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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. I don't think taking pictures is haram but there are some limits to it (i'm not making conslusions its just a thought)... however pictures of Imams are probably haram since they are noors and we can't really remember thier faces even if we see them in our dreams or have actually met them
  2. all I can say is WOW..interesting things happen in world!
  3. I love him too! sorry i'm kinda late lol...but i just saw this thread :)
  4. LOL...we need more people like her.. she has soo much knowledge and bravery!! she really told those people
  5. (salam) you might think that way now ...but there is a time in life where you will need a partner to share you feelings and hardships with... you are only seeing the negative things about marriage you should also look at the positive things too
  6. I got one Nad-e-ali ka wird jo karti chali gai Umar-e-rawa sukon sai guzarti chali gai Jisnay dar-e-hussain pai sar ko jhoka diya woh shaksiyat jaha mai ubharti chali gai Marhab hawa mai uchla joh kharkar ali key zarb Hathon sai tegh pairon sai dharti chali gai Moth arahi thee dekha joh laab par ali ka naam Mujsai millay bagair guzarti challi gai
  7. What you said is true..but its not like that in her family believe me her mom doesn't even let her call any of her friends...its actually because of her dad
  8. Yeh Sachay bahi kay nauhay kaa shair haina??... I love this nauhaa :)
  9. (wasalam) Thanks brother your links really helped! :)
  10. (salam) lol....interesting video but its not an Islamic wedding its an christian wedding
  11. (salam) Duas are the greatest source you can do in this case .....also try finding out where is her behavior coming form maybe its the influence of her friends....and maybe instead of being all up in her face(no offence)... you should make friends with her and than talk to her about her behavior nicely and in a calm manner
  12. thnks! thank you soo much this actually hepls alot especially the advice!...... I told her to get one of her other cousins to ask if the guy she likes ..think about her the same way lets see what happens!!.. hahaha noo it is my friend ..... she is from a very religous family i mean extremely religious soo there is no way she can talk to her mom but lets see....Allah knows better
  13. lolzz...thats kinda funny...(no offence) If you already know she is a muslim than why would you comment her that because .even though you guyz talk she is still a na-mahram to u and you are still a na-mahram to her... next time don't say anything to her even if she looks extremmly pretty lolz
  14. (salam) some people say that 2012 is the year of Imams zahoor....and some people say that the world is going to end in 2012....but i am not really sure about this whole thing thats going on .....does anyone have more information on the mayans prediction of 2012?? and if it true or not? thnks! :)
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