Brother Sloth, Have you been to the revert muslims website? It is made by a shia revert who went through same issues as you while converting [lack of resources for converts from Shia perspective] www.revertmuslims.com God bless, salam
  5. Salam, Maybe instead of outwardly saying 'convert', you can explain to her that Islam is a huge part of your life that bares significance, and if she is to marry you she needs to discover why its important to you and understand it. As for website, I believe al-islam.org has resources in several languages, also most of the maraje websites have english sections with literature concerning Islam. A very helpful website created by a Shia sister is revertmuslims.com, it is mainly for non Muslims or new Muslims to learn about Islam so you might find it most helpful. Inshallah both of you will be guid
  6. Salam, I attended a wedding recently that I found really well organized and in accordance with Islamic rulings, and not 'boring' :). The wedding was located in two halls next to each other- one for males and one for females, the evening included a slideshow, speeches by friends and family of the couple, and poetry. The speeches were really funny and so were the slideshows , I found it to be a very 'personal' wedding you really got to know the couple. >May God grant you the spouse you are looking for
  7. Assalumu 3alykum wa rahmtu Allah, Does anyone know of any duas or ahadith for breastfeeding, infant care or child rearing? I'm specifically looking for sahih ahadith on breastfeeding Thank you in advance
  8. Salam, Its incredible and unfortunate that its been months since his passing, and people still can't even begin to learn to be respectful. The OP asked a simple question- not if his sons will "inherit" his marjaye, but who will guide his followers? It didn't need to turn into the typical question-his-marjae thread. may he rest in peace ameen
  9. Salam all, Those who are overly concerned with the validity of Fadlullah's status should take a good long look at themselves and worry about their own sins, and have respect for a great man who is now with his Lord. This great scholar will not be replaced...condolences.
  10. Salam, Though I generally think both lists are very well done, I find the bolded parts laughable and a bit offensive? Repeat words until her pretty little head understands? lol...I chose to believe women are smarter than such advice, and honestly shake hands?! Come on! May God bless you all with pious, warm and understanding partners that will help you reach your spiritual potentials, ameen. M3a thalek my prayers to those who put the effort into the lists, they are helpful and effective! salaam
  11. Salam, How does tabarra equal cursing? What justification is there/what Imam did curse? I am all for cursing Yazid- but anyone else is grey area and frankly we are in no position to make such judgments and jeapordize...I know you won't agree nor do I expect you to, but I have always been curious how people can be so sure when they commit such actions, I genuinely would like to understand it.
  12. Salam, I find the cursing contradictory to the "aspiration of being a Shia of Ahlul Bayt", no?
  13. Salam, I highly doubt the authenticity of Ziyarat Ashura and choose not to recite it, as the brother mentioned above it has been tampered with. salam
  14. Salam sister, Ashura is not about the physical act of shedding tears, but understanding the events and what they mean- especially what it means for us today and the importance of remembering! To be honest, in my opinion, Imam Hussayn [as] does not want us to cry but instead to represent what he died for (true Islam) I wish people would focus on that as much. Obviously it is physically painful to hear the details of how our pure Imam was brutally and ruthlessly murdered, but you shouldnt judge yourself on whether you cry or not. May I suggest you focus your prayers to God not on helping you cry
  15. Salam,

    dear Brother, may I suggest working on your anger and training yourself to discuss in a more positive and productive manner, as the qu'ran says approach them in a way that is better , may God bless you :)

  16. If a sayd marrying a non syed is "disrespectful" to the lineage- why did the Imams and their grandchildren marry out of the family.....?

  17. Salam, Thank you for starting this topic, I am looking forward to responses. As for myself, I really don't know too much about Iran politics and what the political landscape is like, and these days it definitely seems that more and more "Shia" are distancing themselves, so I would also like to hear opinions. salam
  18. Salam, I would also like to know the ruling on this, I have presumed it to be haraam...but I am wondering if anyone knows for sure. Salam
  19. I'm studying, but you need to find a medium...Didnt Imam Ali warn us about extremes? ANY extremes? Don't you claim to respect his lineage? I know many women who are saadat and have married non saada and its perfectly fine, 100% Islamic...maybe you should pick up a book.

  20. Salam, God bless the brothers behind that documentary-remarkable effort! I agree with your math there, except remember they pointed out that not all those conveying their message know they are doing it! So Rihana does not have that kind of smart, she's a tool. Actually I watched a recent disney movie with a child- Princess and the Frog, and I was amazed at all the freemasonry symbolism, especially in the song and dance! Something like "i got friends working for me on the other side"...audibillah. salam
  21. Salam, please, please please correct your ideas about TRUE islam, it is absolutely, positively, 100% PERMISSIBLE, halal for a non sayed girl to marry a sayed guy,and vice versa!!! I am sooo tired of that misconception being passed around in this day and age!

    Also--don't worry about my wife and I. We are both devoted, committed Muslims. God has blessed me, alhamdeullah. salam

  22. Salam, lol...I am not entirely sure why you seem upset. Maybe I can clarify? I oversimplify because I work full time and have a family. Also,because I am on shiachat? My aim was to get the brother started at a certain point where he could take it from...not to undermine anything. Also, where exactly did I indicate muharam rituals are the reason shia pedophiles are on the rise??? How exactly did you make that connection, and then accuse me of it? It's kind of funny, but anyway. Allow me to expand on this, maybe I wasn't clear! First, I don't appreciate your attacking on my views, but I'll shar
  23. Salam, To say homosexuality doesn't exist is fantasy, it exists and has existed for thousands of years. However, do you think it could be the shaytan luring you in that direction? Although I believe it exists, I don't believe you are destined to suffer in this life or that you are a contradiction to Islam. Why don't you see it as a challenge thrown your way or the shaytan convincing you so. We all know that, the more active homosexuals, the more he is satisfied. I can't understand why people say homosexuality doesn't exist, with all the homosexuals in the world? Is is a natural thing? I don't
  24. Salam, I have no idea why people assume refraining from certain activities in muharram is "respectful" to Imam Hussein- I think observing his character and attempting to purify ourselves and the message he saved for us is far more respectful all year around than refraining from a few things during muharram! A thought. salam
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