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Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!) ×
Guests can now reply in ALL forum topics (No registration required!)
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  1. Salaam alaykom You must ask your marja taqleed his view. However you can perform both wudhu and tayyamum as precaution if it was too diffcult to remove. One view consider the adhesive type of things one can just do wudhu. Another view is This was found in one the books on sayyid sistani site You should remove all barriers, sticking to the body, that may hinder the immediate contact of water with the parts of the body, such as paint or glue. If the barriers prove difficult to remove, you should perform tayamum. And if they happen to be present in the parts of the body that you usually wash (or wipe) for wudhu, [you should carry out both the ghusl and tayamum]. They must mean wudhu and tayyamum should be done. However check with his office if your his muqalid and you can take precaution until getting the answer.
  2. If it's only a recomended precaution or a precaution it is not wajib to wait according to him but is better to wait. If he says it's time is at disaprance of redness only then it is according to him wajib If he says wajib ihtiyat it means you must wait or you can refer to another marja in this fatwa.
  3. Amongst living maraja and there are more that say maghrib can be prayed after the diapearenace of the sun disk Ayatollah Makarem shirazi Ayatollah Rouhani Ayatollah Sayyid saeed hakeem Again no problem in waiting and one should see if their scholar recommends waiting.
  4. Correction no need to leave precaution in delaying Salah until disappearance of redness in eastern horizon. According to that marja view not wajib to wait. Anyhow precaution is fine but under that view it's not wajib to wait.
  5. ^ One of the past maraja had viewed it this way that it is sunset but better to wait. However since one does taqleed they should refer to their trusted expert marja to be safe on their responsability since they trust his research. In sayyid sistani case he gives room to leave to another in this fatwa. It also.is not very long maybe 15 minutes more or less after sunset. Maybe even 10 minutes (But depending on local area )
  6. Both indications are in our resources for sunset and the redness issue. So some scholars view it as one can break fast at sunset like sayyid hakeem. Other scholars say one must wait. So they are trying to reconcile these indications. Sayyid sistani has an obligatory precaution so one can refer to another expert if they want. But regardless it is better to wait.
  7. We shouldn't slander or backbite or abuse scholars, no matter what view. Views must be handled academically, confronting different views and having dialogue with other views is something every scholar should be having an interest in to reaffirm or to discover. However to abuse scholars is more than just a academic critique of a view. We as shia should be insightful and if not then we can ask and refer to qualified experts on issues. We should not be sinful we should be rightious, also we must understand the unfolding method of dialogue and discovery that must be embedded in hawza students.
  8. Dont take everything you find from me through the years. If I defamed any scholar I wish it could be deleted, and if I said anything which later I find or found I was wrong.

  9. For the female when she becomes in state of janabah the considerations found In sayyid sistani's minhaj he leaves the determining factor to urf (common consideration) if it is enzal ( ejaculation) Scholars have had various opinions on this but this is what is found in sayyid sistani's minhaj so if your in taqleed to another marja make sure to check with his fatwa and question on how to determin.
  10. Salaam alaykom First may we ask Is the resturant owned by a muslim? Or are you certian that is halal meat it has been confirmed to you in the first place ? Second is it probable to you that they will fry it together ? Or is it 50% they may and 50% they may not ?
  11. Other fishs are not najis so najasat shall not transfer. However take precaution not to comsume any part of the non scaled fish
  12. Other fishs are not najis so najasat shall not transfer.
  13. Salaam alaykom The non halal slaughterd meat is najis and makes the oil and anything that it touches with mositure-wetness najis also. Hence without thenpot being purified or and oil changed the next meat or anything else that is placed in it will become najis. Hence one cannot eat that.
  14. Hand sanatizer is not najis according to sayyid sistani unless you know there is a najasat in it.
  15. You consider it outside pure unless your have knowledge of wet contact with the najis and then transfer to the outside of the phone.
  16. The question we should ponder on is how najis is our hearts? If even a dog has a purer heart than us we are in trouble! We better start cleaning before we leave the room and the door is locked.
  17. He was not his father. The word used for him abati is metaphorical. Walid is a biological father. Abati can be used metaphorically.
  18. There is a hadith not sure if I can find it perhaps someone else can bring it. Regardless there are some diffrent views about this 1 view is that they will become the servants of paradise 2 is that they will be tested on the day if judgment and those who sucessful will enter paradise.
  19. Wa alaykom salaam if a person causes another to be deprived of paradise they deny them infinite reward. What shall be the accoutability for someone who has taking infinity from someone ?
  20. Some reports indicate they will have a kind of test on the day of judgment
  21. One should have to ask theirself here is if one is sure that when their thoughts are like this is it that they are against reason and maybe that is why we cannot understand the particular issue ? Mankind and the devlopment of sciences is a witness to the fact that mankind dose not have complete knowledge and complete intellect.
  22. There are many things that mankind has not discoverd in fact medical science has not reach its peak of understanding. So shall we forget the whole science? Now what if someone came who knew all the secrets of science that all the other scientist have not yet discovered will intellect dictate that we ought to follow that knower?
  23. Wa alaykom salaam Ultimately seek refuge in Allah Ignore the thoughts and try to redirect them, dont feed into them. If your having excessive doubts you must ignore them as listening to the doubts is worshipping shaytan. Also intention is a feeling and dose not need to be spoken in the mind it can be. So as long as you decided to do wudho or prayer in a clean intention your safe just ignore the waswas after it. And if there is a real corruption of your intention oppose it. Some times maybe there will be waswas on the deed after you intended right soif so and your on excessive doubts then ignore them. Also after wudho is finished u can use the rule of Faragh and assume it was correct and tajawoz in prayer after each part if you doubt. Remeber if u feed those doubts and give up or loss your mind following them you have lost!
  24. Insha Allah yes to defeat them. Insha Allah they will vanish soon from you and remember to implore Allah for help whole your practising ignoring them.
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