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  1. (bismillah) (salam) InshAllah everyone's fasts are progressing well. I have been struggling with certain letters and was hoping that you good people on ShiaChat could provide a helping hand. ha ح A sound not found in English, but like the Hebrew ח as in חלב, vaguely like h as in have ha هـ /ه h as in havedhal ذ th as in this dha ظ A sound not found in English. Pronounced like th as in this but with phonological quality similar to ص za ز z as in zebra Most of my confusion is between ذ and ظ. ح and هـ :wacko: Thanks for your help! Source is http://www.islam.org.hk/arabiclessons/lesson01.utf8.asp (wasalam)
  2. Nice piece, Peace :) I kinda hate it b/c it hits so hard, I have a love/hate relationship with this one. i love how it is so true i hate that it is present in my soul...
  3. (salam) Thank you guys for your advice and information. kh
  4. (salam) I want to get married, however i do not know what to look for in a possible wife. I would like if somone can refer to me online resources or give personal advice. thank you salam
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