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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dear Shiachat team I have a suggestion that during using chatroom when we checked some other topic, at that time if someone talked to us by our profile name then it should be displayed at the "mobile chat icon" at the bottom of screen so that we can respond in time.
  2. Thanks Jaffar Al Shibli and Ethics
  3. I have also heard about this hadith but did not have any reference .Al mubaraka have u reference plz?
  4. Beginning insight meditation is helpful to establish an order in life that generally involve the modulation of awareness, attention, thought, and emotion that are intended to bring about positive changes in health, well being, and performance.
  5. W.asalam mahdi servant.01 and Right-seeker Thanks for replying. Right - seeker please give me reference .
  6. What is meant by اولولعزم پیغمبر in detail? Name any five اولولعزم پیغمبر plz ...
  7. Should we give Niaz on the name of Allah of on the name of some Imam a.s as Shias do in the Niaz of Koonday (Niaz of Imam Sadiq a.s) and on the Dasterkhawan of Imam Hassan a.s Plz guide
  8. "Your best friend" please guide me about a sharae masala with reference: which fish is allowed to eat and which is not and why that was not allowed ???
  9. bano


    help me plz.... plz reply ...
  10. bano


    Salam can anyone told me the exact Qol e Masoom a.s about Takwa that is like (dont judge anyone by his/her appearance) . . . and one other question is : then how should one judge about the takwa of other person?
  11. For Islamic dreams interpretations accurately, visit the following site http://khwabkitabeer.com/
  12. plz guide me, where is frequently asked question forum? I have to ask some important question
  13. If someone want to know about others then you people should guide them not exaggerate your knowledge. Anyway I'll manage it. thanks
  14. issue is not that I am unfamiliar about other madhaahibs, burning issue is why this difference is to be created? who creates this? we want references and nothing else. . .
  15. Can you clarify which reference are you looking for? Is it for how Sunnis pray, or how Shias pray? It is for why the method of offering prayer is different? As they recite "Attahiyat " and other different things in namaz . . . why?
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