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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. you can register a .tk ...websites like www.shiachat.tk are without ads... www.dot.tk
  2. thnx everyone for the great tips...i hav tried almost all of them possible right now...alhamd i think its having its effects....i hope this thing stops b4 i go bald... :wacko:
  3. by how..i mean wat should i change in my diet...i do have good amount of protien...usually white meat...dont prefer beef a lot......anything else should i add/decrese in my diet.. br basim... can you please surly confirm to me if she had problems from her scalp??? and yeh another query, was she advised by a doctor to use that or she just used it wid someones suggestion...i mean if docter had prescribed then i better do chk out wid the doctor before using this.... another point, yeh i do oil my hair, once a week....but frankly i hate doing dat as it pulls of more hair during the process....but still i do it hoping for a better future.. another positive, yeh i did see lesser hair on my pillow today morning.....i hope it decreases to none.....m really worried.....frankly, i dont wanna be an arab (no offence) but yeh they are luky enuf cuz they usually wear those qatra and all to cover their hair....huh.... aanyways...uptill now thnx to all of you for ure advise....still need them if you hav any.. can somebody let me knw if youghart helps?? m sorry if u think m asking too many questions...
  4. Thank you all for the prompt response...i really needed it.... br basim, can you please comfirm to me if your sister had hair breakage (i mean a piece of hair breaking from the mid) or was her hair comming out from the scalp? and how much time did it take for the pills to get effective? thnx..please let me know asap....
  5. Salaam'alaikum I hope i can get some help here.... as mentioned i am suffering from hairfall...basically i do experience tid pids of hair falling throughout while having a bath, shampooing......but basically i am growing bald from the front part of my hair... i have started a shampoo for hair removal almost a month ago, but to no use....... well just to add up, i am in my late teens..and that makes the matter worse.... :s it would be best if you could give me some home made remedies..... thanking you in advance... regards s.a.m
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