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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Dude your such a PLAYER.... How anyone would agree to Mut3ah u is beyond me, your personality/empathy/kindness/dedication standards are evidently not up to scratch. You wana get with the sisters of girls uv already had, dude if the sisters have one ounce of self respct and dignity they would close the door in ur face
  2. ya-allah

    Anyone LOST?

    Wow last night we brits had a double helping of lost.. and its simplyyyyy divine. i know this is on a level with blasphemy but i was quite reluctant to get into the second series after the devotion i showed in the first series. seriously i would look forward to wednesday alll weeek, and after the idiots ended it, and after such a long gap, i was moving on, and being so into something is bloody exhausting i can tell you, and i really wasnt bothered to care about the hatch, or worry about why hurley hasnt lost any weight eventhough hes been sweating gallonsss. but let me tell u as soon as it was 1 second in, i knew i was home, and all tht need to know everything came back! uffffff now i have to wait 7 days... all you brits, im sure u saw the advert for lost, so were u as shocked as me, where they showed a clip of jin speaking bloody english in an american accent! I NEED ANSWERSSSSSSSS
  3. ya-allah


    Happyyyyyy birtdhay fiza-manely omg ur 22, thts like nearly 30, which is nearly 40.. rah ur gettin old i hope u have a wickeddddddd day take care
  4. Of course i dress differntly when going to muslim countries. im sorry but unless your wrapped up in a black abaya, them ones tht go over ur head in places like iraq, all eyes are on you, and even then you still get them dutty men staring at u. Generally in my opinion hijaab is all relative to the norms of the society which one lives is, here in london, a girl wearing trousers n a long jacket is seen to be doing excellent hijab, but wear tht in places like shaam or najaf, people stare at u like ur naked
  5. Ever since i can remember, weve been shopping at Safeways, i simple refuse to call it bloody Morrisoons, i mean who the hell do they think they are coming in and changing everything, it always us consumers who get the rough end of the deal. But i love safeways/morrisons, our local is the Hatch end one, my madre and myself literally spend ages in there, then we go n have a coffe in the lil cafe lol. i think when i get married and have kids, i shall undergo a change and start shoppin at Tesco.It seems like THE place to shop. supermarkets rock, the asda in wembley is just another off my favourite one off visits. literally wenever im there i see atleast 4 families i know, iraqis seem to love asda o n btw lidl drinks are AMAZINGGGGG. my mum goes to lidl abut once a month, and gets me that ace drink i love, its literally called ace, and got some weird stuff in it, but its divinee
  6. ya-allah

    The Apprentice 2006

    im so glad that tuan or doon or watever his name is got kicked off. bollywood i wish syed wasnt a muslim, hes giving us such a bad image, hes a lier, cheater, arrogant. i think he looks like aishwariya rai, they shud get married and she can convert to islam, anyone else notice how he deosnt drink but he mashallah hugs and kisses ever woman he can get his hands on. the apprentice is tooo entertaining, but sometimes i get the urge to throw something right in the middle of bloody alan sugars face, hes soo piss taking, and he takes arrogance on to next levels. i love good ol' ansul, hes like a teddy bear, ansul to win!
  7. Salam, Happy birthdayyyyyyyyy hello to you, inshallah you hav a good day and i pray by next yr ur married to a fob called ashiq and you have a very happy life together. btw this is my first post in a happy birthday thread, so feel honoured my dear
  8. ya-allah

    The Apprentice 2006

    salam all wow the apprentice is soooo entertaining. I have a feeling syed will be fired next week, because in last wednesdays episode wheen they show u whats going to be on the next episode, alan sugar said 'just shut up' and fired that person. the only person he tells to shut up is syed, and he does this on a regular basis, i was in hysterics when they were in the board room, syed mustve been told to shut up 5 times or so, and consdiering hes so bloody arrogant, the look on his face after hes been cussedo so badly is jus tooo comical. and you know wat, all you lot are sooooo funny. you remember everyones name except noone can remember ansul, and jus refer to him as 'the black guy'. and no i did not go on the apprenctice website to remember myself what his name was :blush: by far the best moment for me was the topshop task, and the look on syeds face when asked to zip up the girls dress. He cudnt believe his luck lol
  9. ya-allah

    An Apology

    Salam Alaikum all Before, whenever i would ever contemplate about shiachat and the people who come here, i kinda thought the majority were randomers who i could care less about. However after the trajic news of Ali Naqi, i realised i actually do care about the whole shiachat family. I dont even remember talking to him, but i do remember reading his posts, and i cant even tell you how shocked i was to hear the sad news, and i was as upset as if someone told me a member of my family died. Alhamdullilah hes now left this horrible world, and now with his creator, but his death reminded me that were all heading that way, and just because were young were not invincible. I would like to ask everyone who i have ever offended or upset on shiachat to please forgive me, i do realise im really sarcastic and sometime my jokes go too far, and im really sorry. Walahi this world is too short and we never know when our times up, and what scares me is what if we leave this world when were not nearly enough ready to meet Allah (swt). Could everyone please recite surah fatiha for marhum ali naqi Ya Hussain :cry:
  10. Inna lilahi wa inna ileyhi raji3oon. i cant believe someone so young can die of a heart attack, oh my god, may Allah grant him paradise inshallah. :cry:
  11. KFC ur reply to bollywood hero is reallly uncalled for, i mean if we were to search the archives for every single post you ever typed, it wont exactly be a bundle of roses. This is the hypocrisy that kills me with you people, someone just dissed ali latif, and sayyed musawi, and noone bothered to say anything, but when one person says they dont like ammar nakshawanis lecture all hell breaks loose. What, are we part of a popularity contest at our american high school? You guys make it sound like its haram to not like ammars lectures, which killlls me and just for the record i think Ammar naskhshawani is a good lecturer, bollywood i think you should give him another go, his lectures this yr at muharram were really good And Abdul-Zahra really grow up, your post seemed very fitting for a member of a year 5 class,
  12. Hanging around with guys, no not in a perverted manner, but jus generally guys seem to be more funny, more carefree, catch more joke, are never on flippin diets. I sometimes think that we are so limilted in our choice of people to talk to, ya3n its inappropriate to talk to half the flipping population unless its o excuse me sister wat time is asr, or wat time is the event tonight and generallly being rude to people is reallly fun, shame its haram
  13. Salam 3asel i really believe that reading the finjaan can be accurate, that i refuse to do it, dont want no randomer hippie telling me how my life will pan out, i would rather find out for myself. I know this woman who was having trouble with her husband and were going to get divorced, but she told no1, and she was at this friends house n there was an egyptian lady who read finjaan there, and she got her finjaan read, n the egyptian lady saw her in a room with a sheikh, her husband and witnesses, and the lady was soooo freaked out cos she didnt tell anybody. Desert leo when did u start wearing glasses?
  14. I personally havent bought anything designer, but the secet is to persuade your mum or sister to by watver you want to have and just borrow it off them. I mean my mum went through a bit of a phase with designer stuff, and naturally whats hers is mine, so i had such nice dkny bags and watches and stuff. In my opinion, if something is nice and its designer, then it looses some of its special quality, cos one thinks ok its desginer its bound to be nice. However when one buys the most amazinggggg outfit from say Primark with lovely bag and shoes, and every1 compliments it more than anything else bought for triple the money, then its such a nice feeling. Generally the rule is one or two pieces in your outfit should be a bit expensive ie your coat/jacket and scarf or jeans, but the rest can be as cheap as chips
  15. I forgot about this thread man. i was not aware of the new kebab shop, althought watch how its some greasy processed [Edited Out]. New recommendation, i have just discovered the nicest iranian restaurant ever, bollywood hero i know youre quite scared now, but omg the chicken was amazingggggg, proper beautiful taste, melt in the mouth. Its called Al-Mahdi or something like that and its in Hammersmith, and the humous made better than any arab can. I also tried star kebab recently, and it was truly the best sandwich iv ever had, Thanks for the recommendation
  16. Peace LOOOL at ur descriptions, you got all that in the 5 minutes we talked to each other? u must have some quick analysis skills. i still cant believe i got to put faces to so many characters on shiachat. Although u have got Scarface tottaly wrong.. warm, cute, bruv thats not the Scarface i know, maybe she was on her best behavoiur n being polite cos meeting u for the first time. Shes a jangsta man We were all chanting, 1,2,3,4 terrorism no more, 5,6,7,8 stop the killing stop the hate and Taj taj 3alal ras, sayid ali sistani. But my favourite was Down Down (insert name of bad person here), it must be the iraqi in me, but i think its the most effective, especially as u walk past lots of people n its easily understood, and people were giving us thumbs up n stuff n every1 peace has a HORRIBLE BRUMMIE ACCENT!!!
  17. (salam) The March was really good, i havent been to a march in a reallllly long time, mashallah sooo many people were there, and saw so many shiachat girls, it was really nice meeting you all, it was a bit weird when cyber life clashed with real life, but just to confirm to you all that hellotoyou, peace, hewlett, zainab-al-kubra, musulmano, dielikehussain are female like they claimed and not 60 yr old male peodophiles alhamdullilah
  18. I love my mama sooo much, :wub: but we are constantly rowing, maybe its because were so similar, i dunno, but shes the best mum a girl can ask for. She mostly has great taste in shoes, jewlerry and hijabs so shes like a sister i never had. Although i think when i become a mother, i will not adopt the nonchelant attitude alot of iraqi mothers have, including my own. she couldnt care less about homework or coursework, never attended a parents evening in her life, had no input in my education, but expects A*. it gets a bit boring when my mum asks me wat i got in my tests and i say A, and she gets pissed at me, wilich why not an A*, and i have to repeatedly remind her that at a-level, the highest u can get is an A. Oh yeh that coupled with the fact, she actually asks me sometimes how old i am, and what year i am in, which is quite hurtful from the person that bought u into this world Peace leave the spice girls in 1998, where they belong
  19. Actually about kitchro, i may have reconsidered my haste declaration of dislike. This muharram, had a bit with tht lovely red sauce thing that comes with it, and it tasted quite ok, jus a tad rich, in my memory it tasted like brown porridge. No really what did you enjoy about Ali and Nino? some parts did make me laugh though, the whole im a shia muslim bla bla bla, and then drinking wine at mixed gatherings.. na bruv thats not on! and the shias mourning imam hussein made to seem like such barbarians.. maybe that added to my hate of the book, because i was in muharram spirit and thought oh no you dont diss the shia. So why didnt poor celia turn out like kevin eh? i do agree eva was in part responsible because of her not forming a maternal bond quickly enough, or never as some people may argue, but do you really blame her when theres a kid screaming at the top of their lungs 24/7, and being so insolent. i dont know! Peace Lionel Shriver wrote it, go ang buy it, its a really good read!
  20. Whatever lol!! ur joking begins and ends with pink hijaabis and fried chicken.. di rooh baba
  21. (salam) Ali and nino by Kurban Said was absolutely atrocious, i literally had to force myself to finish the book, and if it was my property, then i fear i may have thrown it out the window. It was full of the most pointless most boring information, that even a professor who had been studying the dynamics of that horrifying bloc of eatern european countries would have trouble understanding. and after all that energy wasted on trying to care about the characters, ali dies, n i knew he would The best thing about the book was the preface/introduction, telling the story of the author. Just finished reading, we need to talk about kevin. absolutely amazing/riveting/cant put down book. go n read it now people. My favourite part was when kevin gives eva the coffin with the glass eye, n him saying sorry, i felt at that moment he actually realised what he had done, walah broke my heart. i cant believe these shootouts happen regularly in the usa
  22. Hmm desert-leo never really thought you were one of them copy and paste types, but alas i was wrong i know all the stuff u pasted, but doesnt mean someone who isnt a sayyed is less of a muslim than a non syed, i mean its not youre fault ur pops aint a sayyed is it. and anyway all you pakis are obsessed with this issue, and i fail to understand why. why do you care? why is it tht his points are less reliable than a syed, when he is probably better educated and more knowledgable than a lot of people including syeds. where i come from if ur a descendant of the prophet ur labelled a sayyed, but if ur not, then u dont get labelled as non-syed. and the manner in which u used it was to mock the guy.. like 'ha ha, look at you.. ur not a sayyed.. shameee, u either got it or u aint, n u ainttt so sit down :huh: ' i mean seriously why?
  23. you know what, shame on all you people who sit there and cuss a speaker just because his views differ from ur very mashallah developed researched educated views. you dont like a certain speaker or their views, then there is a very very simple solution to such a mashalah perplexing dilema, dont attend, simple as that. I dont get it, we spend 10 days in muharram, proper getting closer to the ahlul bayt, realising what life is all about, realising the sacrifice imam hussein and his family made, and then we sit here all high and mighty dissing and taking the mick out of a lecturer who takes time out to actually go to far away countries and lecture for 10 days and educate us. n btw, theres nothing wrong in having a favoruite lecturer, but i dont get the whole mentality of oooo let us bring this speaker down, what, do you think dissing another lecturer will make ur favourite better or more popular?? so what if rajabali is not a syed? who cares? we dont go around describing lecturers as non iraqi, non overweight, non pakistani, non freshie. generally most lecturers i have listened to sometimes tell the weirdest stories, which i am very doubtful about, i dont go judging them for it, and i dont need to necessarily follow or believe in all they are saying, because they are not marja's.
  24. ya-allah


    (salam) Queen shah the lecture by qazwini at balaghi, will be in arabic, so i doubt it will be beneficial to you I finally ventured to Hyderi in souf london to listen to Modaressi, and after the LOOOONG trek, he only spoke for what seemd like 2 minutes. Man he is good, mashallah. Although we arrvied a bit early for the youth lecture, and saw the end of the matam by the women, n omg was it militant, never knew the khojas had such passion inside them. Although didnt understand the concept of the women dressing up, doing their hair make up to go a muharram majlis. That fried chicken was mank im sorry to say, looked more like boiled chicken, i was expecting a more fulfilling midnight snack, preferably of the indian variety, but ah well cant have it all. and hyderi needs to invest in air conditoning... it was sooo stuffy
  25. ok i answered my own question, lol. Thanks to cyc website i hav discovered there are 2 sayyed qizwinis, and both lecturing in london. Buts its quite cool how they mention the same things in their lectures. Are they brothers, or is Sayyed Mustafa the dad? Everyone should attend Sayyed Mustafa qizwinis lectures, so far hes been excellent
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